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What To Focus On And Which Critical Questions To Ask When Comparing And Choosing Premium Grade Health Supplements!

Is your nutritional health / vitamin supplement really as EFFECTIVE as you think it is and WORTH the price you pay?

I can help you to find out!
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'Welcome' to nutritional-supplement-truths. I'm Brett Seagrott, lead author and founder of this site and I worked as an executive for a world-class, leading nutritional supplements manufacturer!

I've also been a High-Performance Tennis Coach for 36 years - specializing in working with World Class players and High-Potential juniors. Knowing how to maximize health and fitness is a CRUCIAL part of my job...


Would You Like Your Health To Benefit From What I Know About Nutritional Supplements?

If you would, then the first thing you'll need to learn are a number of little-known facts that will help you understand the difference between:

  • Leading, well known and trusted supplement brands promoting themselves as the best when they're most definitely NOT!

  • Average supplement formulas versus the most effective formulas whose ingredient mix include highly specialized ingredients that absolutely should be there!

    (See the 'Here's What To Do' section below!)
A review of the nutritional health supplement I use
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Effective Nutritional Supplements
It's About Damage Control!

It's IMPOSSIBLE for you to escape the MULTITUDE of environmental and dietary toxins and stressors that impact on your health due to hectic and stressful modern living!

Current agricultural methods, decreased soil fertility, heavily-processed foods and increased biological stress from toxic poisons which surround us, are commonplace collateral damage, courtesy of 21st-century life.

  • UV rays from the sun

  • Radiation from Mobile Phones, X-rays and Microwaves

  • Chemicals/Pollutants and a host of other toxins saturate our environments - particularly in your home - continually driving your TOXIC LOAD UP UP UP

  • Processed/Nutrient-Deficient/ Hormone/Chemical/Pesticide contaminated foods - with toxic packaging. 'OUR 21ST CENTURY FOOD HAS BEEN WELL AND TRUELY WEAPONIZED!

  • Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and their insidious side effects

  • Traffic / Vehicle Exhausts

  • Constant exposure to new bacteria and viruses

  • Research confirms: TOXICITY BEGINS IN THE WOMB

This endless daily assault on our bodies, including our precious DNA, has resulted in an overwhelming proportion of the population falling victim to serious degenerative disease, increasingly at EARLIER ages, and/or spending the final chapters of their lives totally dependent on pharmaceutical drugs to stay alive!

This is direct result of an undeniable increase in the rate of our aging processes!


anti-aging Professional premium grade nutritional health supplements provide you with mother natures best nutrients to help control damage, allowing your body to repair and renew itself naturally while normalizing your 21st century accelerated aging process.

When you don't tackle and control the damage, your health suffers and you age more rapidly. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

BUT....... Inefficient industry regulations and safeguards are STILL allowing weak, ineffective, poorly put together and in some cases potentially unsafe products to be manufactured!

Current Estimates Are That ONE IN THREE Dollars Used On Vitamin Supplements Is WASTED!


Slow Your Aging Process!

Use my insider knowledge to zoom through that ginormous marketing web of lies, misinformation and deliberate manipulation of the truth , and arrive at the names of the market's most elite nutritional health supplements. You'll have a huge head start by beginning your research and product comparisons from there!

But - to allow you to be even better informed, I've gone one more crucial step further for you.

Rather than just leaving you with the names of the best supplements (a small group indeed!), you can use my research to burrow in even deeper and find the most effective from within this elite group.


Despite all the sophisticated marketing and clinical data, when it comes to 'PREMIUM GRADE' multi-nutrient health supplements......


This is because (almost) every supplement company's scientists are severely RESTRICTED in what key ingredients they can include! Bottom line financial/shareholder pressures means they are not allowed to produce a supplement formula to the best of their abilities!

The supplements which stand out as the most effective in my research and product comparisons, are, for a number of reasons (which you will learn), not subject to this 'restriction' problem. Their formulators have no limitations put on them.

This allows the leading supplement formulas to achieve what all the others promise but fail to do - to slow down and help normalize your rate of aging!

The inclusion of many (far more costly) SPECIALIZED INGREDIENTS may allow these industry leading formulas to address and slow down: -


  • Excessive Free Radicals

  • Glycation

  • Abnormal Methylation

  • Chronic Inflammation

  • DNA Degeneration

99% of nutritional health/vitamin supplements DO NOT have the SPECIALIZED INGREDIENTS to do this!


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Here's What To Do:

1. Use the link below to access my product comparisons and reviews of the nutritional supplement industry's

best vitamin supplements

2. Read through the details of ALL the key factors which must be considered in order to know just how good (or average) a supplement really is.

Most important are the names of ALL the SPECIALIZED ANTI AGING INGREDIENTS THAT ABSOLUTELY MUST BE THERE in order to handle ALL FIVE of the primary causes of aging!

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Some Of The Topics You'll Find Here

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Vitamins for women   Women have their own set of health concerns. Menstruation, pregnancy and menopause play an huge role in determining what specific nutrients women need. Learn the key hormonal precursors that will re-balance your body naturally and safely! 

Menopause facts   The change doesn't have to be a nightmare! It CAN be plain sailing or at least better than it is right now if your suffering! Learn the key herbs and hormonal precursors which will make menopause less of a concern and power up your sex life as well! 

Do you use a herbal nutrition supplement?   There's numerous herbs out there but you need the ones with the widest range of health boosting properties. Learn about herbs including vital safety, potency and standardization tips! 

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How's your brain? Are you taking preventative measures to avoid degeneration of your brain? Maintain your mental prowess and clarity while guarding against Alzheimer's and chemical imbalances in the brain that lead to stress, anxiety and depression by using the markets most elite nutritional supplements for the brain 

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Amino Acid Supplements   How many amino acids are in your nutritional vitamin supplement? Not enough that's for sure - especially the essential ones. Most people do not take in enough amino acids from their diets. Are you one of them? 

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