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With attention related disorders at an alarming ALL TIME HIGH many people are looking at ADHD natural treatments. 

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There are so many options available, that a parent of a child or individual suffering from ADHD or ADD can easily become overwhelmed and confused about which 'facts' to trust! 

About three or four decades ago, ADHD would have been seen as a behavioral problem and would be treated with strict discipline. Often, children afflicted with the condition were labeled as troublemakers. While some would overcome their adversity, many would simple slip through the cracks.

Thankfully, today there is a name for this disorder and a wide variety of ADD and ADHD natural treatments.

Pharmaceutical Side Effects

The most common and widely accepted ADHD treatment options are the use of pharmaceutical drugs. There is huge profit in these for the pharmaceutical companies and doctors eagerly support them by immediately prescribing drugs as the only treatment option for ADHD, and generally refuse to discuss or even mention non-pharmaceutical treatments. 

Children are subjected to a trial and error approach before the right combination and dosage amount is discovered. Side effects from these medicines have been so severe (including deaths), that in February of 2007 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered several ADHD and ADD drug manufacturers to disclose the known side effects of their products. Among those listed by the FDA were: 

  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Stroke
  • Paranoia
  • Hearing Voices
  • Manic behavior
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Death

Natural Alternatives

Given these harmful side effects which continue to mount as more and more are discovered, it is not surprising that a significant amount people are turning to alternative treatments for ADHD. The safest methods of treating ADHD are natural treatments. 

This includes utilizing supplements rich in compounds that help increase mental clarity while providing a calming effect. While vitamins can help but it is the powerful medicinal effects of selected herbs known for their supportive function in maintaining brain, nervous system and circulatory health, and wellbeing, which offer the best results. The key herbs which you'll find in the best supplement formulas for ADHD are:

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Scuttellaria Laterifolia
  • German Chamomile
  • Centella Asiatica
  • Avina Sativa
  • Urtica Urens
  • Rooibos

ADHD Natural Treatments - Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is very well known for its ability to aid mental clarity including memory loss and forgetfulness. This powerful medicinal herb should always be included in all ADHD natural treatments. It has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and it's hard to argue with hundreds of years of recorded positive results. There is a great deal of western clinical evidence, especially in Europe, supporting Gingko’s potential to boost memory and brain function. Recent studies have also indicated Ginkgo's effectiveness in maintaining the functioning of a healthy circulatory system.

Scuttellaria Laterifolia

Also known as Skullcap. This herb helps to promote metal balance and an overall sense of well-being. In addition, it eases stressful feelings and gives focus to a body that is easily overwhelmed. 

German Chamomile

Also known as Matricaria Recutita. When the stresses of the day come calling, German chamomile can help to relieve the tension. It has also proven itself valuable in alleviating nervous feelings and tension. 

Gotu Kola

Also known as Centella Asiatica. This is a wonderful neuro-nutrient and one of the best multi purpose medicinal herbs. It is used to promote a healthy nervous system and to aid in mental clarity, memory as well as balancing moods. Studies have shown that it improves the cerebral blood flow thereby allowing oxygenated blood to reach deep into the cortex. 

Avina Sativa

Avina sativa is the scientific name for oats. It also known as Hawer and is an excellent ADHD treatment option. It has been shown to help alleviate common nervous aliments. 

Urtica Urens

Also called Umbabazane in Africa. Urtica Urens helps to maintain blood sugar levels as well as mood balance. It also aids in the health of the circulatory system. 


Scientific name is Aspalathus linearis. Rooibos is a medicinal herb that helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, Rooibos is only found in South Africa. It also helps to maintain cardiovascular function and promotes feelings of relaxation and mental balance. 

The AHDH Formula That Gets My Vote!

The most effective supplement formulas for treating ADHD must be able to:

  • Support the body's natural ability to concentrate, assimilate information and regulate emotion
  • Help maintain a normal, healthy attitude during over-stimulation
  • Naturally promote calmness and clarity of mind
  • Support relaxation and balanced mood
  • Encourage the healthy flow of oxygen to the brain

Nutritional-supplement-truths recommends Focus ADHD Formula as the best ADHD supplement available because it achieves all these key benefits through the use of all the herbs mentioned above. Having researched numerous ADHD formulas none can match Focus Formula.

100% Money Back Guarantee – No Conditions

Focus ADHD formula is formulated by Native Remedies, one of the largest, most well known and respected suppliers of quality all natural remedies in the industry. That's why they are able to stand behind their quality standards by offering a one year 100% money back guarantee with no conditions. Most money back guarantees offered by supplement companies have a number of 'tight' conditions attached. 

Only the very best companies' who know their products are safe and work can put up 'no conditions guarantees'.

Learn more about Focus ADHD Formula

Please keep in mind that you should not stop taking prescription medication for ADHD to use any ADHD natural treatments unless you talk to your doctor first.

Native remedies also has a herbal remedy for teens and adults with just concentration and attention problems (i.e. no high energy levels) called Focus ADDult.

View Focus ADDult

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