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Welcome my health-conscious friends. I’m Brett Seagrott - founder and lead author of nutritional-supplement-truths. I’m a tennis coach, athlete, author, manager, health fanatic and I’m highly passionate about nutritional health supplements!

My original career was that of a High-Performance Tennis Coach - specializing in working with World-Class players and High-Potential juniors. I hold 'Level 3 / High-Performance Coach' accreditation from Tennis Australia with Australia being my home country. I live on the beautiful and scenic Central Coast, a 2-hour drive north of Sydney.

‘Level 3’ is the highest standard possible and only a very small percentage of tennis coaches attain this level of accreditation.

I'm proud to tell you I was the youngest tennis coach in Australia to attain level 3 qualification (and I topped the class!) back in 1994 when I completed the grueling 2-year course.

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Because it explains the inspiration behind the creation of nutritional-supplement-truths.

To reach this level of expertise in tennis coaching requires a deep and continuously updated knowledge of all the sports sciences and this naturally includes HEALTH and NUTRITION.

So, this, coupled with my sporting background as a competitive tennis player, ignited a passion for health and fitness which quickly lead to my interest in nutritional supplements.

I'm an extremely 'details orientated' guy by nature and this led me to research, in great detail, much of the science behind supplements. I wanted to make sure I was doing ALL I could to maintain my strong health and slow my aging process along with the degeneration of my DNA and organs.

My goal is to die at a ripe old age and without ANY disease or, so-called, 'old-age western ailments' - free from pharmaceutical drugs!

This meant finding the ABSOLUTE BEST nutritional health supplements out there - not only in terms of the potency, efficacy and safety of the formula and its key nutrients, but also whether it was manufactured by experienced professionals with the right scientific ‘know-how’ and, most importantly, the value for money on offer.  

Industry Secrets Came Spilling Out

And then life took an unexpected twist when up popped the opportunity for a management position with a premium, family owned nutritional supplement manufacturer (Xtend-Life Natural Products), and I jumped wholeheartedly into it. (Coaching moved to the evenings and weekends).

Industry Secrets Soon Came Flooding Out!

I learned more in my first 6 months of that job than with all my previous years of research put together!

By learning about the high standards Xtend-Life adhered to, to ensure their products met not just high quality, but high effectiveness, it became abundantly clear that so many other supplement companies and manufacturers were only formulating their products to a predetermined price point, and as a result deliberately lowering their quantities of highly efficacious/expensive ingredients - (to below levels established by clinical studies), in order to meet those price points. 

Very expensive key ingredients were, and still are commonly completely left out. 

Another extremely clear message was that marketing presentations always either underplay or ignore these weaknesses.

A Website Is Born

My work in the supplement industry and the eye-opening truths I learned inspired me to use my knowledge to benefit others too. After much thought I realised that a website was the best way to do that so I left the industry and devoted myself to building my site.

My goal was to create a website that delivered clear and unbiased facts. To allow you to be better informed so you don’t end up wasting your money on poor value, ineffective dietary health supplements.

Though I had learned a lot through my own experiences in the industry and because of my background, I wasn't satisfied to leave it there. I wanted qualified experts of integrity with whom I could work to continually improve my site.

I’m always on the lookout for contributing experts who have not only qualifications, extensive knowledge and real-world experience but an ability to communicate complex scientific content in a clear and easy to understand way.

Meet one such person: Joanna-Roselyn Maggs


Joanna has been in the natural health industry for over 20 years. She is qualified in Counseling and Psychology (diplomas 2001), and Naturopathic Medicine and Nutritional Psychology (BSc and MSc).

Joanna has worked as a freelance health and naturopathic coach for supplement and natural health companies around the globe:

  • advising on product formulation, ingredient uses and legalities
  • providing direct health coaching to their clients 
  • built and managed virtual health coaching systems, and trained staff within them

“My fascination with human behaviour and health, and my interest in the mind-body connection, has always led me in the direction of furthering my knowledge and understanding of ever-expanding natural medicine applications.

I constantly seek to learn more as theories and technologies emerge, along with our continued understanding of how the body and mind heal on a natural and inner level”.


From time to time I get letters from my site visitors questioning my qualifications and ability to help people with advice about supplements.

In my response I point out that while I don't have any specialized degrees such Pharmacology, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology and the like,
I do have:

  • Appropriate experience from working in the supplement industry. Including knowledge of how formulas fit together and what constitutes a high-performance formula from an average/disguised one
  • Knowledge to understand ingredient monographs
  • Knowledge of which cheap ingredients can be used to ‘Fill-Up’ a formula
  • Knowledge of which highly efficacious ingredients should be present and in what form (to achieve the highest levels of bioavailability)
  • Knowledge of which highly expensive ingredients require ‘protection’ from stomach acid and need to be released in the upper intestine
  • Access to highly qualified specialists from the supplement industry

I also mention that I'm not 'conditioned' to any specific preconceived ideas about health.

It is common these days for health professionals to promote mainstream or ‘accepted’ views about health and disease prevention despite science having proved these ideas to be NOT TRUE.

Making The World Healthier - One Supplement At A Time 

Nutritional-Supplement-Truths is a way for me to share what I have discovered about using supplementation to boost and support one’s health and well-being. I created the site in 2005 to arm you - the health-conscious, savvy and probably sceptical consumer, not with my own opinions, but with accurate facts and science-based evidence with respect to nutritional health supplements and my recommendations. Then You Decide.

Trust is something I value more than anything and I would never break that trust. That’s why I have documented my sources so that my readers are empowered to do their own research and make up their own minds. YOU DECIDE! I’ve also included links to reputable websites to offer you further peace of mind FDA Safety Alerts

Nutritional-Supplement-Truths has also provided important benefits to me in return. It allows me to interact with like-minded people, such as yourself, who see health and nutrition as high priorities.  This in turn helps to increase my knowledge which naturally benefits my own health and that of my family. I love feeling healthy and I love having consistent energy throughout each day.

By arming more people with the truth, I believe many will pay it forward, and as the cycle continues, health consciousness will continue to expand and help more and more of us to live happier healthier lives - without disease! The way it should be.

I hope I can help you.


As you can appreciate, there are costs involved in owning, building and publishing a site such as Nutritional-Supplement-Truths. To offset these costs and to supplement my income, I act as an affiliate for the ‘Xtend-Life Natural Products’ Company. (This does not result in any additional costs to you should you click through and purchase from the Xtend-Life website).

‘Xtend-Life’ is the ONLY company from whom I earn commissions and I do not endorse any other companies or products on my site.  Why?

Because for most products, in any niche, there can only be one the best’!

What’s the point in recommending several different brands of supplements and claiming they are all ‘the best’ and worthy of your hard-earned cash? I’m an honest and ethical person and would never treat my visitors as stupid. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you’re aware, the internet is overloaded with sites doing just that via unsubstantiated claims and greed.

My research and work experience with the Xtend-Life company has shown me that their products lead the industry.  It would be only natural then that I use those products myself - right?

Well, that’s exactly the case.

I have used Xtend-Life supplements continuously since 2000 and I have set out in great detail, throughout my site, all the science-based reasons that underlie my belief in these supplements as the best currently available.

No doubt many of you will be sceptical and I expect that. It’s fine and it’s normal. Especially, these days, where it’s so hard not to be, considering the avalanche of deception and fake ‘you name it’ we encounter daily.

So, I’d like to stress to you that any and all sales commissions I receive from ‘Xtend-Life’ have no influence whatsoever on my recommendations and opinions regarding their supplements and their competitors.  I back ‘all’ my claims with solid science-based facts and figures (that are easy for you to understand). Additionally, I have my own fantastic health results from using their products.

My site is independently owned and the views and opinions expressed are purely my own except those in content written by my contributing authors. Their work is clearly marked.

If you have questions about my site policies please visit my Privacy Policy or if you’d like to get in touch Contact Me

Yours In Better Health

Brett Seagrott

Founder and Lead Author

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