The Difficulties In Comparing Vitamin Supplements

Because we are often asked about comparing vitamin supplements, we have put together a standard response to this question type. I do hope this helps and that you are able to take advantage of the further links provided at the end of this response, to help you make an individual assessment.

Although we used to do so, it isn’t currently possible to do further in-depth analyses of any one particular supplement or a direct one-to-one comparison. We have previously done this on our website and in response to queries in the past. However, due to many changes, both in the industry itself and with many individual manufacturers, it is no longer possible for us to do this. There are many reasons for this, including, but not exclusive to, the following:

Most supplement manufacturers keep their exact ingredient resources, amounts, and many processing details restricted, due to the fear of what they see as duplication by another company, or to keep safe what they believe to be their own ‘best’ formulation.

This means that certain details about the ingredients, quantities, or processing methodology used isn’t available to people outside of the manufacturing company, in order for them to use a direct comparison that would be worthwhile.

Many companies use, what they call a “proprietary” formulation for a group of ingredients, and this also causes difficulty in comparing supplements, due to the lack of knowledge of exact ingredient quantities being released, and the fact that each batch may differ in exact quantity.

As well as the above, it is also important to understand 2 further assessment difficulties.

Certain factors within similar formulations may be incomparable. For example, you can’t directly compare a liquid supplement to a powder supplement, or a tablet to a powder. It is like trying to compare a bicycle to a Ferrari! They both provide transport and get you to your end destination, but are very different types of transport!  It isn’t possible to directly compare their pros and cons due to their immense differences in their make-up, goal, and end result. It is the same with different types of supplementation in respect of their dissimilarity.  

Additionally, it has to be born in mind that even though one supplement may be considered to be much better quality and potency to another, everyone is different, and therefore what works “BEST” for one person, may not be as suitable, or provide the exact same result for another person.

So, there are individual differences also, depending on what a particular individual wants to get out of the supplement, their constitution, their ailment(s) (if any), any sensitivities they may have, and so on. Therefore, it wouldn’t be possible to say, CATEGORICALLY, that one supplement is better than another, or that another supplement is no good to take.

Finally, and this is us just being completely open and honest, although there are many well known companies that we feel provide supplements much below quality, value, or even therapeutic use, if we directly and publicly author this on our website we would risk alienating the entire industry, and would risk us coming up against many potential legal battles in the process. If we alienate certain companies, and the industry as a whole, the chances of us finding out further information, and continuing our research into the future in order to help people like yourself, will be hugely depleted.

All of that having been said……..

It IS possible to direct people to look out for certain aspects of supplements that can help people to decipher which is best for them, and if unsure, to involve a professional nutritionist, or naturopathic practitioner who can look at their individual case and work out which would be best for them to take on an individual basis.

To get an idea of the things you DO NEED to look out for when looking at supplements, please use the links below to access pages on this website, following Brett’s extensive experience of self-research, self-investigation and his work in the supplement industry.

We do know that the 'Xtend-Life' range of products is of very high quality, and very extensive in covering all the needed and specialized ingredients in any one particular supplement to ensure best efficacy and results. Since 2000, Brett has used 'Total Balance' to optimize his own health. 'Total Balance' is the flagship supplement of the Xtend-Life range.

So, if 'Xtend-Life' supplements do turn out to be suitable for your particular circumstances and constitution, or ailment, or general health regime, these are the supplements we would advise, based not only on personal experience but on the years of in-depth research Nutritional-Supplement-Truths has performed on the industry’s leading multi-nutrient health supplements.

Based on this extensive research (and Nutritional-Supplement-Truths continues to constantly watch and study potential competitors) we do believe, wholeheartedly, that 'Xtend-Life' manufactures the best multi-nutrient health supplement range currently available. 

Key Factors to Examine When Evaluating Or Comparing Vitamin Supplements

These links will take you to key pages on this site which discuss critical factors that need to be examined in order to gauge the quality of multi-nutrient health supplements or when comparing supplements.

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Determining 'Value For Money' In Supplements

Tablet Binders and Other Non-Active Ingredients

Head To Head Comparisons -Total Balance Versus Other Market Leaders

Absorption of Key Ingredients

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