Total Balance - Supplement Review

Updated: June 2019

"Having reviewed the industry's premium, multi-nutrient health supplements, 'Total Balance' from the Xtend-Life Company is the ONLY ONE capable of supporting the body with respect to targeting ALL FIVE of the PRIMARY CAUSES OF AGING".

Brett Seagrott

This review examines the latest (8th Generation) Total Balance 'Premium version' male and female formulas.

Xtend-Life is calling their new generation Total Balance formulas A NEW STANDARD in nutritional health supplements! After having examined and reviewed them, I would describe these latest formulas as close to a QUANTUM LEAP forward in comparison to their nearest rivals in the premium health supplement market.

The Total Balance '8th generation' formulas were released in 2014. That's 8 major formula upgrades in just 14 years. A truly amazing feat that the huge, multinational supplement companies absolutely cannot match.


Folks, most of the supplement reviews I read on the web are TERRIBLE. Total Balance Nutritional Health Supplement

They lack any kind of real detail and could have been written by anyone without expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry and the science behind supplements.

I want to read the nitty gritty in reviews - getting right down to the 'guts' of a supplement so as to see how it really shapes up. So, that's exactly what I do when preparing my own supplement reviews. This one is long! I hope you enjoy it!

I'm going to begin with a very bold statement!

Total Balance is a professional grade supplement that leaves every other multi ingredient, 'Premium Grade' health/vitamin supplement in its wake!

I say this because Total Balance is NOT a multi vitamin/mineral supplement!

Sure, it has all the essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in appropriate amounts but unlike all other health supplements, these represent just under 25% of the formula (and that's a critically good thing as you'll discover as you read down this review).

I would describe Total Balance as a sophisticated supplement for very health conscious people who want superior nutritional support to protect the health of their DNA, normalize their aging process and support their bodies to avoid those 21st century influenced (and preventable) degenerative diseases.

Total Balance IS NOT A Multi Vitamin/Mineral Supplement.

It's A Sophisticated 'Complete Nutrient System' for your overall health and well being!


There are many reasons why Total Balance dominates the nutritional health supplement industry but its ANTI AGING capabilities are what absolutely sets it apart.

It can address and support against ALL FIVE FUNDAMENTAL CAUSES OF AGING and this puts it in a CLASS OF ITS OWN:

  1. Excessive Free Radicals

  2. Glycation

  3. Abnormal Methylation

  4. Chronic Inflammation

  5. DNA Degeneration

You've probably heard of 'Free Radicals' but do you know and understand the other four areas of the aging process? It's vital that a supplement addresses ALL of them. Most people have no knowledge of them and that's a key problem!

Nutritional supplement companies know this and it's one example of how they take advantage of consumers (hiding deficiencies/weaknesses in their products)!

So here's a question for you!

"What exactly are premium/elite grade nutritional health/vitamin supplements meant to do for you?"

Did you answer something like: "they offer nutritional insurance against poor diets by topping up vitamin and mineral deficiencies and optimizing health?

If you did that's a fairly good answer! Unfortunately the second part of your answer, optimizing your health, is where almost all nutritional vitamin supplements FAIL!

To 'optimize' health we must take into account 21st century lifestyles and their alarming levels of environmental and dietary toxins/stressors which are relentlessly impacting our health leading to chronic disease and an associated increase in our rate of aging!

With this in mind, if we are to 'optimize our health' we must address, slow down and finally normalize our aging process (in an ongoing struggle against the effects of modern day living).

'Anti-Aging' is the marketing term that supplement companies use for this goal. The reality, however, is that (cleverly hidden) shortcoming in almost all nutritional health / vitamin supplements, including the very well known leading brands, means that the largest majority (which I estimate at 99%) fail with this anti-aging goal.

Normalizing The Aging Process Is Possible
But It's A Complex,
Multi-Faceted Undertaking!

With the exception of Total Balance, multi ingredient vitamin health supplements incompetently address the anti-aging goal via one approach only - the reduction of free radicals with antioxidants!

The reality however is that significant anti-aging results can only be successfully accomplished by targeting ALL 5 AREAS OF THE AGING PROCESS:

  • Using Antioxidants to reduce and control your Free Radical production

  • Prevention of Glycation which leads to AGE's

  • Balanced Methylation for Healthy DNA

  • Reducing Chronic Inflammation which contributes to degeneration.

  • Using Specialty Bio Actives to repair and slow down DNA Degeneration

The critical aspect to understand here is that these AREAS ARE ALL INTERDEPENDENT ON ONE ANOTHER!

Optimizing your health means you must not short change yourself by excluding any one!

The Total Balance formulas are currently without question UNIQUE & UNMATCHED. The various adult versions ('Standard' or 'Premium') use between  79 to 99 ingredients covering all nutrient categories:

  • Methylation Agents

  • Anti-Glycation Agents

  • Adaptogens

  • Calorie Restriction Mimetics

  • Antioxidants

  • Amino Acids

  • Enzymes

  • Neuronutrients

  • Flavanoids

  • Carotenoids

  • Trace Elements

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Herbal Extracts

  • Co-factors

10 Health Powering Reasons For Using
Total Balance!

Organ Degeneration
Total Balance addresses organ degeneration which is behind so many of the deaths each year from viral infections, cancers, strokes, heart disease and so on.
Read More

Under The Hood
I mentioned above that the Total Balance formula is unique. In fact it's simply unmatched. It's extremely comprehensive and yet affordable for most people! As its name suggests, it balances everything in your body - every major organ and body system is targeted. Read More

Manufacturing Secrets
Did you know that most supplement companies, big and small, contract out the manufacturing of their products? They don't have the expertise to do it themselves. The problem here is that contract manufacturing can open the door for quality and contamination issues. Read More

Value For Money
Working out the value for money of supplements is really difficult because as soon as you start asking questions the companies immediately put up the PROPRIETARY WALL OF SILENCE. They're hiding things they don't want you to know! So, what is the first thing to do when measuring value for money in a supplement? Read More

Total Balance includes important ingredients that we need as we age, crucial nutrients that our bodies need but which we produce less and less of, particularly L-Glutathione and enzymes. But since males and females are biologically different they experience common health problems specific to each sex. This, therefore, requires specialized gender-specific nutrients. Read More

Enteric What?
What really happens to the contents of a health supplement after you swallow it? Read More

World Recognized
He used to work for Sadam Hussain and control 200,000 scientists. Then he escaped! Read More

Bangkok Lungs
I spent 21 years taking in Bangkok's toxic air. Read More

They Said What?
Who better to tell you about the capabilities of Total Balance than those who use it. There are some truly remarkable health improvements in these testimonials. Read More

Yes, there is one! Read More

Dynamic Health Benefits We All Want

What can Total Balance do for you? These are the impressive end results most commonly reported and documented by Total Balance users:

  • Souped Up Energy

  • Rarely or never Sick

  • Rejuvenated Sex Life  (Most popular benefit!)

  • Improved weight management

  • Improved Sense of Well-being

  • Improved eyesight

  • Calmer and Less Stressed

  • Clearer Fresher Skin

  • Reduced Blood Pressure

  • Stronger Nails

  • Sharper/Clearer Mind

  • Improved Blood Profiles  (Particularly Cholesterol)

  • Strengthened Immunity  (Most Important Benefit)

  • Deeper Better Sleep

  • Reduction and Elimination of Allergies

  • Less PMS Symptoms
As far as your internal organs and systems are concerned, this is what Total Balance may do for you:

  • Strengthen Your Immune System

  • Repair And Slows DNA Degeneration

  • Target The Primary Causes Of Aging

  • Protect Your Prostate & Boost Testosterone Levels

  • Naturally Balance Female Hormone Levels

  • Reduce Inflammation Throughout Your Body

  • Support Your Metabolism

  • Nourish Your Brain

  • Provide A Comprehensive Antioxidant Network

  • Support Bone Health

  • Support Cardiovascular health
Then there are other kinds of benefits such as the delivery system, value for money and product quality which allow the health related benefits above to actually happen. (I'll discuss each one in detail in separate sections down the page).

Pharmaceutical Grade Delivery System
Which delivers all ingredients to the upper intestine. Total Balance contains specialty nutrients not normally found in supplements because of their high cost and complexity and these must be protected from exposure to stomach acids. I discuss this delivery system further down in this review.

Value For Money
This is one of the absolutely key aspects to check on when choosing a supplement! The value for money you get from Total Balance is almost non-believable considering its price tag and composition in comparison to the best of the competition in the market. See the Value for money section below!

Quality Guaranteed
State of the art quality control systems enable the company to GUARANTEE these critical factors relating to safety and manufacturing standards:

  • Every single raw ingredient used has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on file confirming its potency and composition. (I can't stress enough how important this is for both the safety of the user and the value for money angle. COA's are a crucial factor that MUST be checked on when considering a nutritional health supplement!)

  • All ingredients are tested prior to manufacture for microbiological contamination. A further set of tests are carried out to ensure that the tablets have not picked up any contaminants during the manufacturing process.

  • All ingredients, as stated on the bottle label, are present in the stated quantities. This is the biggest BASIC of them all! And it's one major example of how vitamin / health supplements can rip you off, simply (and unbelievably) because they fail on this key point! After working in the supplement industry I can tell you it's way more common than you'd ever imagine!

  • A paper trail, documenting and proving the above three points is vital. Xtend-Life has this for each and every batch of product manufactured and if you want to visit their factory, they will actually let you see it!

    (Xtend-Life Go Out Of Their Way To Show They Have NOTHING TO HIDE)

A Powerful State-Of-The-Art Formula!

Total Balance is a state of the art nutritional health supplement formula

When I say Total Balance targets every organ and system that includes your brain. It contains several highly effective neuro nutrients and these are expensive ingredients!

You saw above all those various categories of ingredients in the Total Balance formula. There are no other categories of nutrients possible! Here's a handful of highlights I'd like you to know about:

  • 16 to 18 standardized medicinal herbal extracts

  • More than 1300 mgs of powerful and expensive phytonutrients

  • Including a large network of potent carotenoids & flavonoids

  • Over 40 anti-cancer nutrients

  • Critical gender specific support nutrients

  • An exceptionally strong immunity blend - a formula within a formula!

  • A powerhouse Eye Health blend - another formula within a formula!

  • And of course the specialty anti aging ingredients to counter the five fundamental components of human aging

Vitamins and Minerals

Now this is where things get interesting!

Only 24% of a Total Balance tablet is comprised of vitamins and minerals!

At first, this may sound like a weakness to you but it is, in fact, a major reason for why Total Balance leads the health supplement market. The dose amounts of all vitamins and minerals in Total Balance are simply sensible and adequate for the average user (which means most supplement users).

When evaluating supplements it's critical to understand that vitamins and minerals are the cheapest ingredients. Some, for example, are one-thousandth the price of other key ingredients that you absolutely want (like some of the high potency phytonutrients or L-Glutathione.)


Take a look at these excessively high amounts which show the percentage value that vitamins and minerals constitute in the complete formula (maximum daily dose as prescribed by the manufacturer) for these THREE INDUSTRY LEADING supplements (taken from my vitamin supplements comparisons page) The price shown is for 1 month's supply.

  • 85% --- LifePak (Regular) from Pharmanex ($79.80)³

  • 79% --- Essentials from Usana ($57.60)⁴

  • 69% --- Life Force (No Iron) Source Naturals ($44.50)


With Total Balance, you are paying for established, high potency ingredients, particularly phytonutrients, medicinal herbal extracts, key amino acids, critical gender specific support nutrients and specialized, rare, and highly expensive anti aging ingredients !

Vitamins and minerals must of course be there, but in low doses, to act as specific cofactors and to top-up what you're missing from your diet.

Most people interested in top of the range multi-ingredient health supplements like Total Balance are health conscious and are usually already taking in reasonable amounts of vitamins and minerals. They just need a top-up!

Supplement companies use their marketers to play on peoples fears by showing fancy statistics and graphs showing vitamin deficiencies in large parts of the population. I do not, however, believe that these population segments do not include consumers who use premium grade health supplements!

Extra Coenzyme Q10 - For Free!

Now, most people know about CoQ10 and what an important ingredient it is (particularly if you are on statin cholesterol-lowering drugs). It's a vitamin-like substance, which is present in every cell of your body, predominantly in the mitochondria.

The amount of CoQ10 in your cells is reduced as you get older, or when you are under stress. This means your cells lose their efficiency (energy production) and protecting capacity (antioxidant power).

Here's something you probably didn't know: CoQ10 is very susceptible to damage when passing through the stomach with only a small percentage of it being bio-available.

Thanks to Total Balance's pharmaceutical grade delivery system (Enteric Coating), the CoQ10 it contains is protected from exposure to the acidic environment in your stomach and is released in the upper intestine!

UV rays from the sun (particularly the harmful UVA rays) also destroy CoQ10. Recent studies have shown CoQ10 is one of the first antioxidants to be depleted when the skin is exposed to UV radiation.

An average good diet will provide about 5mgs of CoQ10 per day, but your body needs about 10mgs per day to function effectively. This extra must come from your body's own production, or from supplementation.

Total Balance includes 19 mg of CoQ10 (Ubiquinone). BUT HERE'S THE IMPORTANT NEWS :- The TB formula includes the right precursors and cofactors to stimulate your body to create more of its own Coenzyme Q10! Very few supplement formulas are sophisticated enough to do this.

Now, many other leading supplement companies include Co Q10 as an ingredient but, as I pointed out above, CoQ10 is very poorly absorbed by the body and is highly susceptible to degradation from stomach acids.

Its bioavailability rates only between 5% and 10 % in non-enteric coated tablets and so this is why foods, containing CoQ10, contribute so little to daily needs. You'll see the majority of supplement formulas (including the 'Elite' / 'Premium' brands) contain insufficient quantities of Co Q10 in addition to not containing the precursors to stimulate its natural production.

With the exception of Total Balance, no other multi-nutrient vitamin/health supplements have an enteric coating - and so, in non-enteric coated tablets, very little, if any, CoQ10 makes it into the bloodstream.

Disease-Busting Phytonutrients - Nature's Gift

phytonutrients in Total Balance Total Balance contains fantastic amounts of phytonutrients, particularly the powerful Carotenoids and Flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables.

(HEALTH NOTE: It's been clinically established that four out of the five leading causes of death are related in part to inadequate fruit and vegetable intake!)

Phytonutrients (phytochemicals) are potent plant-based nutrients that can fight disease and offer other powerful health benefits including strong antioxidant protection. Scientists are constantly discovering new or increased health benefits from these super plant nutrients.

When it comes to comparing phytonutrient content in different supplements it's not as clear-cut as you would think. The trouble with the term 'phytonutrient' is that it can, essentially, include any and all of the ingredients. The definition of a phytonutrient is any substance from plant origin that provides nutrition. So, that just about covers everything!

Therefore, for ease of comparison, I tend to concentrate on two main categories of phytonutrients: (1) Those from actual herbal extract and (2) The most well characterized Flavonoids¹ and Carotenoids².

It's extremely important that PHYTONUTRIENTS make up a SIGNIFICANT PART of a vitamin / health supplement formula!

Check out these phytonutrient content totals - (full daily dose for each supplement):

  • Total Balance Men's Premium --          1348 mg

  • Total Balance Women's Premium --     1488 mg

  • Lifepak Prime --                                       353 mg

  • Life Force Multiple --                               542 mg

  • Essentials --                                               269 mg

  • Lifepak Nano --                                        239 mg

  • Lifepak Regular --                                    217 mg

The very high totals of phytonutrient content in the Total Balance Premium formulas are one of their major strengths.

Miraculous Medicinal Herbal Extracts

herbal extracts in Total Balance health supplement Herbs have been providing medicinal benefits to humans for centuries - in fact thousands of years for some. Herbals extracts are also extremely important ingredients that you want to see in plentiful supply in your supplement.

Make sure a supplement formula indicates that they are STANDARDIZED because this guarantees the active ingredient content, which can vary TREMENDOUSLY in cheaper non-standardized extracts.

The number of herbal extracts in these Total Balance versions nails its leading opposition. Look at these comparisons!

  • TB Men's Premium -         15 standardized extracts

  • TB Women's Premium -    18 standardized extracts

  • Essentials -                           6 standardized extracts

  • Life Force -                           9 standardized extracts

  • Lifepak Nano -                    2 standardized extracts

  • Lifepak Regular -                2 standardized extracts

Essential Enzymes - To Help Digest All Those Fantastic Ingredients

Total Balance is one of an elite group of health supplements which include a full range of enzymes!

The enzymes in Total Balance are digestive. They help break down foods we eat so our bodies can absorb the nutrients. For maximum benefits, supplements containing digestive enzymes must contain the 3 major groups:

  • Amylase

  • Protease

  • Lipase

These allow your body to breakdown carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Total Balance Contains All Three Groups!

View The Total Balance Range

Xtend-Life Self Manufactures - That's Rare!

Total Balance manufacturing Xtend-Life totally controls the manufacturing process through all stages. That allows for total quality control and guarantees no contaminates.

Xtend-Life's pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facilities are state of the art. Their new facilities were purpose built in 2013. As a professional, responsible company they manufacture according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - and are a U.S FDA registered facility.

In addition to going the extra step of performing GMP approved, INDEPENDENT LAB TESTING to ensure effective pure ingredients, Xtend-Life is the only company, that I know of, that uses the super expensive, pharmaceutical grade, state-of-the-art 3D BLENDER for final mix blending.

Total Balance- 3D Blender

Xtend-Life uses highly sophisticated, time consuming blending protocols - again something that is extremely rare in the supplement industry.

They use complex multiple blendings through several stages before the ingredients end up together for the final mix.

Total Balance nutritional supplement

What is normally done in the supplement industry, is that the producers simply dump all the ingredients together, at the same time, into a big (tumble) blender and blend the mix for around 20 minutes. That's it. Done! The goal is to get the product into the market ASAP.

Total Balance nutritional health supplement

This can result in Stratification which is where the heaviest ingredients end up at the bottom of the mix.

This means that not every tablet will contain the mix printed on the label! This is a common problem with cheaper supplements.

High quality production is another strength for the Total Balance formulators.

Safety Safety Safety - No Uninvited Microbes

If you want to use Total Balance then you can rest assured that it will never harm you. All raw ingredients come only from GMP registered and audited facilities.

It's also critically important for end user safety that a supplement company quarantines and tests each and every raw material used for compliance with its' Certificate of Analysis (COA) both for potency and composition. Xtend-life does this (and as I mentioned earlier you can view this documentation at their company if you wish).

They are a trustworthy company that does comprehensive testing of all raw ingredients.

No matter which nutritional health supplement you use, please check that the manufacturer checks for compliance with COA's for every raw material! This is INCREDIBLY important for your health and safety. It should be mentioned on every supplement company's website.

This is a safeguard against microbiological contamination (including small amounts of heavy metals - like lead!)

Please keep in mind that there are supplements out there which contain contaminants, such as heavy metals, at unacceptable levels. No matter how small the amounts you don't want those building in your tissues over the years! Scientific studies have well and truly established that toxicity is responsible for the overwhelming levels of chronic disease which we now face.

"At least 90% of all Chronic Diseases can be attributed to environmental pollution. Heavy metals were reported to be the major source for the production of free radicals as well as undermining the internal environments and body chemistry.

Heavy metals can very well reduce the efficacy of medical treatments by up to 60%. There is little hope for antioxidants and mineral supplements, if the body is burdened with heavy metals."

- World Health Organization (WHO)

Herbal ingredients in particular are very susceptible to contamination!


Total Balance health supplement - value for money Xtend-life is one of the few supplement companies that DOES NOT use (expense heavy) multi-level marketing (MLM) to distribute it's supplements.

What this means for you is they they can afford to include far more key ingredients and higher potencies for a competitive price.
Remember - UP TO 99 ingredients!

Large cost savings are created through Xtend-Life's effective marketing and distribution model of selling directly to the customer via the Internet only. Savings are channeled back into making Total Balance all that you are learning about right here.

The potencies of the key ingredients, particularly the expensive herbal extracts, phytonutrients and gender support nutrients, are high, very high. See the list below.

Xtend-Life has also used the most beneficial molecular form of every ingredient. One of the most impressive examples is that they include the natural 'Trans' form of the expensive phytonutrient Resveratrol (the most bioavailable and effective source) rather than skimping and using the way cheaper, low potency (10%), synthetic 'Cis' form, commonly used in multi ingredient health supplements.

Total Balance includes Resveratrol at 50% potency!

A 50% potency of Trans Resveratrol is a really expensive ingredient to incorporate into a multi-ingredient vitamin supplement.

Resveratrol is a powerful anti-cancer phytonutrient that works through more than a dozen anti-cancer mechanisms.

Its inclusion offers fantastic value for money. The common market rate of the 5% or 10 % potency comes in far below that of Total Balance.

Another noteworthy example is L-Glutathione in the 'REDUCED' (low molecular weight) form - a crucial ingredient rarely found in multi-nutrient supplements due to its extreme price.

A little known fact that you need to know is that L-Glutathione is SEVERELY damaged by stomach acid!

So, if a supplement tablet doesn't employ a specialized delivery system, such as the one used with Total Balance, to protect key ingredients susceptible to destruction or degradation by stomach acid, then it's a waste of time and money.

Here's the honor roll of other super high potency KEY INGREDIENTS in Total Balance:

  • Beta - 1,3 Glucan 94%

  • Beta Sitosterol (Phytosterols) 95%

  • 5-HTP 99%

  • Chrysin 99%

  • Inositol 98%

  • Vinocetine 96%

  • Green Tea 98%

  • Grape Seed 95%

  • Pine Bark 95%

  • Milk Thistle 85%

  • Piperine 95%

  • Turmeric 98%

  • Luteolin 98%

  • Rutin 95%

  • Hesperiden 98%

  • Myricetin 70%

  • Policosanol 95%

  • Bilberry 25%
P.S. Standardized Bilberry Extract is a very expensive ingredient. The 25% found in Total Balance is considered a very high potency for Bilberry extract.

The value for money factor also relates to how many inactive ingredients are in a supplement formula and what percentage of the weight of a supplement tablet is comprised of inactives (known in the industry as 'excipients'). See the section further down the page titled 'Inactive Ingredients' for more information on this key aspect.

100% Money Back Guarantee

It's reassuring to know a supplement company is prepared to back up their product with a 100% Money back guarantee. There is a generous 12 month time frame in which you can apply for a full refund or a replacement product.

The refund policies of a number of elite supplement companies out there have you jumping through hoops in order to apply for any kind of refund - just to discourage people from trying (and of course to counter those who try to abuse the offer). The Total Balance guarantee is refreshing simple - the way a refund policy should be. The link to the TB 'No Risk - Guarantee' webpage is clearly visible on the Xtend-Life website.

Total Balance & SEX

It's critical that a nutritional vitamin supplement is formulated specifically for females or for males and NOT AS A 'ONE SIZE FITS ALL VERSION!

Different biological and dietary needs require different formulas - simple! The men's and women's versions of Total Balance include nutrients proven to be helpful in preventing life threatening degenerative diseases common to either men and women and in some cases both.

Essential Ingredients For The Girls

Total Balance-female support ingredients Total Balance Women's Premium contains an unrivaled blend of highly specialized herbal extracts specifically suited to meet the unique needs of a woman's body. Hormonal balance is integral for well being in women. If hormones are working incorrectly, or are depleted, PMS, menstrual disorders and menopause can certainly bring their unwanted problems.

The safest way to re-balance a women's body is to provide it with specialized nutrients in the form of HORMONAL PRECURSORS. The Total Balance Women's premium version nails this by including 6 of the clinically established key hormone precursors:

  • Chaste Berry

  • Red Clover

  • Dong Quai

  • Wild Yam

  • FeverFew

  • Isoflavones

Beauty From The Inside Out!

Aging gracefully and deriving true beauty from the inside out is not just for super rich actresses, models and hi-so's. Most women can naturally achieve this. Glycation (a complex issue involving the all important protein molecules in your body) is of particularly concern here. It is disastrous for your skin because it contributes to the collapse of collagen which leads to WRINKLES and FINE LINES. Collagen loss can also increase the appearance of cellulite on the body.

Thankfully, Total Balance contains a specialty ingredient 'L-Carnosine' (an amino acid) which leads to the prevention of glycation. Carnosine is a VERY expensive nutrient so it's not very common in the supplement industry. Since almost all health supplements are made to a set price, the manufacturers simply cannot afford to include it in their formulas.

So, Total Balance helps promote beauty from within by supporting your body and skin against the damaging effects of glycation. The generally accepted effective dose rate for Carnosine is 50 - 150mg daily. Total Balance contains 148.50mg in a full daily dose.

Prostate Powering Ingredients for The Guys

Total Balance Nutritional Health Supplement When it comes to the guys there are three HUGE concerns....

  • Enlarged Prostate (BHP)

  • Prostate Cancer

  • Man Boobs

Men's testosterone levels will steadily decline once they reach their mid twenties. Some men begin to notice symptoms of this in their 30's whereas others may not be aware of steadily dropping levels until into their 50's.

Less testosterone is produced and a significant proportion of this is converted to estrogen with various negative results.

With increased estrogen levels, men begin to develop breasts (aka 'Man Boobs') and suffer from decreased masculinity.

In fact most men 50+ have more estrogen in their bodies than their female partners because of this phenomenon!

So, the key to maintaining a healthy level of testosterone is:

  1. To reduce the amount that is converted to estrogen

  2. To help stimulate the body to increase its own production of testosterone

Total Balance Men's version contains a potent specialty nutrient called 'CHRYSIN' which achieves both of these aims!

The formula includes a form of Chrysin with 99% potency.

Now...down to the prostate.

Prostate problems are a scary prospect for all us guys. Statistically, prior to our 59th birthday, 1 in 2 guys will experience PBH, or enlarged prostate! This means lots of night-time trips to the bathroom.

Total Balance Unleashes A Potent Team Of Prostate Protectors!

Zinc is commonly found in supplements in the form of ZINC CITRATE. Total Balance contains zinc citrate but it also includes a healthy dose of ZINC ACETATE because the 2 types of zinc follow different metabolic pathways and
only ZINC ACETATE travels DIRECTLY TO THE PROSTATE where it is needed.

The other most potent PROSTATE NUTRIENTS & MALE SUPPORT NUTRIENTS in the Total Balance Men's formula are:

  • Beta Sitosterol (Phytosterols)

  • Isoflavones

  • Lycopene

  • Nettle Root

  • Red Clover

  • Saw Palmetto

Pharmaceutical Grade Delivery System

What happens after you swallow your supplement?

1. The active ingredients are released in the stomach.

2. Stomach acids attack the ingredients and breaks them into smaller particles

3. Depending upon the active ingredient some/most of it is destroyed by the acid. (Note: Not all ingredients are damaged by stomach acid which is why many health tablets and some drugs are not enteric coated. EG. Vitamins and minerals are not effected.)

4. Whilst some of the ingredients are being 'attacked' a feeling of 'discomfort' may be experienced.

5. The remaining ingredients (or part thereof), that are not destroyed continue on to the small intestine where they go through the absorption process via the walls of the upper intestine.

Many of the most important, highly efficious ingredients which definitely must be there, are destroyed or degraded by contact with stomach acid! Like these ones:

* Adenosine Triphosphate(ATP)
* Aloe Vera Polysaccharides
* Alpha Lipoic Acid
* Amylase (enzyme)
* Betaine Hydrochloride
* Bromelain (enzyme)
* Enzidase (enzyme)
* Isolase (enzyme)
* L-Carnosine
* L-Glutathione
* Lipase (enzyme)
* N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
* Phosphatidyl Choline
* Resveratrol
* Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)
* SAMe

So you need a PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE DELIVERY SYSTEM to protect susceptible ingredients as they pass through the stomach. It's called:-

Total Balance is the ONLY multi nutrient nutritional health supplement in the ENTIRE MARKET which uses ENTERIC COATING to protect key ingredients from destruction by stomach acid.

This results in much higher absorption (bioavailability) levels and greater value for money as more of the ingredients are making it into the bloodstream.

" Bioavailability Is A Crucial Variable When Comparing Premium Grade Supplements"

Very Few Inactive Ingredients - The Way It Should Be

Total Balance is chock-a-block full of ACTIVE ingredients and contains only a very small amount of 5 all natural excipients (inactives) from near 100 ingredients. Of key importance in a health supplement is that only ALL NATURAL excipients are used. You do not want artificial / synthetics in the excipient list (this list is usually referred to as 'Other Ingredients' on a supplement label).

These must be there to assist in the manufacturing process otherwise a tablet could not be formed! Cheap ineffective supplements are often loaded with excipients - close to 50% by weight!

One of America's, Australia's and Asia's most well known multi vitamin/mineral supplements has a GRAND TOTAL OF 62 EXCIPIENTS in it! Can you imagine that - 62 inactive ingredients and not all of them are natural substances either!!   (C_ _ _ _ _ _ )

One Of The Worlds Most Recognized

Among Total Balance's greatest strengths and probably the most important are the qualifications and experience of the chief bio-scientist who formulated it.

Prof. Dr. A Munem Daoud PhD., MSc., ND.

Dr. Munem was chief scientist in Iraq and governed 200,000 scientists and bio-chemists. He was able to leave Iraq to settle in New Zealand some 30 years ago. He is a world-renowned scientist who was included in the 1997-98 'Who's Who in the World' list for scientists.

His qualifications and experience are impeccable and give confidence to consumers who have little to no knowledge about the make up of broad spectrum, multi nutrient, all natural health supplements.

He has been hired by governments around the globe to create natural formulas that their own scientists could not master.

He has even created brain formulas for the

Prof. Dr. Munem is a bio-chemist with a medical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical background. He is one of a select few individuals who really understands the actions of various nutrients in the body at molecular level and in particular how they interact with each other.

This is something that is missing in a Physicians training!

Beware of "Doctor Formulated" supplements!

" The right combination of ingredients has been shown to increase the individual strength of ingredients in supplements by up to 15 times."

My Immunity and My Lungs

Brett Seagrott - author nutritional supplement truths

My own results since I began using Total Balance have been fantastic and tangible.

Since I was a boy I've been susceptible to Bronchitis. When I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, to work in 1994, I found that the toxic pollution gave me several cases of Bronchitis and upper respiratory chest infections each and every year.

That was until I began using Total Balance in 2000. Since that day, I kid you not, I have not had one case of Bronchitis or been sick in any way for even a single day. Not even a cold!

I haven't been sick in 19 years now!

The AWESOME Results Of Others

Just below is a sampling of (unsolicited) customer comments received by Xtend-Life and used here with their permission. All customer comments are authentic. Original copies of customer feedback are on file at the Xtend-Life company. The highlighting and capitalized words have been added by myself.

"I just wanted to let you know that you have literally changed my life. For many months, despite moderate exercise and taking some basic vitamins, I had been on a dramatic decline, cognitively.

My short term memory was abysmal, to be charitable. And it was even getting to the point where I was having difficulties finding certain words while constructing sentences! I seriously thought I was developing dementia or Alzheimer's - in my thirties!

I discovered your company about a month ago, and promptly ordered a monthly supply of Total Balance Men's Premium, Neuro-Natural Recall and Omega 3/DHA Fish oil. I started noticing benefits almost immediately. A month later, I'm not only cured, but I'm actually functioning measurably better than I was prior to when the deterioration began!

I can "think fast" again, my memory is back, I have a ton of energy and I've never felt better in my entire life! Here's the kicker. I used to be on a prescription drug for ADD. I would never have anticipated this in a million years, but the Xtend-Life supplements actually OUT - PERFORM THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG. The Xtend-Life supplements allow me to get into a clear state of sustained focus and I'm not distractible........"


"Just to tell you I placed a new order today for the Total Balance. I have now used it for 3 weeks, and I can tell you that it really gives a lot of energy. I use it before i go to the gym, and I really feel the difference, I replaced the Double X from Amway, and TB is definitely better. Besides, the craving for sweet is totally gone, my body feels satisfied. So thank you very much for your product."

Arild O, Dominican Republic

"Hello, I just wanted to pass along my praise for your Xtend-Life "Total Balance" Men's formula. I have tried many different supplements on the market today and have found this one to be extremely effective. I purchased this as a means of supplementing my diet and to restore balance in my body. I have spinal arthritis and take some heavy duty medications for this. Since adding your product to my daily routine, I have felt better, think clearer, sleep much better. My arthritis has been in much better control as well. I believe the body must have balance to do what it was designed to do. As a 45 year old male with spinal health issues, I have found your product to be part of my relief. I am a skeptic until proven otherwise. In this case, I am a believer! Please pass along to others, and thanks again for such a great product!"

James T, USA

"Among the surprising effects of the new premium women's TB formula is an increase in my sex drive and overall sexual satisfaction. I find a defining improvement in my overall systematic well-being with the premium range. I feel confident purchasing from a company that is always improving and clearly practices with integrity at all times."

Dana, USA

"Thank you. I have always been impressed with the level of customer care and concern by Xtend Life. Your diligence in addressing these issues indicates a level of science that tells me you folks really do want the reputation of having the best supplements in the world. Quite frankly, I have found no better yet."

Mark P, UK

"Yaaaay, I have just read the personal message of Warren Matthews and felt I just had to say 'Thank God' someone who is totally in tune with my philosophy of life and powering on at age 60. I have spent my life in the pursuit of good health and energy and at every stage it just gets better. I am a great believer in supporting good food with great supplements and after reading about your products I can't wait to try them. I live in Cairns, Queensland where we have a wonderful climate and a fantastic lifestyle so optimum health is necessary if we are to enjoy this gorgeous place.

Fantastic to know that people like Warren and his family are producing such quality products. I too am 60 years old, but have a metabolic age of 24 and have never felt better in my life. Would like to enclose a photo but not possible here. Cheers!"

Noelene C, Australia

"...Having tried your cholesterol lowering formula, through your consult and generosity I switched to Total Balance Men's. My cholesterol numbers significantly improved after 1 month.

Also, I am in my early 40s and my wife is 29. I had been feeling the "effects" of my age and job stress, which basically equated me to a 4 cylinder engine in the "love" department, even though I'm in good physical condition. I tried your recommended "protocol" with Total Balance Men's Plus and Male Rejuvenator - 6 tablets a day of each for a month, plus your Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Esters.

The word "Wow" cannot come close to describing what happened. I gained two cylinders a week! By week 4 I was a 12 cylinder powerhouse! Ford Escort to Ford GT 500 HP race car... My wife couldn't believe the power, endurance and stamina....Men, look no further, and throw that Viagra away!! Talk about, it's called 'the Xtend-Life Protocol'!"

Bill, USA

"Since taking Total Balance Men's my symptoms of prostate problems have lessened considerably. A recent CT scan has confirmed that the prostate is of normal size!!"

James, UK

"I am now 57. Your supplements have made possible the following measurable differences....

A Pulmonary Function Test at the hospital in February 2003 (before using Xtend-Life products) showed a 45% increase in lung capacity after using Ventolin. A 10% increase indicates asthma.

I was prescribed a puffer to be used for the rest of my life and told that I would never get my lung capacity back.

I began using Xtend-Life Total Balance Men's Plus, Omega 3/DHA Esters and Coral Calcium in December 2003. In February 2005 after using your products for 14 months, a follow up Pulmonary Function Test showed only a 15% increase in lung capacity after using Ventolin. My Doctor was surprised with such a reversal of an irreversible condition....

....At 45 years old I began to wake up in the night with 'hydraulic urgency', i.e. needing to use the bathroom. I discovered Saw Palmetto at the local health food store and the condition reversed somewhat.

At 53 I noticed the quiet beginnings of erectile dysfunction with mild dismay and resignation. I started using Total Balance Men's Plus, Omega 3/DHA Esters and Coral Calcium just after my 55th birthday and discontinued use of Saw Palmetto. Your supplements not only eliminated the 'hydraulic urgency' and completely reversed the (very mild) erectile dysfunction issues, but enhanced function! My doctor says it's all in my head. My partner says that is not where she notices this improvement.... is a vast understatement to say that I am pleased with Xtend-Life supplements. You can be assured that I will continue to take them for the rest of my life and to promote them to anyone who is interested."

Steve, Canada

"I have been taking Total Balance Women's Plus now for 18 months and I like the product very much. The biggest positive change I have noticed is that my immune system is greatly improved. I used to catch the flu every year and three or four colds. Not anymore! Also, I have early onset osteoporosis and a recent bone scan proved that I have gained bone mass taking nothing but Total Balance!"

Cathi, USA

"I have tried many multi-vitamins in the past, and have had trouble sleeping for almost 9 months prior to taking your vitamins. In a nutshell, since taking Total Balance Men's Plus I almost immediately started feeling sleepy, when I'm "supposed" to, and actually fall asleep fast and have a much deeper sleep. My personal overall well-being has gone from a "blah" sort of feeling to one of "happy to be alive"... Very good product. Hopefully my vitamin search is over!"

Brian, USA

"Hi Chantal, I'm most appreciative of your response and will incorporate your suggestions and pay special attention to your cautions. It is such a pleasure dealing with this organization and U in particular!!!!!!! Hope U have a great day. Respectfully,"

Bob B, Australia

"Dear Warren, Many thanks for your wonderful Total Balance Women's Plus formula. All my life I've been a low energy person, some times worse than other times. Even small stresses in life could leave me so terribly fatigued. I've been taking 6 tablets per day for several months and have seen a marked increase in my overall energy level."

Eileen McN, USA

Weaknesses - Just A Few, Nothing Major

Individual Studies

There are no clinical studies on Total Balance as a complete product. All studies to date are for the individual ingredients. This is the norm in the supplement industry.
(Note from Xtend-Life Management: ....technically speaking it's not possible to test multi ingredient supplements as a whole (at this time). Once you dissolve the tablet, certain nutrients react and change so it's impossible to measure them)

Total Balance Tablets Are A little Larger

The size of the tablets is a little larger than some other leading supplements - not very much but I could imagine it being a problem for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets.

You can't break the tablets in two or you'll destroy the enteric coating.

Want More Info?
If Total Balance sounds like a supplement you might be interested in but you'd like more details, there's a ton of information to read at the Xtend-Life website. Here's a series of links for you which will take you directly to the various product pages at the Xtend-Life site.


Total Balance nutritional health supplement

Total Balance nutritional health supplement

Total Balance nutritional health supplement

Total Balance nutritional health supplement

¹ Flavonoids: Citrus bioflavonoids (quercetin, hesperidin, rutin, naringin), Polyphenols (green tea, bilberry, blueberry, cranberry, resveratrol, grape seed), Chrysin, Luteolin, Myricetin, Soy Isoflavones

² Carotenoids: beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, astaxanthin and beta-cryptoxanthin


³ ( March 1, 2010


Published Retail Price ( 120 tablets, No-Iron formula) March 1, 2010

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