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How to Track Down the Very Best

The marketing term 'all natural health supplements' and its various iterations are in wide use throughout the western supplement industry. Unfortunately, weak regulatory oversight allows marketers and supplement manufacturers to 'play' with the 'all natural' terminology and deceive well intentioned supplement consumers. Don’t be fooled by the multitude of cheap imitations that offer poor value for money and weak therapeutic health benefits!

With one in every three dollars spent on vitamin supplements wasted (according to a recent report by Physicians Management Journal), it is evident that most individuals do not know what factors to look for when purchasing multi-nutrient nutritional vitamin/health supplements. 

When it comes to all natural health supplements what exactly does the “natural” actually refer to? In most cases it is only the source of vitamins and minerals in the product. But is it necessary or even beneficial to have only naturally sourced vitamins in a supplement?

Much debate, confusion and half truths exist over the issue of all natural vitamins versus synthetics Follow this link to learn more.

'All natural' does not only refer to vitamins and minerals but to all non-active ingredients (fillers, stabilisers protectents etc) present in the formula. These are known technically as excipients and in the highest quality supplements only a minimal number are included to assist the manufacturing process. There is no magic number but the fewer the better. A typical good range might be 4 - 6.

In order to find the best vitamin supplements it is important to firstly understand what key ingredients are included in the more effective supplements - those supplements which are the most efficacious and beneficial to health versus  what ingredients are typically found in the cheapest products (i.e. ingredients that you don’t want making up a large percentage of your supplement formula).

Lastly, supplement consumers need to take note of how many non-active ingredients are present. The answers to these questions are covered in depth throughout 

Currently there are no regulations in the United States that require a manufacturer to prove that their all natural health supplements actually work or that they are safe. Additionally there are no governmental agencies that regularly review nutritional vitamin supplements against label claims.

How to Evaluate Your Vitamin Supplement

Despite the lack of regulation and government control, there are several ways to assess the quality, safety and value for money of the supplements you choose. For multi-nutrient, and the up market, industry leading super supplements, it is vital to take a multi perspective approach in evaluating the true quality of a supplement. 

This means considering a given supplement from 6 Key criteria: 

  1. Nutritional supplement formulas
  2. ingredient quality in nutritional supplements
  3. bioavailability of nutritional supplements
  4. synergy in nutritional supplements
  5. manufacturing standards
  6. best vitamin supplements - value for the money

Quality all natural health supplements will be formulated with well-established key ingredients that fall into the appropriate ranges needed to receive maximum health benefits. In addition, nutritional supplement formulas must not contain unsafe amounts of vitamins and minerals.

One key for elite supplements is the use of an enteric coating to maximize vitamin absorption This ensures that stomach acids do not damage or destroy key nutrients, thereby diminishing their absorption levels and performance.

Health and natural nutritional supplements should have quality ingredients in the most efficacious and bioavailable forms. It is important to study product labels to be sure they do not include artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives, fillers and binders.

Companies claiming to produce the best all natural health supplements should clearly indicate on their websites or in their marketing literature, their quality control measures, safety testing, manufacturing protocols, along with ingredient forms, dose amounts and potencies of all active ingredients. If a manufacturer is unable or unwilling to provide this information, they are probably hiding deficiencies in their products and over the top amounts of cheap ingredients. 

The bioavailability issue is often overlooked when determining the efficacy of nutritional supplements. Bioavailability refers to the amount of an active ingredient that is absorbed into the bloodstream for utilization by the body. This is a very important factor in determining the value for money of a supplement. 

Synergy in all natural health supplements refers to the combined effects of each of the ingredients when working with all other compatible ingredients in the formula. This combined effort will always have a more powerful result than that of an individual ingredient. 

To ensure that any all natural health supplement you choose is safe, pure and potent, all raw ingredients must be sourced from Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) registered and audited facilities and all ingredients must have a Certificate of Analysis (C.O.A.)  to confirm potency. In addition, supplement companies must test all raw materials prior to manufacture for compliance with the C.O.A. and for microbiological contamination. This information should be clearly set out on a supplement company’s website!

The Best Value for Your Money

Please follow the links supplied for each of the first five criteria discussed above. This will allow you to access in depth information for each one and in doing so will equip you to determine the true value for money of any nutritional supplement. 

The Awesome Supplement That Gets My Vote!

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