Anti Aging Wrinkle Strategies

Science Reveals Select Wrinkle Busters Which Actually WORK

A recent review in the The Archives of Dermatology (Vol. 144. No. 5, May 2008) reveals exactly which anti aging wrinkle treatments work effectively and are solidly backed by extensive scientific evidence. I bet you'd like to know what they said?

Use the links further down to find out and see if your current anti aging treatments are truly effective.

Intelligent Anti Aging Wrinkle Decisions

Health and appearance are major issues these days, right? We all want our share of that anti wrinkle youth elixir which the latest nutritional science has just discovered (yet again!) All the new technologically advanced ingredients with fancy names just keep appearing and yet we're not exactly looking much younger, are we?

If you're like me, you've probably already spent a small fortune on anti aging wrinkle treatments or products that leave you staring intensely in the mirror wondering if those wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes are really disappearing . Even just a little!

We are so addicted to our desire to stay looking young that we continually dish out hard earned cash on the next “latest” “proven” anti aging wrinkle reducer . Of course we all think we're so discerning and that we've done our homework throughly to come up with the best product. We're paying good money but it's for a world renowned brand so that makes us a smart, savvy consumer, right?

Yet each and every morning we find ourselves staring, and perhaps wincing, once again into that mirror and although we're not absolutely sure, we think those crowsfeet lines actually do look a little fainter. We'd better give this product a little longer to do its magic.

Afterall, it's manufactured by one of the world's most famous cosmetic brands and their 'trials' did say that 83% of users reported reduced fine lines around their eyes!


Have you ever read or researched the fine details of those trials,only to discover that a 'whopping' 15 women were tested! And you can bet your bottom dollar that those women were carefully selected based on their past “way better than average” results with other anti aging wrinkle products.

It's all marketing. You know that deep down!

Those carefully designed marketing presentations are carefully structured to bend the truth, mis-lead you and get you to part with your cash. It's big business for the manufacturers so their marketing campaigns are state-of-the-art (It's a pity their products aren't!)

They know what you want to hear!

Do you really have any idea of the ridiculously small concentrations of active ingredient(s) they put into their anti aging products?

I do!

I used to work in the nutritional supplement industry!

A nutritional supplement manufacturer I know has recently included anti aging skin care products into their product line. The chairman is a friend of mine.

Now, this particular company is a specialty supplement manufacturer of anti aging supplements whose head formulator is one of the world's most recognized bio-scientists. I know his background and that he's been listed in the Who's Who edition of the Worlds Best Scientists.

Amongst other things, he was hired to produce natural brain supplement formulas for the U.S. NASA astronaut program. So, clearly he's one of the best at what he does.

My friends company allowed me to be privy to the development of their skincare formulas over the past 24 months. They researched the most effective ant aging ingredients on the planet.

Their lead active ingredients are not yet even used by those famous French cosmetic companies. Simply because they are so expensive. But you'll see them starting to appear in the formulas of the markets most expensive brands during the next 12-24 months for sure as their prices come down.

Anti Aging Wrinkle Products - 0.???% and Holding

What's my point in mentioning the specifics of my friends company ? (no, it's not a plug for their products)

Well, as they let me wade through their research and development they showed me some of the concentrations of the active ingredients used by the competitors – the markets famous leading brands.

Well, you wouldn't believe how incredibly tiny these amounts are!
Honest To Goodness!

I'd love to expose all but I'm not going to put myself down that dangerous path!

These ridiculously puny concentrations barely qualify the active ingredient(s) as active ingredients!

But, since there are 'some' of them present in the formula, by law the manufacturers have the right to proudly proclaim these 'wondrous' ingredients which will eat up your wrinkles and give you the lifestyle you want.

That of course is what these companies are actually selling. It's the lifestyle rather than the actual product itself. What they are subliminally imprinting on you is that if you use their product you too are going to experience the kind of lifestyle that their product models (with the flawless skin) enjoy.

So, with minuscule concentrations (0.00??%) no wonder these products keep you staring in the mirror month in month out trying to decide if in fact any of your dastardly wrinkles are actually getting smaller.

Imagine how much profit would be lost if the manufacturers actually put out effective anti aging wrinkle creams and serums which produced significant results.

I've started using the anti aging wrinkle face cream of my friend's company because I've seen the concentrations of the actives and they are way more than any other anti aging wrinkle products so I'm prepared to give them a try for several months.

If you're skeptical about how this family owned company manages to do all this and not charge an arm and a leg for their products, well, that would be another complete article in itself but basically they use:

  • sensible marketing

  • sensible distribution methods

  • satisfied with a reasonable profit

all of which staggeringly reduce costs so they can pump the savings back into their products. It's that simple!

Anyway, back to the review and what the researchers had to say!

Anti Aging Wrinkle Cures - Which ones work?

The authors of The Archives of Dermatology review conclude that    ?    anti aging treatments currently available are proved clinically effective! In other words they work!

Want to guess what number that question mark represents?


Are you thinking it's a relatively small number?

Well, you're right!

The researchers are saying that, based on their review of dozens of studies since the early 1990s, conducted primarily by University of Michigan (U-M) dermatologists, THREE treatments emerge as effective with solid clinical evidence supporting them.

And since one of these three is the one I use, with Brilliant results, I know, that they know, what they're talking about!

The good news then is that there are at least three treatments out there that definitely work to give you new collagen and repair your wrinkles. The authors of the review wrote that theory and experiment support these effective treatments.

So, if you're really serious about your anti aging wrinkle program then use the results of this review to make intelligent decisions and avoid getting sucked in by the tremendous anti aging product hype out there. Get started with one of these three proven treatments!

The review authors have no ties to the manufacturers of products they study. Their research is independent with funding provided by the National Institutes of health and the University of Michigan.

Introducing The Proven Anti Aging Wrinkle Treatments Backed By Science!

Here they are! Each one is a link that will take you to a page where you can learn the ins and outs of that treatment.

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