Anti Aging Wrinkle Strategies Part 2


A review of anti aging wrinkle treatments, based on more than 10 years of studies (primarily by University of Michigan dermatologists), appeared in the May 2008 edition of The Archives of Dermatology (Vol. 144, No.5).

The authors say that based on their extensive review, THREE currently available anti aging treatments actually work and have scientific evidence to support them. All three of these treatments assist the key process of collagen repair and building.

New Collagen! Now that's exactly what a wrinkling generation of Baby Boomers have been longing for!

Here are the three PROVEN anti aging wrinkle treatments:

  • Topically Applied Retinol

  • Carbon Dioxide Laser (CO2) Resurfacing

  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections

In this article I'm going to discuss the first of these super anti wrinkle busters - RETINOL.

These three anti aging wrinkle busters all work with the same mechanism of action which is the interaction of connective tissue cells (called 'fibroblasts') with the collagen they produce. If you want to be anti aging wrinkle terminology savvy you need to learn that word 'fibroblasts'.

Fibroblasts cells are really cool because they are the key producers of collagen and pretty much everyone who worries about their wrinkles knows that you need more new collagen to tackle your wrinkles.

If you want to impress your friends then memorize this:

Fibroblasts are connective tissue cells that release a complex group of polysaccharides and proteins that creates collagen, which gives your skin shape and elasticity and supports the blood vessels that interpenetrate it.

Scientists have been working hard over the past decade to unlock the secrets of your skin and today they have a much greater understanding of 'dermal collagen' which is your skin's connective tissue in the dermis (a sub level layer of your skin). There's a handful of leading anti aging products out there making full use of this knowledge in their formulas.

Importantly, the authors of this review have come to understand that fibroblasts are not 'genetically shot'. This is a critical key! This knowledge makes the task of correcting the complicated breakdown of the dermis much more straightforward than repairing genetic factors which other scientists have previously theorized are involved.

Step by step researchers are getting closer to unlocking the definitive answer to maintaining a youthful complexion without resorting to invasive facelifts as we move into our late thirties, forties and beyond. It will definitely happen in our lifetimes and we won't need to be a movie star or pop star to afford it..

You may be wondering why your fibroblasts don't just keep merrily making collagen throughout your lifetime the way they do in your youth to keep your skin firm and taut.

Well, the answer is the key to the problem and that answer is SUNLIGHT!

Sunlight diminishes fibroblasts ability to produce collagen!

Quite a dilemma don't you think unless you spend your life hiding indoors or walking under an umbrella every single time you go outside (like the Japanese women do - and look at their complexions!)

And of course the areas of our body where we don't want wrinkles - face, hand, neck, are of course the areas that receive the most exposure to sunlight.

This connection is clear in fair skinned people whose light-pigmented skin wrinkles way more readily than darker skinned people.

But there's more! I call it a 'double whammy'!

Not only does sunlight inhibit your fibroblasts in their critical collagen making duties but it also triggers the production of certain enzymes which degrade collagen. These are the enzymes responsible for the natural deterioration of your skin with age.

So, sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) also effectively speeds up your natural chronological skin aging. You already knew that but now you know the reason why!

With age and sun exposure, your collagen fibers deteriorate and fragment. This limits your fibroblasts ability to churn out collagen. As your fragmented collagen builds up, new collagen production declines, the connections between your fibroblasts and the collagen become sloppy, and so your dermis begins to fall away (which you recognize as your skin beginning to sag and wrinkles appearing more and more and more and more and................

The senior author of The Archives of Dermatology review, John J. Voorhees, M.D., F.R.C.P. who is also the chair of the Department of Dermatology at the U-M Medical School, said "We have shown that if you make more collagen go in, it provides an environment in which fibroblasts recover and make more collagen."

Perhaps it's time to pay more attention to all those dermatologist warnings over the years to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen. But we need to put that in perspective.

Sunlight is a major supplier of vitamin D for our bodies and vitamin D is a super important vitamin for your health. Half the population is walking around right now with vitamin D deficiencies because they're a little too literal with the 'stay out of the sun' message. The key is to get your dose of sunlight when the sun is not at it's strongest (10am - 3pm).

Anti Aging Wrinkle Busters
Qualified By Their Degrees

Our anti aging wrinkle busters are able to step up to the plate and tee off on this collagen destroying process by creating new collagen - that's the bottom line!

Of course almost all the anti aging skin care and wrinkle reducer products out there proudly proclaim that they produce new collagen and you know what, some probably do! But the difference is that our three proven wrinkle busters create SIGNIFICANT levels of collagen. The results are visible in clearly diminished wrinkles (and putting science aside that's all we want to see!)

There's no need to stare into the mirror wondering 'yes', 'no', 'maybe'?

Effectiveness becomes a question of degree with products that actually work. There's 'work' and then there's 'WORK' - you know what I mean right? If you're struggling to see results then that's not a level of effectiveness worth spending your money on! Don't you agree?

Anti Aging Wrinkle Buster No 1 - RETINOL

Retinol (retinoic acid) is a form of Vitamin A. When you apply it topically onto your skin it does its thing by producing new collagen (both in naturally aged skin and wrinkly sun exposed skin.) The researchers don't yet fully understand how retinol does this.

The biggest consumer issue with retinol products is the concentration of retinol used. There are over the counter (OTC) preparations and there are prescription strength ones and of course they are very different.

Any substance that presents real biological activity will be regulated as a drug! With that in mind it's obvious that an OTC retinol preparation cannot do what a prescription-strength one can.

None-the-less if you want to go the way of OTC creams then you definitely need to check the concentration of retinol. And for starters, if it's not listed, be smart and move on! If the manufacturer is hiding the concentration then it's not difficult to guess why!

A co-author in the Archives of Dermatology review, Dr,. Gary J. Fisher, (a Professor of Dermatology) says you should look for concentrations of 0.2% to 0.6%

But, concentrations of retinol which are effective need to be balanced against possible side effects. You can't just jump in all 'gorilla-like' and go for the absolute strongest concentration you can get your hands on.

Anti aging wrinkle preparations with retinol concentrations strong enough (as above) to produce results can cause a 'retinoid dermatitis'.

In such cases you must stop using the product - no ifs or buts. A gradual build-up in concentration has proven effective for some in avoiding this frustrating problem. So, common sense is the best prescription here. Start moderately and see how you go. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were your wrinkles so don't be too hasty in saying goodbye to them.

Oh and retinol makes your skin more prone to ultraviolet light damage. You must exercise strict sun protection measures such as umbrellas or avoiding the sun altogether while undergoing retinol treatment.

If you're serious about your anti aging strategy then consult a dermatologist or (qualified) skincare expert first to put together the best plan for your particular skin type and goals. Of course a comprehensive anti aging program consists of more than just treatments at skin level so I've discussed this key issue in part 4 of this anti aging wrinkle strategies series.(see below)

Here's a link to take you to part 3 in this series - where I discuss the second of our proven wrinkle busters - carbon dioxide laser (CO2) resurfacing. In this article I speak from experience!

anti aging wrinkle buster number two - CO2 laser


Part 4 concludes my anti aging wrinkle strategies series. In this final chapter I discuss the very important strategy of taking on your wrinkles from the inside out.

This requires supplementation (via sophisticated science-based anti aging supplements containing anti aging vitamins and nutrients) targeted at the primary causes of aging - a very complex task if done properly!

Would you like to learn about the anti aging super supplement my family and I use as the central part of our anti aging program? It's the only one out there containing ALL the specialized and rare ingredients which can address, not only management of free radical production (like all supplements manage to do to some degree), but ADDITIONALLY:

  • Glycation
  • Abnormal Methylation
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • DNA Degeneration
These are the primary fundamental causes of aging!

This is NOT marketing folks when I say it's the only one in the market. Read this article to see what's involved and then you'll understand why I can make this claim:-

anti aging secrets and nutritional supplements

The aging process is an interesting topic that you absolutely need to understand if you're serious about your anti aging wrinkle program!

Good Health Always!

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