Anti Aging Wrinkle Strategies Part 3

What's That Burning Smell?

This is part 3 in my anti aging wrinkle strategies series. You'll find some links at the bottom of the page if you'd like to read through parts 1 and 2.

Part 1 looks at the recently released review in the highly credible The Archives of Dermatology. The authors of this intensive review concluded that just THREE anti aging treatments are proven clinically effective.

  • Topical application of retinol (retinoic acid)

  • Carbon Dioxide Laser (CO2) Resurfacing

  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Part 2 tells you what researchers have learned over the last decade about the nature and structure of skin and the processes which lead to the creation of your youth destroying wrinkles! The first of the three proven anti aging wrinkle buster treatments - retinol- is discussed.

Now, in part 3 it's on to the second of these clinically proven treatments - the CO2 laser and I'm speaking from experience with this one!

The C02 (carbon dioxide) laser is my anti aging wrinkle treatment of choice! I've had it done twice in the past 12 years here in Bangkok, Thailand. My fantastic results speak for themselves! My skin is a SIGNIFICANTLY better now than it was 12 years ago!

That's because back then I was a full time tennis coach working on the world pro tour. Being in the sun was part of my daily work. At that point, with 20 years of sun exposure under my belt (with sunscreen), my face looked leathery, worn out and had MAJOR wrinkles etched into it the size of the Grand Canon!

Of course I'm exaggerating to a degree but I often look back at the then and now photos with total satisfaction. And since my first C02 treatment I've adopted regular anti aging skin care measures and a sensible sun exposure strategy in my daily life.

Now I'm 44 and with each passing year the anti aging wrinkle effects are more and more noticeable as all my similarly aged friends and colleagues continue to wrinkle away.
I always lie about my age and get away with it.

CO2 - No Nonsense Anti Aging Wrinkle Buster That Gets The Job Done

Time To Say "Goodbye Wrinkles"

In a nutshell the C02 laser resurfacing burns away a fine layer of skin on your face and as the wound heals new collagen is produced! That's it! A true anti wrinkle wonder worker.

Studies have shown that the reason carbon dioxide laser treatment is effective is because it removes the aging dermis while less powerful lasers do not.

About 4-6 days after the treatment, as all the dead skin starts to fall away, you feel and look like a baby! Total excitement is what you'll feel. It doesn't quite stay that good however. During the next few weeks some of the freckles etc become noticeable again but the overall transformation is simply awesome.

A few months to 6 months later the effects of the new collagen production are there to admire and show off!

If you're considering C02 laser resurfacing as your next anti aging wrinkle strategy, keep in mind that the healing time takes on average 2-3 weeks. You absolutely cannot go out in the sun for approx. the first 7-10 days while the skin is still pinkish and completely vulnerable to sunshine.

It's because of this healing time that many dermatologists don't like recommending the C02 laser anymore. They say it's too invasive compared to the new generation lasers like Fraxel, Erbium, Thermage and so on which all have virtually no down-time. The doctors are right of course when it comes to this 'invasive' issue, but let me tell you that the results from the non-invasive lasers are no-where as good as with the C02 laser (personal opinion).

Once again I speak from experience because I've also had one of these non-invasive laser treatments in and to be completely honest I just couldn't see any results whatsoever! The doctor was staring at the before and after photos with me trying to tell me she could see "a little" improvement. I certainly couldn't! Of course she had to say that because she certainly wasn't going to refund my money!

There's also the issue of pain and discomfort with CO2 laser treatments.

For me it wasn't a problem however, because I had a little 'extra' work done at the same time so I opted for a general anesthesia and went peacefully to sleep (both times!)

When I woke in the recovery room I was given a shot of morphine almost immediately. The burning on my face disappeared within approx 10 minutes as the morphine did its thing. I received morphine at roughly four to six hour intervals over the next 24 hours. After the last shot wore off I felt nothing. Overall, I felt pain for about the first 10 mins - that's it.

Here in Thailand the doctors are a lot more sympathetic towards your requests for decent pain relief than in the West so, if you are going to have C02 laser be sure to discuss pain relief with your doctor/dermatologist beforehand. My personal belief is that I should feel no pain and I will only use a specialist who agrees to meet that expectation.

I doubt I would ever consider C02 laser treatment in the West because of this pain issue. Western based doctors are so extremely concerned about being sued and what not that they simply won't give you enough pain relief (my personal opinion!).

The extremely reasonable, customer-focused attitude of the (U.S. trained) Thai doctors, not to mention being on average 60% - 70% cheaper than the West , are key factors into why medical tourism has become so huge here.

My 80 year old mum popped over to Bangkok last January (09) to have a full face lift. She's absolutely thrilled with the natural looking result and she looks fantastic. I think it's taken a good 10 - 15 years off her face!

Anti Aging Wrinkle Strategies- Part 4

anti aging wrinkle strategies Part 4

Use this link to jump over to the final part of my anti aging wrinkle strategies series. It looks at the third of the clinically proven effective wrinkle treatments - hyaluronic acid injections.

Then, I discuss the key importantly of creating a comprehensive anti aging program by including an 'inside out' strategy in targeting you wrinkles!

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anti aging wrinkle strategies PART 1

anti aging wrinkle strategies PART 2

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