Are Neways vitamins safe? Can they cause a serious condition?

by Harold
(San Antonio)

In my opinion, not at all! My wife recently starting giving me Neways vitamins, and it wasn't long before my blood pressure soared to 180 over 118, not exactly the kind of reaction you want from a vitamin.

The culprit was their supplement named 'Emperor's Formula' which contained a root that caused a tremendous rise in my blood pressure. The labeling failed to provide any warning about blood pressure and of course the company denied any wrong doing.

I stopped taking Emperor's Formula, but continued taking some of Neways other vitamins at my wife's request, even though I was skeptical about the company.

Soon, my wife suggested I begin taking another of their supplements, 'Cascading Revenol' and again my blood pressure became very high, 175 over 105. My blood pressure is normally 135 over 80. I'm not a doctor, but after researching the ingredients, I believe that one or more of the ingredients caused my blood pressure to surge, possibly it was the N-acetyl Cysteine.

I feel that the company is more about marketing, notice the product names, than it is about health. The final straw for me came when I read an article on the internet about how the company was found guilty of tax fraud and other fraud.

Personally, I will never take these vitamins again, and suggest that anyone taking their products do their own due diligence before taking them. I do not take them any longer, and my blood pressure immediately returned to normal. I feel like the company put me in a dangerous situation, and I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hi Harold

Thank you for your question, and your story. I am really sorry to hear of your experiences.

We have had a look at Neways Emperor’s formula. It was marketed as an energy supplement based on Chinese herbal nutrients.

Note: For others reading this response, please note that Neways is now named ‘Modere, a multi-level marketing organization, headquartered in Utah, USA. ‘Emperor’s Formula’ is no longer available and there is no similar product replacing it in the current Modere product range.

The active components in Emperor’s formula comprised:

  • Rehmannia Root

  • Polygonatum Rhizome

  • Lycium Fruit

  • Astragalus Root

  • Asparagus Root

  • Calcium (as carbonate)

  • Cistanche Deserticola Herb

The main key ingredients do have properties to try to help balance blood pressure, among other things, with the exception of Rehmannia Root, which although purported to help with heart and circulation, is more of a traditional Chinese herbal ingredient which has less evidence. (This doesn't mean to say it
does increase blood pressure, just that less is known about any potential side effects from it.)

Unfortunately, we can’t comment definitively on whether any of the ingredients contained within Neways ‘Emperor’s Formula’, were indeed solely, or partly responsible for your rise in blood pressure. It is possible, of course, along with many other factors.

The problem is that when taking vitamins, especially with herbal ingredients, you are doing so as an individual. They are not prescribed. As such, you take the responsibility of ensuring they are the right ones for you. Everyone has different sensitivities. People take other supplements, or medications, which may interfere with another product.

So, Harold, there could be numerous potential causes of your increased blood pressure. This is why it is hard to give a definitive answer or conclusion to a situation like this. Therefore, it may be that, for whatever reason, the ingredients in ‘Emperor’s Formula’ were not suitable for you.

Because nutritional supplement manufacturers don’t release much in the way of processing; ingredient quality or origin details, it is hard for consumers to do any in-depth investigation into supplement quality. You can find out more about this here evaluating nutritional supplement quality

It is always important before purchasing a health supplement, to ensure the company are able to tell you a little about their quality control procedures and testing. This will give you reassurance as to their quality and professional ethics.

If you do have any medical conditions or sensitivities, please take the time to ensure there is nothing in the supplement that will interfere with this. Contact the company and ask for their opinion, do likewise with your hands-on natural healthcare provider, and as a further safeguard seek out an independent reviewer (like us😊), concerning medications and ingredient interactions.

Note from Brett (May 2019): In response to Harold’s comments I performed a number of searches on Wikipedia and these highlighted some concerning documented facts about Neways corporate behaviour, including that of its founders (Thomas and Leslie Mower) and subsequent legal proceedings and rulings.

I recommend those interested do some research beginning back in 1993. Key years include 1993, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008.] Keep in mind Neways no longer exists.

Harold, I hope this goes some way to helping. Please let us know if we can help further.

Yours In Good Health
Joanna-Roselyn Maggs MSc


Joanna-Roselyn Maggs is based in the UK. She has contributed to the success of supplement manufacturers and natural health companies around the globe, authoring many company articles and posts and managing health plans directly for their clients. More about Joanna here

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