Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extract

by Tony

I have been reading with interest your information on the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract. My interest stems from recovery from minor heart surgery for 2 stents to be implanted. The doctors are treating me with aspirin 300mg, Plavix and 10 mg Crestor. I am about to be given medication to lower blood pressure.

As your article mentioned some conflict with antibiotics, will olive leaf extract interfere with the above medication?

In addition, my wife has an under-performing thyroid for which she has medication. You mention great results when taken for the immune system how will it play in this situation?


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hello Tony

There are no direct interactions with Olive leaf and Plavix, Crestor or Aspirin (You didn't mention the names of the hypertensive drugs, the doctors were planning to give you so I cannot answer on that).

If you are taking a health/vitamin supplement containing olive leaf extract, in correct dosage (as prescribed by the manufacturer) and away from any pharmaceutical medication, there should be no problems. (This should be the protocol for any natural supplement).

If used on its own, olive leaf extract is only a temporary aid, not a long-term aid. Therefore, for your condition, the best benefits over the longer term will come from a specific natural supplement regime (rather than purely pharmaceutical).

Firstly, I would recommend ‘Cardio-Support’ – an advanced supplement to support the heart and arteries. The formula directly targets the circulatory system (arteries and veins). It was formulated to specifically:

>> Break down the plaque in arteries gradually and dispose of it
>> Reduce aggregation of platelets in the blood
>> Smooth the interior of the arteries to improve blood flow
>> Stabilize blood pressure
>> Increase antioxidant protection (to inhibit free radical damage)
>> Reduce calcium build up
>> Decrease homocysteine toxicity
>> Balance LDL and triglyceride levels
>> Increase circulatory strength and heart muscle function

My mother had hypertension and used this Cardio-Support supplement for a full year with very pleasing results. Mum was able to reduce her blood pressure medication as a result and this delighted her. Unfortunately, mum passed away in 2014 but her health stayed strong right up until the end. I personally use it myself once a year for 2-3 months as an annual spring clean for my arteries.

This link will take you to the product page for further details:

Cardio-Support product info

Secondly, for general good health I recommend a health supplement called: 'Total Balance'. A comprehensive formula targeting all organs and systems in the body (including the brain). This supplement is the cornerstone of my own supplement regime and it is the only nutritional health supplement I recommend.

My mother (who has turned 84 at the time of writing) had been on Total Balance (women’s premium version) for 9 years and during that time she has been able to drop some of her pharmaceutical medications.

I have used Total Balance since 2000 and I have no health problems whatsoever nor have I been sick for even one day in those years. The immunity benefits I receive are fantastic!

Tony, if you have already read a number of the pages in my website you would have seen the great extent I have gone to in explaining Total Balance and the reasons why it out-performs its competition.

Did you see any of the supplement comparisons on my site? They show several of the industry's leading multi-nutrient health and vitamin supplements pitted side by side with Total Balance in easy to understand and completely transparent terms. Some also have a detailed review
which I've written.

vitamin supplement comparisons

The 'Premium' versions of Total Balance (female/male) have 97-99 ingredients respectively. I recommend you take the men's ‘Premium’ version if financially you can, (take a half or three-quarter dose if you need to reduce the expense - that's what my mother does). Both the men's and women's versions contain 50 mg of (standardized) Olive Leaf Extract (for general health purposes).

Here's a link to the Total Balance product pages if you would like further details:

Men’s Premium Version (The one I use)
Women's Premium Version
Men's Standard Version
Women's Standard Version

Thirdly Tony, I recommend you take an Omega 3/DHA supplement - a supplement every health-conscious person should be taking for good general health but in your case the emphasis is on the heart benefits derived from the fish oil.

There are many omega 3/fish oil products available but the one I am recommending is more advanced. Use the link just below to open the product page which explains why the 'Omega 3 Premium Fish Oil' supplement, from the Xtend-life Company is more beneficial than the others in a crowed marketplace.

This is a functional, premium grade, completely PURE oil which is manufactured in a sophisticated way to give far greater anti-inflammatory benefits than other oils as well as containing two very powerful specialty nutrients - Lyc-O-Mato® (a complex lycopene extract from tomato oil) and Natural Astaxanthin which allow the oil to also target your skin from the inside (as in 'de-aging' your skin). Since I use this oil myself, I can vouch for its potency and ability to do what it promises.

Omega 3 Premium Oil - Product Info

These three supplements represent a very good regime for the purpose of helping with general and specifically in your case, cardio health. Admittedly, it isn’t cheap to purchase all 3 on an ongoing basis so as I mentioned above, reduce the recommended daily serving if necessary, to reduce the overall expense.

Tony, if you wish to start such a longer-term (helpful) natural supplement protocol, using the supplements I have recommended, you would need to begin at a low dose, away from your meds, and build up gradually to your full dose, (again away from your meds at each dose), and monitored by your doctor as you discuss potentially weaning yourself slowly and gradually down on your pharmaceutical medications.

In addition, I want to stress the need for an optimal dietary regime, fluid intake, and whatever exercise is within your means, (supervised where applicable).

If you want any further help with this, especially where the drugs are concerned and the transition to a natural supplement protocol/approach to your health-care, I would need to get more info from you - blood pressure medication, current condition severity and status, any blood results you currently have, for example, would all be helpful.

I have spoken with the Medical Nutritionist at the Xtend-Life company (the manufacturer of the above 3 supplements) and she would be happy to advise you further if you would like to supply more information.

With regard to your wife, I would recommend Total Balance (Women's Premium) and Omega 3 Premium Fish Oil rather than just taking Olive Leaf Extract in isolation, as these two supplements in combination are helpful for the thyroid - they help to balance the body systems, including hormonal.


Brett Seagrott founded in 2005 after working in and researching the nutritional supplement industry. Brett works together with leading health experts to present accurate facts and science-based evidence to help his readers make more informed choices when purchasing premium nutritional health supplements. More about Brett

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Sep 03, 2019
Interesting Information NEW
by: Anonymous

Really useful information as I had always heard of the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract but since finding this article I have instead been using X-Tend Life and have found them to be outstanding for immunity support.

Sep 03, 2019
Interesting Information NEW
by: Anonymous

I had always heard about the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract but have found out for myself the benefits from X-Tend Life. Thanks for the information in this article as I have been using them and have found the immunity benefits to be outstanding.

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