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Searching for the best multivitamins brands?

I would be easy for me to just tell you the top brands out there including what I believe to be the clear number one. I’ve researched supplements for many years and worked in the supplement industry for a supplement manufacturer. 

So I understand the science behind supplements including the common shortcuts that most manufacturers take. And know all the details to check up on when comparing supplements

I know without a doubt which supplements work the best and which are the worst performers and essentially a WASTE OF MONEY.

But these days, health conscious consumers are very wary of what they read online, including content from apparent experts, many of whom have a financial incentive to steer people towards particular brands.

So, with this in mind, rather than simply listing the names of the best performing multivitamins for you, I'll show you how to evaluate the quality, safety and performance of supplements yourself so that you can competently compare brands and understand what to look for in the best ones. This way you can feel confident in the results you come up with and see if they match my evaluations of the leading supplements.

This page summarizes the KEY CRITERIA you'll use. To get fuller explanations on how to use each one just follow the various links below which will take you to other pages.

For those of you not interested in doing this and would rather just get straight to the names of the best supplements, please follow this link to my 
best vitamin supplements page.

Here you will find the names of the leading brands along with head to head comparisons and no holds barred, in-depth reviews of each one.

Finding The Best Supplement Brands

When evaluating the best multivitamins brands there are several factors to take into consideration and I'll explain these to you just below. It can also be helpful to read vitamin supplement reviews, especially those from qualified and knowledgeable sources, however you should not rely solely on these as very few are completely trustworthy and without any commercial influence that tips the results in favor of a particular brand or brands.

To be absolutely confident in the information at hand consumers should evaluate supplements themselves through six straightforward and easy to use criteria.

These 6 criteria allow you to perform a reliable vitamin supplement comparison while zooming in quickly on the industry’s best supplements which are completely safe, have the highest levels of efficacy and offer the best value for money. 

1. The Formula

The best vitamin supplements are based on formulas containing the right ingredients, in the right forms and in the right amounts. Therefore we can use ‘The Formula’ as criteria to evaluate supplements in the following 3 ways:

  1. By checking if the key ingredients are well established as the potent nutrients for their target objective in the body; along with the overall total number of these beneficial ingredients in the formula.
  2. By looking at the dose amounts of selected key ingredients to see if they fall within clinically proven ranges for health benefits.
  3. By checking to see if any unsafe amounts of vitamins and minerals exist.

To learn in detail how to use these 3 factors when evaluating and comparing nutritional supplement formulas please follow this link.

2. Ingredient Quality

The best multivitamins contain completely pure, all natural, high quality active ingredients along with minimal non-actives (excipients). Many supplements available in the marketplace are not contaminant free and most contain small amounts of lead. Ingredient quality provides the foundation for a safe, professional level supplement, so it’s very important to check on this factor in any nutritional supplements you use or are considering using.

To learn how use ‘Ingredient Quality’ as criteria for evaluating supplements please visit my ingredient-quality-in-nutritional-supplements page.

3. Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the technical term used to refer to the amount of the active ingredients in a supplement that are actually absorbed into the bloodstream for utilization by the body. This factor is often overlooked when considering the best multivitamins brands. To learn about bioavailability and how to use it as criteria when evaluating and comparing supplements please follow this link to my bioavailability of nutritional supplements page.

4. Synergy

When considering the best multivitamins brands, it is essential to keep in mind the synergistic nature of a supplement. Synergy relates to how well each of the ingredients in a supplement works together to accomplish the desired end-result. This is a highly complex subject which consumers know little if anything about. The best multivitamins brands are formulated by highly qualified bio-scientists who understand the correct co-factor nutrients required for each given ingredient in a supplement.

To learn how to use synergy as criteria for evaluating supplements please visit my synergy in nutritional supplements page.

5. Manufacturing Standards

Supplement manufacturing standards vary tremendously from poor to average to highly sophisticated. The level of manufacturing protocols used ultimately determine how effective a supplement is including just how much of each ingredient is absorbed into the body. Most supplement companies are highly secretive when it comes to revealing manufacturing protocols simply because they have things to hide which would reveal weaknesses in their products.

To ensure that the supplement you choose is free of all contaminants, all raw materials must be sourced from Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) registered and audited facilities with potency levels confirmed via a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

In addition, the best multivitamins brands test all raw materials prior to manufacture for microbiological contamination and compliance with the COA. 

To discover what you really need to know about manufacturing standards when evaluating and comparing the best multivitamins brands please follow this link to my vitamin supplement manufacturers page.

6. Value for Money

Almost every supplement is manufactured to a price!

This is due to financial pressures which result from factors such as the size of a company along with its organizational structure; shareholder and financial institution pressures; marketing and distribution methods and a company’s moral and ethics stance. Large multinational supplement companies who distribute via multi level marketing (MLM) are particularly vulnerable.

These pressures impact on just how many key ingredients, and their potencies, a company can afford to include in a supplement; professional delivery systems determining the level of bioavailability; and of course the selling price. They prevent most companies from producing the most effective supplement that nutritional science currently allows. There are exceptions however!

To learn how to determine the value for money in the best multivitamins brands follow this link to my best vitamin supplements value for money page.

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