The Best Vitamin Supplements Ripped Apart

Comparisons and No-Holds-Barred Reviews
That Tell You What You Need To Know!

You asked for them and here they are! An elite group of the market's best and most well known nutritional vitamin supplements PEELED OPEN, COMPARED and REVIEWED in all their naked glory! 

best vitamin supplements

These are PROFESSIONAL GRADE, SCIENCE BASED multi ingredient supplements with state of the art formulas put together by leading bio-scientists and chemists. 

But, as you'll learn in a moment, some in this special group DON'T actually live up to their marketing claims of being super supplements despite the fact that they are still amongst the best products available. 

There's literally thousands of nutritional supplements for sale but ......

......there's only a HANDFUL OF GREAT ONES out there - the type which can truly be called 'ELITE'. These are the ones that stand in a class of their own! 

I Do The Research
You Get Awesome Health

brett seagrott

You may have already seen on my site that I'm a high performance tennis coach working with world class players and high potential juniors. I have also held an executive position in the nutritional health supplement industry! 

Evaluating and hunting down the absolute best brands became somewhat of a passion for me and I've been reviewing elite brands ever since. 

I know the crafty shortcuts that manufacturers take and the things they hide from you (this is done to cover up product weaknesses that you need and deserve to know about before making any purchasing decisions).

I'll help you by 'cutting to the chase' and revealing exactly which supplements lead the market in their abilities to significantly improve your health and wellness, using specialized (and in some cases, rare) specialty ingredients that most critically address and support the complex task of slowing and normalizing your aging process.

This is in addition to protecting you against premature degenerative disease by supporting your body's natural functions in addressing the ROOT CAUSES(S) of disease, including any degenerative disease you may already have! 

The best vitamin supplements are formulated with superior science from bio-scientists /chemists and manufacturing know-how by PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTURERS capable of producing sophisticated effective supplements

I'm sure a lot of you will be interested to know which supplement gets my vote! A fantastic product I began using way back in 2000.

If you follow my research and supplement comparisons you'll clearly see that the supplement I use is a ONE OF A KIND FORMULA - COMPLETELY UNMATCHED IN THE SUPPLEMENT MARKETPLACE - a claim I can make through my experience in reviewing supplements along with the access I have to highly knowledgeable experts in the industry.

I decided to make all the supplement comparisons against this particular supplement, to use it as a benchmark and to make it easier for you to see (the sometimes subtle differences) of what an EFFECTIVE Premium Grade formula must contain!


BEWARE of global brands with huge financial and marketing resources which have been used over many years to craft an illusionary 'Premium Brand' persona and yet the reality is they fill up their formulas with unnecessary dose amounts of the cheapest ingredients like calcium, magnesium and vitamin C (all under the clever guise of "optimal amounts" - which simply do not apply to the 'average' healthy supplement user). 

Unfortunately, some supplements, even in this small elite group represented in my comparisons are guilty of this. Take some time to look more thoroughly through the comparisons and reviews and you'll start to see for yourself!

How I evaluate and compare.


I only take interest in fully comprehensive, science-based, PREMIUM GRADE health and vitamin supplements formulated by bio-scientists/chemists which sit in a separate (ELITE) class from the rest of the market

Due to several key reasons, particularly ineffective company structures, greedy shareholders and expense heavy marketing programs, most companies have to manufacture their supplements to a pre-determined price. They cannot afford to include many of the more important and efficacious ingredients and the dose amounts and potencies of many ingredients which they do include are considerably lower than 'optimal levels' which have been clinically established.

This is why there are not many health supplements out there at this elite level I am referring to and this is why my comparison list below is short. I don't review 'reasonably good' or 'middle of the road' products. Only the best of the best.

I'll add to this list whenever I feel a new or upgraded supplement should be included. But to be completely honest with you that does not happen often.

An important point I'd like to get across to my readers is that I am not attempting to include every so-called 'Premium Level' multi nutrient health supplement in the market.

I've put together these supplement comparisons to educate and assist you in knowing  how to estimate (to a degree) the true worth of a supplement both from an efficacy point of view as well as a value for money perspective.

As I mentioned earlier, I have evaluated several of the industry's most prominent and well known health supplements, which are marketed as elite level products, and industry leaders, and I have compared them in great detail against the supplement which my research has shown to be the 'GOLD STANDARD'. 

That 'GOLD STANDARD' supplement comes out of New Zealand and is called 'Total Balance'. There are 7 different versions in the Total Balance range.

Each comparison then exposes the deficiencies of each supplement in comparison with the gold standard supplement - 'Total Balance'.

Now, while comparing supplements is far from an exact science, I have set up each comparison in a way to make sure we are comparing apples with apples so to speak, as much as possible, considering the sometimes huge differences in supplement formulas.

In recent times some companies have begun the marketing practice of adding in Fish Oil capsules and so on into their formulas, thus creating little am and pm 'packs' to basically force you to buy more from them (and spend more!). This muddies the 'comparisons waters' even more as I then need to add additional products (such as Fish Oil) into a comparison for companies not employing this tactic. I really detest this marketing ploy.

Where necessary, I have included critical notes in my comparisons, under each 'nutrient category', to help explain what the differences mean and also to highlight important things you should know about what certain numbers mean such as potencies, dose amounts etc . It's not always a case of more is better as you will learn - especially where vitamin and mineral ingredients are concerned.

I'd like to make it very clear that 'Total Balance' is in fact the supplement I have used since the year 2000. My mother, father (both now deceased) and sister also began using it around the same time. People have therefore accused me from time to time of being biased towards 'Total Balance'. My response is always that the science speaks for itself. The comparisons are clearly set out and I've merely laid out the facts.

In certain situations there are 'grey areas' due to different, credible, studies having come up with opposing results or recommendations however there are not many of these thankfully. (Vitamin C is a good case in point).

I'm always happy to address the queries of anyone who would challenge my evaluations and recommendations concerning Total Balance.
Please send me your questions.

Naturally, it makes sense that I would use my knowledge and work experience in the industry to make sure I am using the best health supplement available and of course the same for my family. At this time that is Total Balance  (I use the Men's Premium version formula).

If a new multi nutrient health supplement were to come along that proves better than 'Total Balance', both in terms of efficacy and value for money, I will swap to it  in a heartbeat - absolutely no doubt about it. To me this is a serious matter because I trust my health to the supplement I use.

The Best Vitamin Supplements

Product Name
Comparison Tables



Total Balance Womens
   Total Balance    Womens

Versus LifePak Women

Versus LifePak Prime

  I Use This One
  (Premium   Version)

Total Balance Mens
   Total Balance    Mens

Versus LifePak Prime

Versus LifePak Nano

Total Balance Unisex
   Total Balance   Unisex

Versus Lifepak Regular

Versus Usana Essentials (PDF file)

(PDF file)


LifePak / Total Balance Comparison

LifePak Nano
 LifePak   Nano

Nano / Total Balance Comparison

LifePak Prime
  LifePak  Prime

Prime / Total Balance Women's Comparison

Prime / Total Balance men's Comparison

LifePak women
       LifePak       Women

LifePak Women / Total Balance Women's Comparison



Essentials / Total Balance Unisex Comparison (PDF file)

Explanation notes for this comparison
(PDF file)

Life Force

Life Force

Life Force / Total Balance Mens Premium Comparison

Life Rx Multivitamin Elite Men

  Life Rx™ Elite Men

Comparisons Coming Soon

Review On The Way

Damage control master formula

 Damage Control Master Formula

Comparisons - almost done

This Review Coming Soon

Life Extension Mix

   Life Extension     Mix™

Versus Total Balance Mens Premium

Review will be up shortly -

Take Control Of Your Own Health 
Live To A Ripe Old Age 
Disease Free The Way Nature Intended!

The 'average' person starts experiencing a number of these sizzling benefits after around 2 to 4 months on a genuine, premium nutritional health supplement:

  • Souped-up energy

  • Calmer and Less Stressed

  • Reduced Blood Pressure

  • Strengthened Immunity (Most Important Benefit)

  • Rejuvenated Sex Life (Most popular benefit!)

  • Improved Blood Profiles (Particularly Cholesterol)

  • Less PMS Symptoms

  • Clearer fresher skin

  • Stronger nails / more lustrous hair

  • Sharper, clearer mind

  • Stronger and healthier heart and circulation

  • Way less colds, flu symptoms and viruses

  • Reduction and Elimination of Allergies

  • Deeper better sleep

And then there are these

  • Powerful support in your body's fight against Cancer, Stroke and Brain disease........

  • Support against health sapping organ degeneration

  • Stronger vital organ function

  • Increased cell strength
"The restoration and maintenance of normal organ and brain function and a strong immune system are the keys to vibrant health and anti-aging! "


Many avid supplement users will no doubt be curious about how I decide which products make it into my comparisons chart. Well,  I use an evaluation process involving 6 ESSENTIAL CRITERIA:

  1. The Formula

  2. Raw Ingredient Quality

  3. Bioavailability (absorption)

  4. Synergy (Formulator)

  5. Non Proprietary Manufacturing Standards/Protocols

  6. Estimated Value for Money


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