Can it be used to treat Anxiety

I have been suffering with Anxiety and really don't want to go on pharmaceutical meds.

I'm seeing a therapist but wanted to ask you if the vitamins would help me?


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hi there, thanks for your question.

This is a question which has been asked many times before. The incidence of anxiety and stress in the population has been steadily increasing for some time now.

Your decision to want to stay clear of pharmaceutical medicines for anxiety is a wise one. Congratulations!

The side effects of a number of those 'leading' anti-anxiety drugs are terrible!

There are some very effective natural substances (vitamins, herbs and other co-factors) which do an effective job (for many people but not all) in dealing with anxiety - but they have to be combined in just the right way and with supporting co-factor ingredients. This depends on the expertise of the bio-scientist or chemist who formulates it and how much it is made to a price.

Most anxiety supplements are way too limited in their formulas and the amount of the active ingredients are ridiculously small. That's because they are indeed made to a price.

I recommend you take a look at the following page on my site which discusses the anti-anxiety and stress nutrients and the supplement I recommend for these health complaints (which is part of
a range of brain supplements called 'Nero-Natural). It's not made to a price so it contains all the key and most effective actives which absolutely should be there:

# SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine)

# Huperzine A

# Vinpocentine

# Chamomile

# Passion Flowers

# Hops

# Valerian

I have had several friends who achieved wonderful results from this supplement and they were able to either significantly reduce or completely eliminate their anxiety and/or stress over an average period of about 2-4 months.

Here's a link to that page: nutritional supplements for the brain

You may also like to read through another page which contains my answer to a reader's question which asked about comparing one of these Neuro-Natural supplements (in this case the one for 'Memory') versus a well-known supplement 'Brain Lightening' from Novus.

This will give you an idea of what to look for when comparing these kinds of supplements and will help you to understand my comments above regarding "limited formulas" and too little of the active ingredients.

Here's that page: opinion on brain supplements

I hope this helps.

Yours In Good Health


Brett Seagrott founded in 2005 after working in and researching the nutritional supplement industry. Brett works together with leading health experts to present accurate facts and science-based evidence to help his readers make more informed choices when purchasing premium nutritional health supplements. More about Brett

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Oct 07, 2008
Great Detailed Answer
by: Anonymous

Your answer has excellent detail- straight to the point. The resource pages you linked to are very helpful indeed. Thank you. You're expertise is much appreciated.

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