Coming off Statin Drugs

by Judy
(Sydney, Australia)

Your multivitamin nutritional supplement comparisons are certainly helpful. I now have a better idea how much nutritional supplements vary.

I will be starting with the Xtend-Life Cholesterol lowering formula (Lipi-Rite) which I have just ordered and I want to stop taking my statin drug (which my doctor is not very happy about). Should I just stop the stain immediately or cut down slowly?

Many Thanks


Brett's Answer:

Hi Judy,

Glad you found my vitamin supplement reviews and comparisons informative and it's great to get a question from a fellow Aussie.

Regarding coming off statin drugs, I would like to suggest that (in conjunction with your doctor), you follow this protocol:

I would like to suggest that you take the Lipi-Rite (that's the name of Xtend-life's cholesterol lowering formula) in the daily dose of two capsules 30 - 60 minutes before your evening meal.

In the first month keep taking the statin as you did before in the full dose. In the second month reduce the dose rate of the statin by 1/3. In the third month reduce the dose rate of the statin by another 1/3.

At the end of the third month have a blood test and if all is in order try for another 2 months without the statin and then have another blood test to determine the

cholesterol levels.

The reason why this protocol is important is that coming off statin drugs will most likely cause a high spike in cholesterol levels which may last for about 6 months, or even longer.

It is best to take your Lipi-Rite and any other nutritional supplements you're taking at least 3 hours away from any prescription medication just in case of adverse reactions (although this is unlikely with Xtend-life products as the dose amounts are based on good science and there's no mega amounts of anything).

Taking lecithin (2-3 tablespoons a day added to food or wholegrain cereal) is also beneficial as an additionally help in lowering cholesterol levels.

Here are some foods that will assist in lowering elevated cholesterol levels, (you may also like to think of eating more (organic) tofu, legumes, raw walnuts, almonds, (organic) chicken, fish etc, all are low in cholesterol and good protein foods.)

Cholesterol lowering foods are: apples, carrots, bananas (in moderation), cold-water fish such as hoki, herring, sardines, salmon, turbot, dried beans, oats and oat bran, psyllium, raw garlic, grapefruits and olive oil (not heated).

Let me know how you get on Judy.

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Good Health and Stay Well,


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Feb 29, 2008
My doctor loves statins
by: Nuansri

My doctor got me onto a stain 2 years ago. At that time my cholesterol level was mildly elevated.

She didn't even think about it for more than a second. She was adamant that I should take a stain.

I guess she's one of these doctors that gets a nice big bonus check at the end of the year from the pharamaceutical company producing the statin I use!

I always feel zonked out and like I'm in a fog and I'm sure it's because of this statin. I've decided it's time to get off it. From what I've learned recently about the nasty side effects of stains I feel like telling my doctor to go to ***

I just visited the site through your link and "oh my goodness".

I look forward to saying goodbye to statins and feeling energetic again

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