Comparison with Synergy 3000

by George Schmidt

I appreciate your comments on the nutritional supplements you feature on your website, but have you ever compared them with Synergy 3000, from Nutraceutical Sciences Institute?

It seems to easily beat the ones on your page and is considerably less expensive.

A link to my webpage for Synergy 3000 is

I'd be interested in your thoughts.

Dr. George Schmidt


Hey George, thanks for writing in. I have taken a look at Synergy 3000 for you.

You refer to the 'nutritional supplements featured on my site' so I assume you mean Total Balance from Xtend-Life which is the supplement which comes out leading the pack on my best vitamin supplements comparisons page

Total Balance is also the multi nutrient nutritional health supplement my family and I use (and recommend when asked).

So, I'll make my comparison comments for Synergy 3000 against Total Balance.

With all due respect George, your asking about a comparison between Total Balance and Synergy 3000 leads me to believe that you are very inexperienced in supplements, ingredients, and what they mean.

I find it hard to believe that you believe that Synergy 3000 is a much more comprehensive supplement than Total Balance.

Just with a brief look at them side by side, you can see that Total Balance has much more than Synergy 3000, and that the ingredients are far superior in terms of what they are aiming to do! Once again, with all due respect, there is absolutely no comparison at all, even in the slightest. They are light years apart.

I can go into very complex detail, but at this time, I will just try to keep things very simple. If you need more information I will give it to you!

Basically, if you look at the ingredients lists side by side, you can very easily see that there are many very expensive and vital ingredients missing from Synergy


In essence, Synergy 3000 is more comparable to Xtend-Life's 'Multi Xtra' supplement (a basic entry level multi vitamin and mineral supplement costing just on $17). You can view that supplement here: Multi-Xtra

Synergy 3000 is essentially a very basic dietary top-up supplement. It has very little abilities in the areas of optimal immunity, organ strengthening, and very little anti-aging concentration at all. It has almost no hormonal balancers and no digestive or systemic balancers.

Total Balance Premium and Standard versions have all these. So, whereas Synergy 3000 would provide some general benefit in terms of topping up your diet, Total Balance while doing this, also helps you slow down and normalize your rate of aging (anti-aging), protects you more appropriately against disease, degeneration, and illness, strengthens your vital inner systems, and organs, and hormones, and more!

To give you just a brief rundown of what Synergy 3000 is missing: There is no MSM, potassium, silicon, enzymes (hard to believe it has no enzymes yet is being classed as better than Total Balance!), no choline, RNA, SAMe, Rutin, TMG, Vinpocetin, Hesperidin, Inositol, PABA, Tocotrienol, 5-HTP, ATP, Astaxanthin, DMG.

No immunity stimulators - just general antioxidants, no specific herbal extracts - just some proprietary berry mixes
(NOTE: you can read my view on wholefood ingredients by clicking this link: wholefood formula

Synergy 3000 also has far fewer amino acids than Total Balance (another vital missing component), and Total Balance has more trace minerals.

I could go on George, but I think this is more than enough to begin with to justify the differences and what these ingredients mean.

Essentially Synergy 3000 is like many cheap supplements in that it concentrates on overdosing on the cheaper ingredients (many of the cheap ingredients are in excess) and leaving out the expensive ingredients that are needed for vital anti-aging and health elements, in order to justify a cheap overall supplement.

Hope this answer helps George

Good Health Always

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