Daily Dosage and Neuro Nutrients In Total Balance

by Sam

Can you please tell me what is the recommended daily dosage of Total Balance? Also, what are the neuro nutrients included in the Total Balance formula?

Many Thanks!


Hi Sam

Thanks for your question about Total Balance.

The daily dosage depends upon which version of Total Balance we are talking about.

At first glance the the daily 'recommended' dosage 'appears' considerably larger than most other leading multi nutrient vitamin/health supplements (whose formulas are far more 'basic'. This is due to the huge number of ingredients in Total Balance (over 90 in the Premium versions)

Essentially, if the manufacturers of Total Balance tried to get the daily dosage down to say 3 or 4 a day in line with most of their competitors, then the size of the tablets would be unswallowable!

So, it's either 4 per day for the 'Standard' version, 6 per day for the Unisex 'Premium' version and 7 per day for the 'Premium' Men's and Women's versions (I personally use the Men's 'Premium' version).

As far as the neuro nutrients are concerned that is somewhat difficult to answer and to simply list them all and this is because it's the combination of certain ingredients that counts.

I will list the obvious ones for you in the Total Balance formula but there would be others that in combination would have a direct benefit on brain health. This is beyond my expertise and only a bio-scientist or chemist with experience in formulating elite natural formulations would know this.

This is the list:

- Bacopa Extract

- Vinpocentine

- Phosphatidyl – L-Serine

- Phosphatidyl Choline

- Acetyl-L-Carnitine

- 5–HTP (5–hydroxytryptophan)

- Ginkgo Biloba Extract

- SAMe

(expensive/highly effective neuro nutrient - not found in any other vitamin/health supplements because it requires enteric coating)

- Vitamin E

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin B complex

- Folic Acid


The following ingredients in Total Balance are considered 'Secondary Choices' as neuro nutrients:

- Boron


- L- Glutathione

- Amino Acids

Good Health Always!

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