Evening Primrose Oil Benefits

Learn About The FANTASTIC Medicinal Uses of Evening Primrose

Evening primrose oil benefits are well known by healers in many countries. The oil is an extract from the seeds of the evening primrose, a wildflower that grows in Europe, North America and in parts of South America. 

Evening primrose oil has been used in holistic medicine for HUNDREDS OF YEARS and has recently gained attention from both holistic and traditional medical practitioners as a healing agent and an anti-inflammatory supplement.

Evening primrose oil contains a compound called gamma linolenic acid or GLA.The GLA in the evening primrose oil is virtually the same as is found in cell membranes in the human body. It is used in the cells to produce prostaglandins that are the actual compounds responsible for decreasing inflammation and swelling. 

The benefits of evening primrose oil are well documented for individuals with arthritis, acne and other skin conditions such as eczema and skin rosacea. Some individuals that have suffered nerve damage due to diabetic conditions report that they have a reduction in the sensations associated with this condition. 

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits For Menstrual Symptoms

Many women have reported that evening primrose oil benefits include a decrease in menstrual cramping, lessening of PMS symptoms as well as a decrease in the pain and discomfort of endometriosis. 

There is ongoing research into the results of evening primrose oil and fibrocystic breast disease – the oil is believed to help in two ways. The first indication is that evening primrose oil helps to regulate the fatty acid levels in the blood. In addition the anti-inflammatory GLA precursors work to decrease swelling and prevent the extreme sensitivity noted with this condition. 

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits For Diabetics

Diabetics have long used evening primrose oil to alleviate the pain and sensitivity to touch that is caused by diabetic neuropathy. Again, regulating the fatty acid levels in the blood can lead to an overall stabilization of the blood and better control of blood sugars. These are just some of the evening primrose oil benefits for diabetics as it can also help with decreasing irritability caused by changes in blood sugar levels.

The skin lesions that can be problematic with diabetes can also be healed along with decreased inflammation from ongoing use of evening primrose oil. 

Borage oil – a POOR SUBSTITUTE!

It is important to note that there is a similar but less effective oil (borage oil) that is OFTEN FALSELY marketed to have the same benefits of evening primrose oil.

Research and holistic medical practitioners do not agree with this claim so it is important to ensure that you are taking evening primrose oil, not the lesser quality borage oil.

The full spectrum of evening primrose oil benefits is not obtainable from borage oil products. Borage oil is considerable cheaper for manufacturers to buy. 

Evening Primrose Oil Side Effects

Despite the many uses of evening primrose women who are expecting or are breastfeeding should not take it. 

If you do wish to take any form of herbal supplement during your pregnancy you should always consult with your healthcare advisor (first!) to be sure that it is safe for you and your baby.

Occasionally people report that they have a slight reaction in the form of stomach cramps or abdominal discomfort after taking evening primrose oil. There are some reported cases of mild to moderate headaches or rashes. 

If these conditions occur simply discontinue use until you can consult with your physician. If you wish to continue receiving evening primrose oil benefits but have a reaction to the herb you may wish to try it in a different form as this can often alleviate side effects.

Evaluating Evening Primrose Oil Products

If you consider taking evening primrose oil supplements you should alwaysevaluate and compare leading brands to be sure you end up with one of the highest quality supplements available. 

More expensive products should not be avoided for the sake of cheaper less potent ingredients. 

Please don’t let price be your sole determining factor.

Having said that – supplements should not be expensive simply because they contain expensive ingredients! Many supplement manufacturers and supplement companies are far too profit focused rather than putting their product’s effectiveness and customer’s health first! 

My last word on evening primrose and evening primrose oil benefits is this:– the health benefits are well documented; there are many uses for evening primrose and its oil is considered a very safe alternative treatment for several health conditions. Evening primrose is not an expensive oil for manufacturers to produce so you shouldn’t be paying a lot for supplements containing evening primrose so start comparing brands.

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