Glucosamine, chondrotin and joint health

by Michael

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Thanks for the great comments on Andrew Lessmans multivitamin nutritional supplements.

Once my current supply runs out, in about 5-6 weeks, I'm switching to Xtend-Life Total Balance Mens Plus. They seem to be hands down the best.

Do you have any recommended protocol?

Also, does taking glucosmine and chondrotin really make a difference in joint health?

Thanks again,


Note from Brett

This is a follow-up question from Micheal. You can read his original question and my response by using this link:

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Brett's Answer:

Hey again Michael,

I'm happy to hear you are switching to Xtend-life.

Once you start you can rest assured that you are giving your health the best preventative health care protection possible.

The new fifth generation Total Balance may be out by the time you start. It is estimated to be around 20 per cent stronger than the current version. Apparently they've been working on the new formula for over a year now.

The recommended dosage protocol depends mostly on your budget (which applies to every supplement user these days) as well as your body weight.

Men over 60 kg require 6 tabs a day as the max dose. This is 2 bottles per month. That is what I take although I have several friends who take only 1 bottle per month for economic reasons.

Don't forget Micheal that everyone's supplement regime should be backed up with omega 3 fish oil. The amazing range of fish oil health benefits comes primarily from omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) but particularly DHA.

A smart and SIMPLE way for everyone to improve their overall health is to increase their intake of omega 3 oils!

If only more people get this message and followed it then the general population would be significantly healthier.

In addition to Xtend-life's Omega 3 / DHA fish oil which I've used since 2000, I recently added in their Green Lipped Mussel Powder because it has a high DHA content and also

because it contains Glycosaminoglycans which are compounds that are vitally important for supporting healthy elasticity within connective tissue and maintaining healthy joints. That extra joint protection comes from the famous 'New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels' (Perna canaliculus) they use in the formula which are sourced from the pristine waters off New Zealand.

As a high performance tennis coach I have to think about my joints, especially my knees, as most tennis coaches eventually develop knee problems from cyclic overuse.

I also take glucosamine, separately, as I have a neck problem from using the internet too much and it has helped significantly with this problem.

Now, when comparing joint health supplements take note that there are different forms of glucosamine.

So, there's Glucosamine Sulfate.

Then there's D- Glucosamine HCL which costs supplement manufacturers more than double the price of Glucosamine sulfate.

And there's Poly-N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine which is once again more than double the cost of D-Glucosamine HCL).

Each form plays a role in addressing the causes of arthritis and joint pain.

They all need one another to do their job properly in order to cover the widest possible spectrum of arthritis/joint conditions/health.

Most arthritis and joint health formulas contain only glucosamine sulfate! Beware of this trap.

Micheal, there has been a substantial amount of research into the anti-arthritic, anti inflammatory properties of glucosamine and chondroitin.

A number of these studies provide evidence that both substances are effective as natural arthritis treatments and show that they are as effective as NSAID drugs.

You may like to take a look at Not Just Joints

It contains all forms of glucosamine plus chondroitin and a ton of other established joint health nutrients ( 31 ingredients all up).

It also has a generous conditional money back guarantee.

I can tell you my father used it for about a year and the morning discomfort in his hands clearly up tremendously, to the point it barely worried him at all.

Best of luck Michael and if you're interested please take a look at my elite vitamin supplement comparisons and reviews which you'll find on my comparisons page. Just use this link.

Stay Well


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Feb 27, 2008
I used Arthrit-Eze
by: Ron


I enjoyed reading you answer to Michael and thought your readers might like to know that I used the Xtend-Life Arthrit-Eze supplement for about 1 year and had very good results.

The swelling and pain in my fingers was reduced a lot especially first thing in the morning when my symptoms were at their worst.

I let the company know my results after about 9 months and they suggested I reduce my daily dose for 3 months and if my symptoms did not worsen again then stop using the product all together.

I need this and have stopped now.

The Xtend-Life company seem like a group of people who really care. Imagine a supplement company suggesting that you stop using their products after your condition improves.

Can't imagine there are too many other supplement companies who would follow suit. They only seem concerned with profits these days and not their customers health.

Would you agree?


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