Growing Problem

by Danial
(England, Birmingham)

Hello. My name is Danial, I'm in England. My age is sixteen and I have a question. I'm not growing so which type of nutritional supplement do you suggest me to take? Can you please tell me?


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hi Danial

Thank you for your question.

You haven't provided specifics as to whether you are concerned about your height, or body weight, etc. So, approaching this from a general growth point of view. First of all, 16 years is still very young. Some people, particularly boys, do not have an extensive growth spurt perhaps even up until the age of 18. And even then, the body doesn’t stop its initial growing phase until the age of 25.

So, you still have plenty of time to ‘fill out’, or grow taller, whichever is your primary concern.

My first reassurance would be not to worry too much at this stage, and to simply concentrate on a good general dietary, supplement, and exercise regime. This includes a diet filled with fresh vegetables, greens are particularly beneficial, lean grass-fed meats, dairy (or preferably dairy alternatives), fruits, nuts, and seeds (organic if possible). Drink plenty of pure fluids – preferably filtered water, around 6-8 large glasses per day, spread throughout the day (never drink too much all at once).

Importantly, also concentrate on a good general daily exercise regime – walking outside, breathing deeply, for at least 20-30 minutes. Yoga is excellent at helping to improve strength, muscle, flexibility, in addition to stretching the muscles for better growth.

Nutritional Supplement-wise, I suggest a good daily multivitamin, such as 'Total Balance' (Children's version) and Omega 3/DHA as a good start.

You could also add in some daily, freshly made, smoothies if you have a blender, for those extra nutrients, or a good 'Super Greens' powder drink, to mix with milk or water, if you don’t have a blender, and if you are contemplating increasing your exercise regime.

If you are more concerned about your growth, please visit your doctor for a full and proper medical assessment.

I hope this helps Danial.

Yours In Good Health
Joanna-Roselyn Maggs MSc


Joanna-Roselyn Maggs is based in the UK. She has contributed to the success of supplement manufacturers and natural health companies around the globe, authoring many company articles and posts and managing health plans directly for their clients. More about Joanna here

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