How good is my multivitamin nutritional supplement

by Simon
(Nashville TN)

I use 4life Rite Start for men. Transfer Factor and many other ingredients. Here is the link to the ingredients. what do you recommend?


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hello Simon. I have looked at the 'RiteStart' Men supplement for you.

As with so many supplements I'm asked to take a look at I'm going to begin my answer by saying 'WOW, LOOK AT THAT PRICE TAG'

The grossly over-inflated prices that supplement manufacturers and companies are charging these days for 'so-called' elite supplements is just ridiculous.

The reasons for this are covered in depth throughout

The title on the product page immediately caught my attention because they say "Exclusive Anti-Aging Pack..."

Legally they can make this claim because they have included antioxidants to tackle free radical production and this, of course, is one of the components of anti-aging.


To achieve real and significant anti-aging benefits that are capable of slowing down the aging process and bringing it back closer in tune with what nature originally intended, you must address the task from more than just the Free Radical Approach!

Slowing down the aging process is a complex and multi-faceted task!

There are five primary components of aging that must be targeted and since these are all interdependent on one another, it is crucial that the right specialized ingredients are there to tackle them ALL!

  1. Excessive Free Radicals

  2. Glycation

  3. Abnormal Methylation

  4. Chronic Inflammation

  5. DNA Degeneration
The Ritestart formula appears to only be aimed at tackling the free radicals issue!

To learn more about these aging components and which ingredients are needed to address them please visit my hubpage how effective are those super supplements

Next, a man should NOT be taking 10mgs of iron (a pro-oxidant!) a day as they propose!

They say the Vitamin C forms they are using is exclusive to them... sorry but that’s nonsense (and gives a good idea of the type of company we are dealing
with here).

There are no amino acids in the formula. They are important ingredients in their own right and after following the link above you'll see the importance of some of them to the anti-aging equation.

The proprietary blends in this formula are nonsense. Proprietary blends annoy me no end (as most of the time they are not used for the right reasons but merely to hide product deficiencies!)

If they were using good proportions of the right ingredients they would not be reluctant to reveal it!

Simon, it is not possible for a consumer to do a fair comparison because the 'RiteStart' manufacturers don’t reveal the individual ingredient amounts and this is vitally important when it comes to making comparisons and evaluating the effectiveness and value for money of a nutritional health supplement.

'RiteStart' simply does not have many of the really potent ingredients. (see the super supplement article above for a list of these) and if you start digging down into the dose amounts of the few that they do have they appear small (judging from the totals of the various proprietary Blends!)

dose amount examples of some leading nutritional health supplements

Their "Men's Health Blend" is weak! Read this page to see why: mens health supplements

Simon - overall 'RiteStart' is not in the same category as the elite nutritional health supplement I use Total Balance Men's (Premium Version)

I think you might find it interesting to take a look at my in-depth review of Total Balance as this will give you a good idea of what to look for in the most efficacious men's health supplement formulas.

I hope this helps

Yours In Good Health


Brett Seagrott founded in 2005 after working in and researching the nutritional supplement industry. Brett works together with leading health experts to present accurate facts and science-based evidence to help his readers make more informed choices when purchasing premium nutritional health supplements. More about Brett

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Oct 18, 2008
Anti Aging Benefits Are The key
by: Bernie and Nick

By reading this answer and a couple of other pages we can see that the anti aging benefits are the most important health benefits from health supplements.

The details you have exposed as to what is required to achieve real anti aging benefits and actually slow down aging while controlling the aging components (which lead to degenerative disease), are totally amazing.

Ive never seen anything about this mentioned on other supplement sites. Well done. We are thinking about using the Total Balance supplement you promote which has all those special anti aging ingredients.

It's just a question of budget as there will be two of us. But we value our health and want to stay healthy right to the very end so I'm fairly sure we will start with Total Balance soon.

Best regards

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