I just ordered Total Balance.

by Barrett Burns
(Jonesboro, Arkansas)

I just ordered Total Balance. I'll post my results a month after I start taking Total Balance.

Comment From Brett:

Hey Barrett

Congratulations on your decision to use Total Balance.

I look forward to hearing your results.

May I suggest that since nutritional supplementation results vary markedly from person to person depending on a whole multitude of factors, you might like to update your results here not only at the one month mark but also at the end of the second and third months as well.

If you are quite healthy already the results can be very subtle at first and sneak quietly up on you. In this case it is likely to be around the 2 to 3 month period before you can definitely notice a difference in your overall sense of wellness.

When I began taking Total Balance I became 'aware' of my results at almost the 3 month mark.

If however your health is not in great shape you will notice results almost immediately. I know of many people whose bodies started detoxing within days of starting Total Balance and they had to cut back to 1 tablet a day and build their daily dose up slowly until the detox was over.

My mum was one of these people.

It's amazing how quickly the body starts to heal itself when it receives the nutrients it requires to operate as nature intended.

All the best Barrett and thanks for sharing your results.

Good Health Always!

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