Ingredient Quality In Nutritional Supplements

Using ‘Ingredient Quality’ as Criteria to Evaluate/Compare Supplements

Ingredient quality in nutritional supplements is something you ABSOLUTELY MUST CONSIDER! 

It separates the safest, most effective and best value for money supplements from all the rest!

It's also a subject that most supplement manufacturers lie about and try to mislead you!

No doubt the ‘quality issue’ has popped into your mind at some time when you’re buying, swallowing or reading about supplements.

FACT: There is a huge range in the ingredient quality of supplements.

The ‘low quality’ supplement problem has developed in the absence of governmental testing regulations for raw ingredients and finished products.

Adulterated, substandard and dangerous ingredients have found their way into many types of supplements - including TOXIC lead!

You'd be shocked if you knew just how many supplements contain lead. The manufacturers know it's there but because it's in such small amounts they know it will take 20 years or more before symptoms appear and that they won't be held responsible after such a long period of time.

Supplement quality has become such a widespread concern that the governments of many countries have in recent years prioritized this issue in order to try and rectify it and protect supplement users.

The U.S., New Zealand and Australia are at the forefront in proposing strict new regulations involving extensive mandatory testing of raw ingredients. The framework of these regulations have been put together essentially on one common thread -

That the identification document which accompanies a raw ingredient – a Certificate of Analysis (C of A) - IS A LIE!

Be Prepared To Ask Questions:

Ingredient quality provides the foundation for a safe, professional level supplement, so let's look at the simplest way to check up on the ingredient quality in nutritional supplements.

This involves getting our hands on some key information from supplement manufacturers to help fill in 'information gaps' about the quality of their products.

So I’ll tell you what information you need. If you already use one of the market leading vitamin supplements reviewed and compared in this site, I've already collected the info for you and can access it via the links further down this page.

Otherwise I've listed some key questions, along with their ideal answers, which you need to email to your supplement company and politely demand they answer you! That’s how to use this topic as criteria to evaluate supplements!

The questions are listed below and come from an examination of 6 key sub-topics.

Substandard ingredients in nutritional supplements 

Nutritional supplements and contract manufacturing 

Nutritional Supplement Tests for Safety 

Nutritional Supplement GMP Standards 

Herbal Nutrition Supplement - safety/effectiveness of herbal extracts

All natural vitamins versus synthetic vitamins 

Ingredient Quality In Nutritional Supplements 
Questions To Ask

Use the link just below to access the questions to ask of your supplement company or any company whose products you are interested in. This is key information that will help you to evaluate ingredient quality in nutritional supplements. 

If a company is willing (and they should be) to give you this information you’ll have all you need to know, not only the level of quality , but equally importantly the level of safety in their products.

P.S. Don’t forget to include the full name of the supplement that these questions are aimed at, as companies produce many products, and a few of the answers may differ depending upon the exact product in question.

Download the questions in this PDF file here

See The Answers For The Supplement Industry's Best Vitamin Supplements

After researching the industry's best vitamin supplements I consider 4 in particular to lead all the others!

Would you like to see the answers to my 'Ingredient Quality Questions' from each of their manufacturers?

How Did They Fare?

find out in this PDF file here

Critical Information For Comparing Supplements

Use this link to view a table showing the types, amounts and potency of herbals and phytonutrients in these four supplements.

Download this PDF file here

Ingredient Quality In Nutritional Supplements 
Final Advice

Most supplements are marketed with a tremendous amount of hype and little scientific substance. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with catchy phrases and fancy new buzz words to imply that their product is better. 

They quote complex, misleading, insignificant or biased studies in an attempt to create credibility, mislead you and grab your cash.

Please ignore all of this and direct your attention to:

  • quality control measures

  • ingredient types

  • total number of ingredients

  • ingredient forms

  • potencies

  • ingredient amounts

Differences in the total number, potencies and dosage amounts of powerful herbals and phytonutrients are key variables to note when evaluating ingredient quality in nutritional supplements. These are key components with many scientifically proven healing properties.

These details are usually HIDDEN from you!

OK, that’s it for ingredient quality in nutritional supplements. Now, are you ready to move to the next evaluation criteria – ‘Bio-availability’. 

The Facts - Bioavailability of nutritional supplements 

Ingredient quality in nutritional supplements - a key criteria for determining just how good (or bad) a supplement really is.

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