Liquid Nutritional Supplements

In recent years the marketing of liquid nutritional supplements and the number of products available has EXPLODED!

sipping liquid nutritional supplements

The manufacturers of many liquid vitamin supplements have been making some hefty claims in that their products have extremely high levels of bioavailability (absorption) – much higher than that of tablets. 

In some cases they’re claiming bioavailability rates of almost 100%!!!

Part of the hype by marketers of these “liquid vitamins for health” includes warning consumers who take supplements in tablet form that 80 - 90 % of the ingredients are not being absorbed and are going straight down the toilet!

Many of the companies selling liquid multi vitamins are multi level marketing companies – they rely more on hype and spin than good science to sell their products.

They take advantage of the fact that supplement consumers do not understand the principles behind the bioavailability of nutrients and so they structure their marketing presentations to make it appear that the bioavailability and efficacy of their product is much higher than it really is.

There are many good companies in the dietary supplement industry supplying quality products at fair prices with accurate claims but...

...they are in the minority and you don't hear much of them as you should. The companies you hear most of are those that make exaggerated or misleading claims and due to excessive pricing of their products - have the most money to spend on promoting them.

Time to expose liquid vitamin claims for what they really are!

Are Your Vitamins Going Down The Toilet

The true answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It all depends on the quality of the supplement you use.

There is a huge range in the quality of tablet supplements – like there is with most products. Think of a top of the line Mercedes Benz versus a Toyota Camry. Both are cars but they’re clearly not of the same quality or built with the same technology. The Benz is obviously better in terms of safety, and all-round performance.

Supplements are the same!

Cheap supplements which you can pick up at a supermarket or from many websites are mass produced and are manufactured to a price. They contain the cheapest possible ingredients as well as the cheapest excipients - and way too many of them.

Some cheaper excipients bind the ingredients together too well - after swallowing the tablet a large proportion of it passes right through your system and does indeed end up in the toilet.

On top of this there are a number of ingredients which when released in the stomach are largely destroyed by your stomach acids. 

So if you are talking about supplements from the low end of the market as the 'yard stick' for the statement that 90% of ingredients in table supplements end up down the toilet – then yes it is essentially true. Perhaps not 90% but certainly a large percentage!

But then there are the Mercedes Benz category supplements – science-based products put together by highly qualified bio-scientists using the latest research in cellular bio-chemistry. They contain only the minimal amount of excipients necessary to bind the tablet and assist the manufacturing process .

These supplements use the highest quality ingredients and the best of the best employ sophisticated delivery systems to ensure extremely high levels of bioavailability. Sadly, most supplements – even at the top end – lack a delivery system. They are just manufactured into tablets or capsules which dissolve within a reasonable time (20 - 30 mins) in water. 

Because of this solubility a number of the active ingredients are destroyed by stomach acids - ingredients you are paying for!! Only about 10 - 15% of the active ingredients make it into the blood stream. (This is considered an approximate industry average by many scientists).

Supplements which employ a professional delivery system offer bioavailability rates of about 80% and above!

Enteric Coating

The professional delivery system is called enteric coating – this harmless, naturally derived coating protects the ingredients from stomach acid and releases the ingredients at the upper intestine for absorption. 

Enteric coating has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and is a main factor as to why drugs work so well and so fast. 

For enteric coated supplements the ‘90% down the toilet claim’ is about as false as it could be! 

Liquid Nutritional Supplements Have No Delivery System!

Since liquid nutritional supplements have no delivery system how on earth do they claim near 100% absorption? 

Their ingredients are susceptible to destruction by stomach acid just the same as non - enteric coated tablets!

That’s the basis for dispelling their bioavailability claims. The destruction of nutrients by stomach acid is well documented. Why pay for important ingredients if they are going to be partially or fully destroyed in the stomach?

Other Facts About Liquid Nutritional Supplements

Enzymes - The sparks of life!

Enzymes are present in all living cells and they play a necessary role in virtually all biochemical activity in your body. They’re important ingredients in health supplements.

Manufacturers of liquid nutritional supplements usually make a big fuss that they're products contain enzymes. Don’t buy the hype!! The enzyme component is negligible because they are not added, but are naturally occurring within the food matrix used in liquid multi vitamins. There are only trace amounts – nowhere near enough to be of benefit. 

Enzymes cannot be added into to liquid nutritional supplements due to their sensitivity. They can only survive in a liquid form for approximately for a few hours. 

Many liquid nutritional supplements are very weak. Manufacturers substitute the active ingredients with cheap ineffective alternatives – just the same as with cheap tablet/capsule supplements. If you spend some time checking the active ingredients and dose amounts on the bottle label you'll pick up on this. If they are not all individually listed then email the company and demand transparency or change brands.

Liquid nutritional supplements have serious weaknesses in that many ingredients cannot effectively be dissolved or suspended in water without losing efficacy. Artificial flavorings are often included to help mask the highly bitter taste of vitamins. Only natural flavorings and preservatives should be used.

The Final Word On Liquid Nutritional Supplements

The leading liquid nutritional supplements are expensive for what they are.

As with most multi-level marketing schemes, marketing presentations are very well put together and within a short space of time there are thousands of distributors signed up to promote their favorite liquid nutritional supplement. 

This creates layer upon layer of commissions to be paid and marketing costs are super high. These costs are reflected in the product price.

If you are serious about your health and prepared to pay around $40 for a liquid nutritional supplement I recommend you take an 'alternative look' at the nutritional vitamin supplements my family and I use – same price but you’ll get far wider range of MORE POWERFUL HEALTH BENEFITS and a tonne more value for money. 

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