Liver question

by Ron
(Macon, Ga.)

Does this product have a negative impact on your liver? I have auto-immune issues and a compromised Liver.

Brett's Answer:

Hi Ron, thanks for your question.

I assume you are referring to the multi nutrient health Supplement 'Total Balance'.

Total Balance contains Milk Thistle which is helpful for the liver. So this should be helpful rather than hindering. But if you have a particular liver condition, or particular medication, that you feel may interfere, I would need to know more details to confirm further than this.

Generally speaking, other than this, there is a supplement called 'Kiwi-Klenz' which may be helpful to ease the digestive system, and you can also add further Milk thistle as an isolated medicinal supplement on top of the amount of Milk Thistle which is provided in Total Balance if you wish. I personally use Kiwi-Klenz as part of my own supplement regime to keep my digestive system in tip top shape.

Anything else in addition to this would be dependent on your exact condition and medications.

I hope this is of help to you Ron

This link will take you to the product page for Kiwi-Klenz at the Xtend-Life website:

Kiwi-Klenz Digestive Supplement

Yours In Good Health


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