Magnesium Glycinate Products

by Ahmed

I was just wondering if you could recommend me any (Magnesium Glycinate) product, I chose magnesium Glycinate because it is the best form in which magnesium can be absorbed by the body.

I have been looking on the internet and I have found tons of companies that sell it, but I'm really not sure which one to choose, so I decided to ask you since you have a very good background about natural supplements companies and how good they are.


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hi Ahmed, thanks for your writing in.

There are quite a range of different mineral salts of which Glycinate is one.

It is impossible to say that one form is superior to another as it all depends on what other nutrients it is taken with and for what objective.

For example, the Xtend-Life Company, which manufactures the multi nutrient health supplement I've used since 2000: Total Balance Men's (Premium Version) uses Zinc Gluconate in many of their supplement products and then in the Total Balance Mens Premium version formula they also use Zinc Acetate as well as the Gluconate form of zinc because it follows a different metabolic pathway (eg. in the case of prostate health, the Acetate form travels directly to the prostate).

So, I'm sorry Ahmed but there is no definitive answer for this question.

Yours In Good Health


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Oct 11, 2008
Very Interesting
by: Anonymous

I think most supplement users know that there are different forms of certain ingredients but have no idea of which form is the best and why. It would be very helpful if you were able to publish a list showing the best molecular forms and which forms to avoid because they are less effective and/or cheap.


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