Learn Why Mens Health Supplements
FAIL To Keep You Healthy!

Discover POWERFUL SPECIALTY NUTRIENTS Which Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels And Protect You From Prostate Cancer And Other Common Male Health Conditions

G'Day Guys. Since you've arrived at this page I assume you're either already using one of the men's health supplements out there (and perhaps considering changing brands) or maybe you're starting to think about using one.


The TRUTH is that (almost) all men's health supplements fall well short in what they contain and they FAIL on their promise to optimize your health and protect you from degenerative disease.

On top of this there are some (albeit not a lot) which are actually dangerous because they contain small (unacceptable) amounts of toxic contaminants like lead.

While tons of others are simply put together very poorly in the quickest time possible without a strong scientific base. Unfortunately it's all about getting the product to market ASAP!

The WEAK regulations governing quality assurance in the nutritional supplement industry allow this to happen.

You may be interested to know that the most recent dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) FAIL to prevent a company from manufacturing a BAD or a weak, essentially useless SUPPLEMENT.

GMPs are guidelines that manufacturing companies (are meant to) follow to ensure the safety, consistency, quality, purity, and potency of their dietary supplements)


Now here's something RIDICULOUS:

Raw material suppliers to nutritional supplement manufacturing facilities are "EXEMPTED" from the new FDA GMP's !

Figure that!

The desire to stay competitive and maximize profits drives most US manufacturers to buy the cheapest of ingredients which have undergone MINIMAL quality assurance measures.

And the vast majority of manufacturers do little to no independent testing themselves of their raw materials.

When it comes to buying nutritional vitamin supplements it's ....

Does YOUR dietary supplement company have comprehensive testing protocols to verify quality assurance, or are they turning a blind eye and using whatever they get with little or no verification?

How do you know what to look for and if you really want to drill down, what to ask?

Well, for starters DON'T BELIEVE those fancy marketing presentations - even from the large, well known supplement companies.


All Skillfully Designed To Hide Product Weaknesses And
Poor Value For Money!

If you'd like to read more truths about nutritional supplements quality just follow this link.

You can discover the facts and educate yourself what to look for, what to avoid and what questions to ask by reading through nutritional-supplement-truths.com

What Really Should Be In Your Vitamin Supplement?

Naturally, vitamins and minerals must be there but since they're the simplest and cheapest ingredients we'll discuss them further down.

The world's most advanced, science-based supplements contain optimal amounts of key, gender-specific specialty nutrients that you body absolutely needs for great health, especially as you age, but which are hard to get in sufficient amounts from your diet.

In fact some of these key nutrients are plant extracts (phytonutrients) and others are herbal extracts which definitely can't be taken in through your diet.

That's why you need a professional broad-spectrum, gender-specific nutritional supplement which supplies them ALL for you.

These powerful life-boosting nutrients help protect you from those life-threatening common health conditions that males typically encounter (discussed below).

And that's a key difference between the supplement industry's best, most effective supplements and the rest.

ELITE supplements contain (in addition to reasonable levels of vitamins and minerals) Gender Specific Nutrients that tackle and guard against common health conditions

As I mentioned above the majority of men's health supplements are largely INEFFECTIVE because they don't contain many, and in cases, any at all of these critical disease busting nutrients. You'll see what I mean as you read on.

Most Mens Health Supplements Are Missing Key Specialty Ingredients Specific To Us Guys

Mens Health Supplements
Time To Reveal The Superstar Nutrients

When it comes to vitamins for men there are three HUGE concerns that MUST be addressed:

  •    enlarged prostate (BHP)

  •    prostate cancer

  •    breasts

Yes breasts!

Let's tackle the breasts first :)

Men's testosterone levels will steadily DECLINE once they reach their mid twenties. Some men begin to notice symptoms of this in their 30's whereas others may not be aware of steadily dropping levels until into their 50's.

Less testosterone is produced and a significant proportion of this is converted to estrogen with various negative results.

With increased estrogen levels, men begin to develop breasts (aka 'Man Boobs') and suffer from decreased masculinity.

Factually speaking, most men 50 and older have more estrogen in their bodies than their female partners because of this phenomenon!

So the key to maintaining a healthy level of testosterone is:

1. To reduce the amount that is converted to estrogen

2. To help stimulate the body to increase its own production of testosterone

Too much estrogen plays havoc with your sex life - as does too little testosterone!


The First Star Nutrient For Mens Supplements!

Chrysin is a bioflavonoid and natural aromatase inhibitor. That means it helps inhibit testosterone conversion.

Mens health supplements MUST CONTAIN CHRYSIN!

Look for 90% or above potency.

P.S. High potency Chrysin is an expensive ingredient for manufacturers to include. If you do an internet search for "Chrysin" you'll see that none of the companies reveals their potency. WE know what they're hiding!

The men's vitamins supplement I'll recommend to you at the end of this page includes Chrysin with a 99% potency and a generous dose of 100 mg.

Ok, on to the next ingredient in our list of key nutrients for highly effective, premium grade health supplements.

You Need A Team Of Potent Prostate Protectors - Not Just One or Two!

You already know that prostate problems are a scary prospect.

But did you know that, statistically, prior to their 59th birthday, 1 in 2 guys will experience PBH (enlarged prostate).

Prostate cancer is even scarier because it's one of the deadliest diseases among men and the success rate of conventional medicine cures is estimated at only 20 – 30% (with many negative drug side effects).

Effective Mens Health Supplements Must Include SEVERAL Well Established Prostate Protectors!

Which are the best nutrients for prostate health?

First off there's the well known ingredient - ZINC !

Now, if you have some knowledge about well known nutrients for men's supplement formulas, your probably thinking something like "so what, Zinc is in every men's supplement out there".

Sure, that's true - but the issue is it's nearly always included in the cheaper 'Citrate' form (ie. Zinc Citrate).

Zinc Citrate is a helpful nutrient but a healthy dose of Zinc Aspartate must be there as well!

The 2 types of zinc follow different metabolic pathways and only Zinc Aspartate travels direct to the prostate where you need it!

This is good example of why men's health supplements must be science-based and formulated by highly qualified bio-scientists and chemists rather than doctors and marketers who have NO TRAINING what-so-ever in how nutrients interact at the molecular level in the body.

The other well established, effective prostate nutrients that power professional grade supplements are:

  • Beta Sitosterol

  • Corn Silk Extracts

  • Lycopene

  • Saw Palmetto

  • Resveratrol

  • Quercetin

The Best Mens Health Supplements Have Them ALL!

Mens Health Supplements
What about Vitamins And Minerals?

More Is Not Better - It's A Blatant Rip-Off For Most Of Us!

You do need a full spectrum supply of all vitamins and minerals, except IRON which is a PRO-OXIDANT (meaning the opposite of anti-oxidant).


You absolutely don't need a supplement mostly full of high doses of vitamins and minerals! A number of the leading health supplements in the market are around 70 - 80% comprised of cheap vitamins and minerals This includes many of the really well-known, up-market products with much higher price tags!

Why Pay Grossly Inflated Prices For Cheap Ingredients?

Vitamins are the cheapest ingredients for supplement manufacturers to include!


Good old vitamin C (ascorbic acid) costs only around $15 - $20 per kilo. (As against over $1000 per kilo for some key specialty ingredients which I'll discuss below!)

From my research I know that several of the well known, expensive, (so-called) elite men's health supplements in the US are
40% or more just vitamin C !

That's really poor value for money or in stronger terms, an absolute rip-off!

Americans in particular have been bombarded with years of shameful marketing promoting "More is Better" and telling you that high doses of certain vitamins and minerals are needed.

And they conveniently forget to mention the danger that comes from taking in too much of the fat soluble vitamins which store in your muscles and can possibly become toxic in some individuals over the years! And if you take an excess of any of the water soluble vitamins they end up down your toilet!

To convince you they display cleverly designed statistical graphs showing deficiencies in certain vitamins for large percentages of the population. I don't believe for one second that health conscious guys who exercise regularly and take premium grade nutritional health supplements are part of the population demographics shown in those surveys.

I believe those statistics consist primarily of low wage earners who consume poor diets (high in saturated fat/fast foods/processed foods and low in fiber and micro-nutrients) and who cannot afford supplements or are not interested in taking them.

Vitamins and minerals must of course be there but in low doses!
To act primarily as cofactors, and to 'top up' what you 'may' be missing from your diet.

Don't get sucked in by the marketing literature that raves on about the antioxidant properties from including 100% (sometimes more) of the RDA for some vitamins.

Sure, certain vitamins supply antioxidant benefits but you'll get significantly greater antioxidant intake, not to mention powerful disease prevention, from a large supply of powerful phytonutrients and several key medicinal herbs. This will primarily take care of your antioxidants and antiaging needs.

Does your mens health supplement contain a large range of the most potent phytonutrients and medicinal herbal extracts?

So when it comes to vitamin / mineral amounts for the average consumer a top up is all that is needed - not large doses!

Health conscious guys have, at the very least, a reasonable diet to begin with. You're already taking in decent amounts of vitamins and minerals but not quite enough.

Mens vitamins supplements should not be loaded up with vitamins and minerals that may or may not be needed. If a deficiency is diagnosed then you can add in extra.

Mens Health Supplements - What's next?

For maximum wellness and full body protection against lifestyle and environmental stressors/toxins you'll be needing effective/efficious ingredients from ALL the nutrient categories:

  • Phytonutrients

  • Medicinal herbs (in addition to those already listed)

  • Amino acids

  • Enzymes

  • Cofactors

  • Trace elements

  • Specialty nutrients

  • Special immunity enhancers

A supplement label should categorize its ingredients under these headings (or very similar) so you can easily understand what's in that formula!

Good health starts with a

This is your first line of defense against CANCER and other major disease.

So make sure your men's health supplements contains the most powerful (and proven) 'Immunity Boosters'.

Here they are:

  • Polysaccharides (Best sources: Aloe Vera Leaf, Beta 1,3-Glucan, Tea Polysaccharides, Mushrooms:- Shiitake, Maitake, Sen Su Take)

  • Quercetin

  • Black Cumin

  • Olive Leaf

  • CoQ10

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin E

  • Beta Carotene

  • Zinc

  • Manganese

You Want ALL Of These Disease-Conquering Nutrients In Your Supplement!

Polysaccharides Are The Cutting-Edge Immunity Powerhouses In This List

But they're expensive so you can usually only find them in expensive supplements aimed solely at the immune system (and in the recommended supplement at the end of this page - the one that I have used since 2000.)

Mens Health Supplements
Quality Assurance Tips

Here are 5 highly important criteria you should follow when comparing men's health supplements to ensure complete safety and superior health powering quality.

It's important to know that herbal ingredients are particularly venerable to contamination!

P.S. This section will probably appear boring to you and you'll probably want to scan it but be a smart consumer - and fully educate yourself.

These are the CRUCIAL behind-the-scene factors which create the difference between elite, professional grade supplements that will boost your health to exciting new heights and middle of the road ineffective ones.

1. Standardization

First and foremost look for standardized herbal extracts to guarantee the amount of active ingredient from each herb and most importantly check the potencies when comparing brands.

Many companies avoid using standardized extracts at all or include only some in this form as they are significantly more expensive than non-standardized ones.

2. No Contract Manufacturing Means Absolute Safety And Peace Of Mind

A supplement company should manufacture its own products and control the manufacturing process through all stages. Contact manufacturing for nutritional supplements can open the door to a whole host of quality assurance issues.

Quality controls and testing protocols should be available on the company's website.

To guarantee absolute safety, purity, and potency all raw materials must be sourced from GMP registered and audited facilities.

All ingredients must have a Certificate Of Analysis on file confirming their potency. If this info is not mentioned at all on a company's website, I consider that to be a BIG RED FLAG! Then, if you want, you could ask for it (or even just part of it) via email and if they refuse or claim it's proprietary information, then take that as another red flag!

This Is Crucial To Your Safety!

The supplement company must test all raw materials prior to manufacture for compliance with certificates of analysis and for microbiological contamination.

question mark icon Does your supplement company do this

question mark icon Have you checked

question mark icon DO YOU CARE

3. Pharmaceutical Level Manufacturing Processes For More Powerful Health Benefits

To further ensure your safety and that those ingredient amounts listed on the bottle label are actually true, be sure the manufacturer is GMP compliant at a pharmaceutical level for at least these 3 areas of the manufacturing cycle:

1) Equipment, 2) Raw material sourcing and testing, 3) Blending and mixing processes.

Dietary supplement manufacturers do not have to be cGMP compliant at a pharmaceutical level- but rather to the lesser cGMP standard for food. Those supplement manufacturers who do achieve pharmaceutical levels for areas of their manufacturing processes and protocols certainly deserve your attention if shopping for a elite level supplement.

Pharmaceutical GMP is the highest standard possible for the manufacture of nutritional health supplements

It DOES Make A HUGE Difference!

Very few companies manufacture to this level. I kid you not when I say that you could count the ones that do on one hand!

I strongly recommend you take the time to check on this when comparing supplement brands prior to a decision to buy (or change brands).

4. Quality Natural Vitamin Supplements Have NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING

That means:

  •    Colors

  •    Flavors

  •    Preservatives

  •    Fillers

  •    Binders

Nor potential allergenic substances - lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast.

Please Check Your Supplement Bottle Label!

5. 100% Money Back Guarantee - No Silly Conditions!

Last but not least, all elite grade supplements should come with a 100% money back guarantee without any crazy or unfair conditions nor ridiculous procedures that have you dancing through hoops trying to get your money back.

Reputable manufacturers are prepared to stand by their products and this is becoming more and more common these days and thankfully is now (almost) the industry standard. There is absolutely no reason for a company that promotes high-end or elite supplements to not offer a 100% money back guarantee (unless they have quality issues to hide).

If your supplement company doesn't have unconditional money back guarantee ask yourself why! This is a BIG RED FLAG!

Mens Health Supplements
A State-Of-The Art Masterpiece

Here's the name of the men's health supplement which I kept hinting to above. It contains virtually every nutrient I've mentioned not only in this article but in my entire site. The original formula was formulated by a world renowned bio-scientist who has been hired by many countries around the world to develop formulas that their own scientists couldn't, including brain formulas for the NASA space program.

The Total Balance formula has been revved up an amazing 8 times since 2000. A rare feat that none of the huge multinational supplement companies come remotely close to matching.

Total Balance For Men
(8th Generation, 'Premium' Formula)

Total Balance Men's Premium Supplement

Total Balance Men's Standard Version

Total Balance Men's Premium Version (The One I've used since 2000)

Total Balance is a highly sophisticated, cutting-edge men's vitamins/health supplement that, to date, is unmatched in male supplement formulas.

I've reviewed numerous market leading, multi nutrient health supplements and simply put - Total Balance 'clearly' demolished all others in terms of efficacy, it's wide scope of health benefits from it's fantastic formula and its truly excellent value for money.

That's why I use it along with my father and my uncles. Total Balance meets every one of the criteria listed above and much more!

The two Men's versions (Standard and Premium) use between 84 to 97 ingredients which target every organ and system in your body, including, most crucially, your brain.

This galaxy of ingredients achieves what all the others promise to do but fail with varying degrees - slowing and normalizing your aging process by using specialized ingredients which address all FIVE OF THE FUNDAMENTAL CAUSES OF AGING:

Minimizing/controlling your Free Radicals population
Abnormal Glycation
Chronic Inflammation
DNA Degeneration

If you would like to read more about Total Balance, you can visit the Total Balance Range Overview/Introduction page with this link.

And you may like to take a look at my reviews and comparison charts of a number of the market's leading multi nutrient health and vitamin supplements to see how Total Balance overshadows its' elite competitors.

Finally, this link will take you to my own review of Total Balance

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