Multivitamin Dosages

by Lori Clanton
(Aurora, Colorado)

Why is it that Major Supplement Brands (GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc.) require you to take 2 tablets a day, and your favorite "Xtend-Life" requires a whopping 4 tablets a day - while less expensive brands like "One-a-Day" and "Centrum" only require that you take 1 tablet per day.

Besides the price, what is the difference between all of these multivitamin choices? Which ones truly are the most efficient? Thank you for your consideration.


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hi Lori

Thank you so much for your question.

The question of dosage is solely down to the mixture of ingredients included in any one compressed tablet, and the quantity of ingredients within that compression.

So, for example, the lower-end supermarket type tablets have very little weight and composition in terms of therapeutic ingredients, so they are able to fit them all into one daily tablet. This is very convenient I know, but it does mean that you don’t get much in terms of therapeutic dose, and of course you are getting a much lower volume of ingredient variability.

The reason Xtend-Life recommends a daily dose of 4 tablets for Total Balance (standard version) is because the quantity and therapeutic dose within the volume of powder (which is then compressed into a tablet form) is so high that it simply isn’t possible to fit everything into that 1 compression. Does that make sense? So by taking the advised 4 per day you are getting the full advised dose of every single ingredient for best result.

If you can’t manage 4 per day, you can of course take a lower dose, and many people do (whether for financial reasons or
anything else), and still see some benefit. The advised dose is only that which the manufacturer believes will give you the best 100% result based on research and clinical studies.

I hope that helps, but please don’t hesitate to ask further if you need anything else.

In terms of which supplement is most efficient or effective? The higher end supplements, such as Xtend-Life, for example, are going to hit the mark in terms of results simply because they put more ingredients, in better compatibility, and better therapeutic dosage than most other companies. Unfortunately, with quality and result comes cost. That is something we can’t get around, and applies to just about every industry there is, not just the health industry.

But, as we have said elsewhere on the website, if you can’t commit to that financially, it is better to either take a lower dose (so the product goes further for you), and if that still isn’t possible, to take a more middle end supplement to suit finances, rather than nothing at all (bearing in mind the essential things anyone should look out for in any supplement when browsing around – see the 'Related Pages' links below).

I hope this answers your questions.

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Yours In Good Health


Joanna-Roselyn Maggs is based in the UK. She has contributed to the success of supplement manufacturers and natural health companies around the globe, authoring many company articles and posts and managing health plans directly for their clients. More about Joanna here

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