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by Michael

I would like to know your take on Andrew Lessman's multivitamin nutritional supplements. He has website called procapslabs. com. Very good vitamins, I think, what do you think?

Your site sure is informative, and it really allows one to make an informed decision.



Hi Michael

I just had a look at the Procaps Labs website. I was already aware of this company, they are huge, but this was the first time I had a decent look at their site.

First-up, whenever I'm doing research for health / vitamin supplement comparisons or even to give an opinion such as what you've asked for, I always look at a company's most comprehensive flagship product: which should be formulated to support and enhance OVERALL health and wellness and not just certain parts or systems.

And in this case it's the FOUNDER'S LIFE Rx Mens - which is the applicable supplement for you from the ProCaps Labs product range.

Well my first comment is:

"WOW! $349. Are they kidding!"

Who can afford that each month?

Michael, there is nothing special about this formula but having said that it appears to be a reasonable science-based supplement.

They get full marks for this comment on their site " remains one of the few supplement companies that actually manufactures the vitamins they distribute..."

That's extremely important Michael when it comes to the upper most quality and safety.

Xtend-Life', is a New Zealand based supplement company who manufactures the supplement my family and I use as the mainstay of our supplement regimes. It's called 'Total Balance'. Xtend-Life is another of the SMALL HANDFUL of companies out there that self manufactures nutritional supplements and controls every aspect of the production cycle ( i.e. NO CONTRACT MANUFACTURING!)

But, I can find no pages on ProCaps site that explains their manufacturing protocols and which backs up all the high quality claims made throughout their marketing literature.

No mention of safety testing, certificates of analysis etc and THAT RAISES A REG FLAG FOR ME.

I see they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

While I stress the importance of money back guarantees I don't like these conditions (30 days). Just how is a consumer able to judge the subtle differences in their health after only 1 month especially if they are quite healthy to begin with?

If there are undiagnosed health problems in the user's body then the nutrients have to work quietly away in the background to support the body's natural functions so that it may then tackle the root causes of the problems and this can (and does) take months!

In fact a renowned bio-chemist I met in 2010, who works in Australia, told me that when you start taking the right supplements AND consume a strictly healthy diet, then it takes (approx) one month, for every month a disease or condition has been present, in order to allow the body to cure it naturally.

This amazing bio-chemist, has a near perfect record at curing cancer, providing the patient gets to her in time (i.e. not in the final stages). She has an absolute wealth of knowledge regarding natural substance remedies (or 'Holistic Healing').

UPDATE: August 2015. Her work back in 2010 when I met her, corresponds to advances being made today within Holistic Healing community in respect of treating and curing cancer. If you are interested in this topic follow this link to learn about GcMAF treatments killing cancer cells in real time Natural News

OK, back to ProCaps Labs money back guarantee. Let me ask this: Why are they only offering a ridiculous 30 days when they are so sure of their quality and efficacy standards? Of course they know it takes months for supplements to do their work. So ????? Think about this for a moment.

Wouldn't it make sense (and be a good business decision) to trust your health and longevity to a company who is prepared to stand by their product for, say, a whole year, such as the Xtend-Life company does. 30 days? Come on now Pro Labs!

It's great that Pro Labs don't use multi level marketing (MLM), otherwise that hefty price tag (for all their supplements not just Life Rx) would be substantially more expensive and out of reach for even more supplements users.

Some of the ingredient amounts listed do not make sense however, and there is much information not revealed which, as I said above, is always a red flag warning for me.

As an example of something that does not make sense....CoQ10.

They claim they are using 600mgs a day? Why?

The body can only use less than a 1/10th of that amount...from all sources (diet and supplementation).

I have never seen a nutritional supplement with that amount in it before. It doesn't make sense.

They refer to some of the ingredients being in liquid form but don't say if the amounts they are quoting are the net actives or the volume of the liquids.

There is WAY TOO MUCH vitamin C (2000 mg !!!) and calcium (300 mg). This is the usual thing with these kinds of supplements - stack them full of the cheapest of ingredients in 'over the top' dose amounts that you just don't need (unless you have been diagnosed with a deficiency in which case you can buy a cheap bottle of vitamin C for around $15)!

Vitamin C and Calcium are definitely two of the cheapest ingredients for manufacturers to use.

(Vitamin C for example costs about 1/ 80th the price of some of the key phytochemicals and amino acids that should be there in Premium grade supplements put together by highly experienced bio-scientists and chemists).

Now for the calcium!

Most people easily take in sufficient calcium from their diets.
With respect to calcium the problem is often not so much not getting enough but rather poor nutritional choices which cause a leaching of calcium from the bones due to negative calcium balance.

If you are diagnosed with a deficiency then you can buy extra of these cheap ingredients separately from a middle of the road company - they are very cheap ingredients.

There's no reason to load a supplement up with high doses of cheap ingredients that may or may not be needed and absorbed by the body. Your body simply excretes what it doesn't need so your hard earned cash goes straight down the toilet.

They have gone overboard on the magnesium (200 mg) as well (another cheap ingredient) under the guise of 'optimal bone health'.

They talk about how good the Gamma Tocopherols are but fail to mention that the vitamin E family is incomplete - no Tocotrienols!

Vitamin E is a very important ingredient and the whole family (8 kinds) MUST be there.

There are good amounts of carotenoids and bioflavonoids. Potency of Resveratrol is low however.

Resveratrol is a powerful key anti-cancer nutrient especially for men (since we have prostates!)

ProCaps Labs are forcing customers to buy their omega 3 fish oil whether they like it or not by including it in this supplement.

I can't see anywhere that their fish oil is molecularly distilled (meaning purity/safety can be in doubt) and it's not in the far more beneficial ester form

Considering the crazy purchase price I would have expected more Zeaxanthin. There's only 4 mg. This is an excellent, potent carotenoid for eye health (and an expensive ingredient).

P.S. The new 6th generation Total Balance formulas are out now and have increased dose amounts of Zeaxanthin - 10 mg.


FOUNDER'S LIFE Rx targets almost all the key organs and systems in the body but in my opinion its biggest let-down in this regard is that it doesn't significantly target the immune system.]

A rather important system considering it's your body's first line of defense against disease, like cancer!!

This is a huge weak link in its "... the worlds most comprehensive" multivitamin nutritional supplement claim.

So Michael, overall I am sure that Mens FOUNDER'S LIFE Rx is a reasonably good supplement but it is VERY EXPENSIVE so the value for money is poor in my opinion and there are inconsistencies in some of their claims (e.g. You can't get broccoli extract, only the powder).

Michael, keep in mind that a months supply of Total Balance at full dose rates costs around $50 (not taking into account loyalty program discounts) and the Premium Version, that I use, costs around $100 for the month.

Total Balance supplies you with generous amounts of all the expensive specialty nutrients that FOUNDER'S LIFE Rx is missing, as well as around
90% of the ingredients it does contain.

With Xtend-Life products you could pay HALF the price of FOUNDER'S LIFE Rx and get:

1. Two bottles of Total Balance Men's or Women's versions

2. A bottle of Omega 3 DHA esters

3. And 2 bottles of one of the Neuro-Natural range (specialty brain health supplements)

and have a absolute FULL spectrum of nutrients (including a comprehensive range of amino acids).

I hope this helps Michael. You're obviously a health conscious person and so you may be interested in my nutritional supplement comparisons which you can find on my best vitamin supplements comparisons page

Stay well Michael,


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Jan 24, 2020
Organic Health Supplements
by: James O'Laughlin

Dr Don Colbert has really good advice and supplements witch are all organic and of the highest standerds you can find read all about and buy on his website Dr Don Colbert.Com He is a christian medical doctor and a graduate of oral roberts university school of medicine, weather your healthy or dieing of stage 4 Cancer Etc he can help you check him out he knows what he is talking about.

Dec 14, 2018
Average person
by: Michael Howery

I would think the average person would just buy the essential one vitamins which I just bought for under 20 dollars I can't afford 50 dollars a month lol

Jan 12, 2018
The chemical effet
by: Anonymous

I use several of Andrew Lessman supplements. But it makes me wonder if I'm taking some chemicals in these supplements. Because when reading the ingredients in the secure meal it has types of artificial sweeteners (fructose- sucralose)? This is not good !!!

Nov 07, 2017
Stomach lesions from supps?
by: Anonymous

Yes. Been taking 5 of Procaps supplements a day, plus digest assure after meals, from about two years. Prior to this, I have never had any kind of digestive issues; plus, no family history. I am 60. Was recently diagnosed with two small lesions in the lining of my stomach! I'm stopping the capsules and hope the condition resolves! Anyone else had this?

Sep 02, 2017
Senior with R A needs assistance
by: Julie Mccarthy

I am eighty years old this year and otherwise healthy but, the pain and inflammation of RA is getting me down. The doctor has me on Diclofenac sodium 75 mg two times a day, the morning one does not reach to the night time one and I am bitting my tongue when I take the dogs for a walk. I really want to be able to take the alternative route because the meds are giving me a belly ache.

Please guide me as to what will allow me a better way of life I was always so happy now I feel let down and left out because of my age. I am on a very limited budget after all bills are paid there,s not much left but,for my next twenty years I wish to be pain free. Can you help me along the way?

Jul 25, 2017
Love lessman supplements
by: Anonymous

I can't speak for anyone else, but, lessman s vitamins have been a God send for my family! I have taken his omega 3 for years with great blood tests.His one essential has my daughter with her headache. I will agree that his prices are steep, but, I guess you get what you pay for.keep up the good work, good forum.

Dec 21, 2016
Green Stools
by: Dar

I took 1 capsule of Lessmans Essential One multivitamin mineral supplement on Sunday. Stopped taking the capsule the next day. Started having green stool for 3 days. Why am I having green stools?


Hello Dar

It sounds like bile to me. Bile is naturally green. It changes colour through to yellow and brown as it passes through your intestines.

If it is passing through your system too quickly, it won't have time to change colour. So, it looks to me like these new vitamins just caused a bit of digestive upset, and increased the speed of digestion - similar to having diarrhoea - as your body adjusted.

I wouldn't worry about it, unless it continues to be that way, even after stopping the tablets.

If you want to try this particular multivitamin mineral supplement again, do so, but introduce them gradually dose wise, and as your body adjusts your stool formation and colour should return to normal within a week or two.

If there are no other signs of discomfort - diarrhoea, tummy aches or pains, or cramps, etc - then by all means try again. If you find that it doesn't settle though, whilst back on the capsules, or that you get any other signs of discomfort, then this particular health supplement may not suit you and it would be a good idea to try another more gentle brand.



Jul 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have never heard him push or mention Founders Life R X..It isn't on the pamphlet I received in my last order. Please evaluate the normal supplements he sells such as circulation in vein support. Omega-3 which they say is free from Mercury and contaminants. And what about their essential one multivitamins


Hi All

I just wanted to let you know that I am working on a comparison chart and review for 'Founders Life RX for Men'. This will take some time to finish - perhaps several months as I'm snowed under in my personal life at present.

It's becoming harder and harder to get the necessary info from the supplement companies and with new laws out there I have to be careful with how I present my reviews. However just wanted to let you know that your message has been read and a content about 'Founders Life RX' will appear on my site.



Jan 22, 2012
Effectiveness of LEVODYN - A blood pressure lowering vitamin/herb
by: Janice

I'm curious about a dietary supplement called LEVODYN. It claims to reduce high blood pressure through vitamins and herbal supplements. The ad post testimonials with consumers claiming to have dropped their blood pressure readings 20, even 30 points. Do you have any information about the effectiveness of this product? What's your take on this?

Hi Janice

I'm sorry to say I have no knowledge of Levodyn and I am unable to do any research on this specific supplement. I'm concentrating only on Premium grade multi nutrient health supplement formulas at this time. Sorry Janice

Feb 27, 2008
Are they kidding?
by: Anonymous

$349 for a months supply of supplements. Are people dumb enough to fork out that kind of money in the belief that this supplement is a magic bullet for health.

A very informative answer Brett. Your comparisons against the Total Balance supplement shows that this
FOUNDER'S LIFE Rx product is essentially a rip off.

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