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by Jeff

I wasn't really looking into USANA or the other multivitamin nutritional supplements on your comparisons page but was looking for comparisons against Life Extension Foundation, 'Life Extension Mix'. Any comments would be great if you have experience with these supplements.

I actually came upon your site while looking for Xtend-life supplement reviews. I appreciate your great reviews it helps a lot.



Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hi Jeff

I have re-looked at the Life Extension Mix for you. (I actually looked at this supplement a while back when evaluating supplements and researching material for some vitamin supplement reviews).

While it is a reasonable supplement it is too limited in what it targets in the body and it is very expensive for what it is.

The value for money factor is low.

Their website copy says "Life Extension Mix is the cornerstone of a comprehensive supplement program because it provides so many well-studied nutrients. If you are on a budget, Life Extension Mix provides the best cost per milligram value."

Sorry, but I cannot agree with this claim at all.

Basically what we want from an effective multivitamin nutritional supplement is the most 'bang' for our buck and this means the widest possible range of health benefits.

So for our dietary supplement budget we want a supplement that will target everything in our bodies - all major organs and systems and Life Extension Mix doesn't do that.

Most of the leading, good value nutritional health supplements cost around $40 a bottle and a full monthly dose is usually 2 bottles / boxes.

So you are looking at around $80 and in addition to this health conscious people should further consolidate their health with Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil that has been esterified (is in ester form not triglyceride form) and with a high DHA content

Life extension mix already costs about $100 for one months supply plus omega on top of that.

It doesn't have any well established nutrients targeting the immune system which is the first reason I wouldn't buy it.

The immune system as you know is critical to you health and is the first line of defense against disease - particularly nasty ones like cancer.

I don't know if you already read on my website but when I first arrived to live in Bangkok Thailand some 11 years ago the dreadful pollution here caused me a good half dozen case of bronchitis or chest infections each and every year.

Since the day I stated taking Total Balance (9 years ago - 2000) I have not had one case. In fact I haven't been sick one day. That's because Total Balance really targets the immune system with several potent 'immunity nutrients' (most importantly the expensive Polysaccharides).

Life mix is short on amino acids and there are only two in the formula. Of these it contains a whopping 600 mg of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and 500 mg Taurine!

Now I'm not a bio-scientist but I'm pretty sure that isolated high doses of any particular amino acid is not wise.

The scientist who formulated Total Balance is one of the most well known leading bio-scientists and chemists in BOTH the pharmaceutical and natural formula industries.

If there needed to be a lot of

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine he would have included it since he has a free rein from the company to include whatever should be there (regardless of cost constraints - Total Balance is one of the few supplements out there NOT manufactured to a price). But he has included only 35 mg - which complements and synergizes with all the other amino acids included.

Now, Life Mix has no L - Gluthathione and this is a major failing for an elite grade health / vitamin supplement formula.

L - Gluthathione is a very important ingredient which is rarely used in supplements due to its price (and the supplement needs to be enteric coated to protect the L - Gluthathione from destruction by stomach acids).

It's a crucial compound in your cells and is the most abundant antioxidant enzyme in your body. It's essential for cell health and organ survival. Your body manufactures less and less glutathione as you age so this is why supplementation is important.

L- Glutathione is one of the first ingredients I want in my supplement (after the key immunity ingredients - polysaccharides).

With the exception of Lycopene there are no other well established male support nutrients in Life Mix to guard against prostate problems especially prostate cancer. And there's no CHRYSIN to inhibit testosterone conversion (to estrogen), another big concern for us guys.

There are no standardized enzymes!

There are 8 standardized herbal extracts and while certain medicinal herbs are essential ingredients, a total of 8 is only just above the norm in the industry (Total Balance has 12). Bilberry is a very good one (eye health) but there is only 30 mg which I consider a disappointing amount.

Notice the powders included? These are not standardized extracts and are quite weak.

There are numerous other specialty supplements missing in this formula that target various organs and systems as well as increase the strength of other ingredients by acting as co-factors.

Vitamin E is another important ingredient and the whole vit. E family should be there but Life Mix has only included Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopheryl succinate) - which is quite common in the health supplement industry.

The full vitamin E family consists of 4 tocopherols (alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherols) and 4 tocotrienols (alpha-, beta- gamma and delta-tocotrienols).

The main strength of the Life extension Mix formula is the high dose amounts of carotenoids and flavonoids - Citrus bioflavonoid complex 1300 mg

And high dose amounts of these key ingredients (antioxidants):

Decaffeinated Green tea (Camellia sinensis) extract(leaf) 325 mg

Broccoli sprout concentrate 525 mg

HiActives 100% fruit/berry complex (A proprietary blend 200 mg

VitaBlue® 6 Wild Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) 150 mg

I guess if I had a MUCH bigger supplement budget and ate far less fruits and raw vegetables than I do I could possibly include LEM supplement into my supplement regime in addition to Total Balance Mens ('Premium' Version)

But overall Life Extension Mix is just not comprehensive enough.

Better to look for a full spectrum supplement covering everything in reasonable and sensible dose amounts.

Hope this helps Jeff. Here's a link to my best vitamin supplements page which has a in-depth comparisons and reviews of a selection of the markets leading multi ingredient health / vitamin supplements.

Yours In Good health


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Dec 02, 2018
great in-depth review
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the in-depth review of Life Extension Mix. I've been using Life Mix for about a year, and, as you said, it's expensive. This is the first time I've come across your website--I found it via Google while searching for Life Mix reviews. Now I need to figure out if you get paid by Total Balance, or if this is truly your unbiased review.

Jun 06, 2011
Cost of Life Extension
by: Anonymous

I recently tabulated the cost for the Life Extension Top Ten supplements (actually nine of them) and it came to a whopping $2700 a year! I find it hard to believe. If the LEF goal is the betterment of its members, why arent' prices reasonable? For example, LEF charges $14 for 100 25mg pills of DHEA-but you can get them for $7 at Nutrition Express. I'd have to be a movie star to afford LEF products! Anybody have a list of comparable products to the LEF Top Ten?

Also, Nutrition Express also sells Prostafit-as I recall it's about $40 for a year's supply (at one pill a day)-and I know it works.

Feb 26, 2008
Informative answer!
by: Anonymous

Very thorough answer and very interesting. Thanks.

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