Nutritional Health Supplements for Lymes

by Katie

I was just diagnosed with Lymes 1 week ago. I am in stage 1 and have few symptoms but the ones I have are quite painful.

Anyhow, a friend with Lymes said she takes Olive Leaf Extract and Samento. She swears by both.

I have read they are great herbs and would like to try, I, like my friend, am on antibiotics. I read here not to take Olive Leaf Extract. I am wondering if that is why she is so sick. Can I take Samento?

Brett's Answer:

Hi Katie,

It's good that you are only in stage 1 (and know the cause of your symptoms), as Lymes is often not diagnosed until the later stages. Knowing and taking action early is very helpful, allowing for better help early on to try and prevent the condition from worsening.

It is hard to give a highly specific answer for your individual case Katie because you haven't said what your "painful" symptoms are.

Symptoms of lyme disease can be so varied. If you would like to let me know what your painful symptoms are I can suggest a more individualized (and private) answer for you.

However....what I would advise first of all is a supplement regime consisting of two products to be taken at a full daily maximum dose. The supplements are good old Omega 3 fish oil (with a high DHA content) and a specialized multi nutrient health supplement called Total Balance. I have provided links at the bottom of this page which will take you to the product pages for these supplements. (** I use both of them as the core products in my own supplement regime).

Omega 3/DHA fish oil at 4 capsules per day may help to reduce the general inflammation of the disease, and help to ease any joint stiffness. This can even be increased to 6 per day if you have severe symptoms and have no blood thinning issues or use blood thinning medications.

You need to use the Women's 'Premium' version of Total Balance. This is the most effective health/vitamin supplement formula currently available (and it's affordable). (I've evaluated and reviewed hundreds of supplements and Total Balance came out on top - wayyyyyy ahead of the runners up).

The Total Balance formula has 97 ingredients many of which are

specialized and rarely seen in the supplement industry due to their cost and in some cases their need to be protected from stomach acid with a pharmaceutical grade inert enteric coating (Total Balance is the only multi ingredient health supplement available which has an enteric coating).

Total Balance includes pancratin, bromelain, vitamins, minerals, especially selenium, vitamins A, C, E, zinc and copper, which are all helpful in treating Lymes, as well as many essential speciality nutrients that can help with your overall health, and importantly to try to boost your immune system function, which is essential here.

If you want, and your budget allows, I would also recommend you add in the supplement, 'Immu-Stay' for a while to specifically aim at boosting immune function.

Other things that could be helpful are:

Bee Pollen which can help to boost blood consistency and tissue repair in these circumstances;

Primrose Oil for anti-inflammatory properties also (although it would not be needed with the higher dose of omega 3 oil (4 capsules per day);

Kelp at 1000-1500mg per day can help to detox as well as being a dietary measure, see below. I would probably rely more on the dietary measures however than kelp individually;

Katie you must ensure that your diet is OPTIMAL - raw/steamed veggies (very high consumption), plus fruits, raw nuts, seeds, lentils, fish, whole grains, and absolutely avoiding processed and refined foods.

Also, very important is that you drink 2+ liters per day of water, (NOT tap water), and vegetable juicing: greens and others. Include raw garlic in your diet for antibiotic help.

Colloidal silver can also be used as a good natural antibiotic, but only for the time that it is needed, not for long-term use.

You asked about Cat's Claw (Samento) which isn't really helpful here, so I don't really see this as having much of a specific use in your case. Olive leaf extract is fine as a small part your overall strategy. (There is 50mg of Olive Leaf Extract in the Total Balance Womens Premium version).

Here are the links for you (if they are not live please cut and paste them into your url window at the top of your internet browser)

Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil

Total Balance Women's (Premium Version)


My review of Total Balance

Good health to you Katie.

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