Why Most Anti-Aging Nutritional Supplements FAIL  

What The Manufacturers Aren't Telling You!

The amount of outright lies and exaggerated product claims for multi nutrient nutritional supplements (particularly the 'Premium' products) is nothing short of scandalous. But that's the way it is these days.

To have any idea of how much 'manipulation of the truth' is actually going on, you really need to do some serious research before you even attempt to cast your eyes on nutritional supplement marketing information put out by supplement companies.

Unfortunately, most people either don't want to or don't have the time to do research and simply rely on the marketing efforts of supplement companies. Many people believe that if they stay with the large well-known supplement brands they will be getting the best. This is a NOT TRUE! Read on to learn why.

These large multi-nationals have the largest marketing budgets and are the most clever at making you think what they want you to think about their products and your need for them. Sadly, even the savviest consumers seem to fall hook, line and sinker for the marketing presentations of the well known nutritional supplement brands who, as you're about to learn, are posing as the best when truth be told, they are not!

The best nutritional supplement formulas are not coming out of the large, well-known companies/brands! Take a look at my leading vitamin supplements comparisons. The supplements which out-do all the others are from a small to medium size, family owned business!

I used to work for a specialty nutritional supplement manufacturer so I know what goes on behind the scenes in the supplement industry. This experience allowed me to learn many of the secrets and shortcuts that supplement manufacturers take. I understand the basic science behind supplements and I know what the supplement companies are not disclosing about their products.

Most leading nutritional health supplements have serious product weaknesses and shortfalls which their manufacturers carefully and skillfully hide from you.

Nutritional supplement companies put together sophisticated marketing presentations which make their supplements appear better than they really are. But when we start to systematically pull apart their manufacturing processes and supplement formulas, we find that their supplements offer less value for money than what the marketing spin conjures up and that their ability to provide the promised health benefits is significantly compromised.

In this article my insider tips will highlight facts about supplements which the manufacturers definitely don't want you to know!

Please keep in mind that I'm concentrating only on premium, multi-nutrient nutritional health/vitamin supplements and not 'middle of the road' products nor the significantly cheaper supermarket type multi-vitamin / mineral formulations.

I'll be discussing supplements with science-based formulas which can support all your organs and body systems, utilizing the most proven and efficacious ingredients, from all the various nutrient categories (enzymes, anti-glycation agents, neuro-nutrients, flavonoids, carotenoids, methylation agents, adaptogens, calorie, restriction mimetics, amino acids, antioxidants, .............. and so on)

If you're looking for a nutritional vitamin supplement to simply provide a form of nutritional insurance (for poor dietary intakes) by topping up any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, then you don't need the type of nutritional supplements I'm discussing here.

A good quality vitamin and mineral supplement is all you need and you don't need to pay more than around $20 - $30 for a one month supply. Vitamins and minerals are the cheapest ingredients in supplements!

If, however, you're extremely health conscious and, like me, you expect your supplement to provide real and substantial anti-aging benefits, by helping to normalize your aging process AND protect the health of your DNA, AND offer help in avoiding those debilitating, 21st century influenced (but preventable) degenerative diseases, then you'll absolutely require the type of supplements I'm addressing here.

You're looking at premium grade, supplement formulas and this means a monthly price tag around $50 - $70 a bottle/box (taking a full daily dose). For this kind of money, (on an ongoing basis) you absolutely need to know you're using the most efficacious formula that nature and nutritional science combined can create AND getting the highest possible value for your money.

As you're probably aware, there are quite a few supplements out there posing as premium grade products and they all claim to give you potent anti-aging benefits and optimize your overall health and well-being. The truth, however, is that it takes a truly GREAT supplement formula to do this and unfortunately there are only a small number of GREAT formulas available.

So, I'll prove my point from just one simple perspective:-


When you see the marketing term 'ANTI AGING' what the manufacturers are really referring to are benefits that will slow down your aging process thereby addressing premature aging.

Premature aging is the greatest health threat society as a whole now faces (because it is caused by living in a civilized modern world!) You are bombarded by environmental and dietary toxins and stressors (most noticeably processed food) on a daily basis and the main consequence of this is a speeding up of your aging process! This creates the conditions for the onset of degenerative disease (statistically at earlier and earlier ages!)

So, here's the bottom line which you need to know:

There are 5 fundamental causes of aging and they are all interrelated. If you don't treat all five of them simultaneously you are most definitely going to fail with your anti aging efforts.

And this is why 99% of multi ingredient nutritional supplements are not worth their expensive price tags! Their manufacturers can only afford to tackle one part of this 5 part anti aging equation (the reduction of free radicals using antioxidants.) With the other components unaccounted for it is IMPOSSIBLE to make any significant headway in normalizing your aging process but the supplement companies will never mention that!

The 5 Fundamental Causes of Aging:

  • Excessive Free Radicals

  • Glycation

  • Abnormal Methylation

  • Chronic Inflammation

  • DNA Degeneration
The organizational size and structure of those large, well know nutritional supplement companies, in addition to their use of multi level marketing distribution, means they cannot afford to produce an effective nutritional supplement formula containing ALL the necessary ingredients to take on all four causes of aging. Some of the key ingredients required are quite costly and are quite rare in the supplement industry.

Here's a breakdown of these specialized anti aging ingredients. These are what you need to look for in a truly effective, premium grade health supplement (the multi ingredient nutritional health supplement I use contains all of them - which is exactly why I use it!):


Antioxidants, keep the free radical population within your body to 'normal' levels so as to keep the oxidative damage under (some degree of) control. All health/vitamin nutritional supplements contains antioxidants thereby tackling this component of aging.

The cheaper supplements primarily include the well known vitamin antioxidants vitamins A, C, E and the trace mineral selenium but all of these are quite weak (and very cheap)! The premium grade supplements do a far better job than their cheaper counterparts by including some of the more powerful and more expensive antioxidants such as :

  • Green Tea

  • Gingko Biloba

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • Lutein

  • Bilberry

  • Grape Extract

But none of these can compare to an exceptionally potent antioxidant like

L-Glutathione is one of those key ingredients which separates the most efficacious formulas from the 'wanna-be'!

But there's a problem!

L-Glutathione, is ineffective in (just about) all nutritional supplements for 2 key reasons. Firstly, it has to be included only in the (far more expensive) 'reduced' form - a smaller molecular size/weight. 'Normal' L-Glutathione is too big to penetrate your intestinal walls. Due to bottom line pressures, the low molecular form of L-Glutathione is rarely used in nutritional supplements!

Then, on top of this, L-Glutathione is highly sensitive to destruction by stomach acids and MUST be protected as it passes through the stomach (being released in the upper intestine!) So, any nutritional supplements containing L-Glutathione must be ENTERIC COATED'. This is a special inert coating which protects sensitive ingredients from exposure to stomach acid and guarantees they are released in the upper intestine. Once again due to price controls, enteric coating is almost never used with nutritional health supplements. (The supplement I use is the only enteric coated health supplement out there - another reason why I use it!)


While free radical damage is bad, glycation is worse! Glycation accelerates your aging process and is a MAJOR catalyst for degenerative disease. Do some research on it and you'll understand.

Nutritional supplements can help protect against glycation with specialized anti-glycation agents.

The most important one is Carnosine (it attaches to glycating agents and NEUTRALIZES them.) It also creates a protective shield around protein molecules stopping them from cross-linking. Cross linking is a major cause of wrinkles and deterioration of your skin.

There is no other known natural substance which can do what Carnosine does - so if you're serious about your anti aging program, Carnosine MUST be there in your supplement formula.

As you probably guessed, it's a VERY expensive nutrient and not very common in the nutritional supplements industry. (The generally accepted effective dose rate is 50 - 150 mg daily.) As is the case with so many other natural substances, Carnosine performs better when it is synergized with a wide range of other nutrients. (So don't take it in isolation!)


First thing to know here is that some methylation is normal (it's a natural process in your body) but too much is disastrous for your health. There are chemicals inside you which must be methylated in order to avoid serious health consequences.

You need to take action to help your body achieve more balanced methylation. As you age your methylation becomes less efficient bringing on SERIOUS damage and the onset of degenerative disease!

By using nutritional supplements which contain the nutrients your body needs to balance its methylation processes your anti aging program will be successful.

The most effective nutritional supplements contain these
essential methylating compounds :

  • B Vitamins - B6, B12 and Folic Acid

  • Tri-Methyl-Glycine (TMG) - also known as 'Betaine'

  • SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine)

Now, you need all of them in your health supplement especially SAMe which stands head and shoulders above the others as the BEST METHYLATING AGENT    in nutritional supplements! SAMe is yet another totally expensive nutrient almost never used in health/vitamin nutritional supplements due to its extreme price.
SAMe is also extremely vulnerable to stomach acid and MUST be protected by enteric coating

Otherwise it's a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY having it in a non-enteric coated supplement.


Chronic inflammation is a major underlying cause of disease!

If not controlled, inflammation in your body will create chaos with your health! There are well-known scientists who consider chronic inflammation as the main contributor to age-related health damage.

Excessive inflammation causes toxic chemicals which eat away body tissues leading to heart disease, dementia, arthritis, and diabetes just to mention a few.

As with the other aging issues above inflammation is also not limited to a single thing or process. It is interrelated with these other causes.


Please keep in mind that swallowing isolated doses of particular nutrients to address only free radical damage, or only glycation and so on will not work!

To be successful with any kind anti-aging regime you must tackle everything!

Only the industry's genuine super supplements such as Total Balance can do this.

No doubt you've seen the advertising for different Omega 3 fish oil supplements which puts forward the oil as the answer to inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil are greatly beneficial in reducing inflammation but their drawback is they address only one component of the much wider picture of inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is associated with dangerous chemicals. Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF) is a good example. This deadly chemical actively promotes the degeneration of your brain and nerves! It is activated by a combination of free radicals and AGEs.

Certain nutrients such as calorie restriction mimics are needed to control TNF and lessen the amounts of it produced. The most effective of the calorie restriction mimics is RESVERATROL.

It's essential that you use a health / vitamin supplement which includes resveratrol. The most efficient form is the 'Trans' form. What you don't want is the cheaper 'Cis' form. Because Trans resveratrol is so expensive to purchase, supplement companies can't afford to include an effective amount. Commonly you will find extremely low potencies (5 - 10%) of resveratrol in health and vitamin supplements. disappointingly this includes most of the elite brands.

The best anti-inflammation nutrients to work in combination with omega 3 oil in reducing inflammation are:

  • Resveratrol

  • Glutathione

  • Carnosine

  • Turmeric

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • Flavanoids

Let's Sum Up

Well, there you have it. The raw facts of the anti aging issue!

If you're using a nutritional health / vitamin supplement marketing itself as a premium / elite / superior type product, around the $40 and above price-mark, then you should take a look at the label to see if it contains every one of the key anti-aging ingredients I've mentioned in this article.

What's the verdict?

Does the marketing literature for your supplement talk about potent anti aging benefits? You can now see, from just one simple angle (I'll look at the other angles in other forthcoming articles) why the market leading nutritional supplements fail to do what they claim.

Supplement companies promise you superior anti aging benefits but fail to mention the four interrelated causes of aging and that their products address only one of these. They talk about powerful antioxidant protection but generally fall well short of including most of the powerful antioxidants (with high potencies) and instead primarily fill up much of their tablets with ridiculously high amounts of the cheap vitamin antioxidants.

The Super Supplement That I Use!

Total Balance Nutritional Health Supplement
To date, I've reviewed numerous market-leading nutritional health supplements! Based on my research, the health supplement I selected for my own health is called 'Total Balance'.

This is a sophisticated, powerful and highly efficacious super supplement which my family and I've been using since the year 2000. It's self-manufactured and sold by 'Xtend-Life' - a medium sized, family owned, New Zealand based company (with no shareholders!). That means fair prices.

The regulatory environment for dietary / nutritional supplements in New Zealand is significantly tougher than in the US. It's similar to that of Australia- very tough indeed.

Only high quality supplements make it out of New Zealand!

Total Balance is a genuine PREMIUM GRADE Nutritional Health Supplement whose formula sets a new standard in the nutritional supplements market.

It was formulated by a world renowned bio-scientist:

Prof. Dr. A Munem Daoud PhD., MSc., ND.

Prof. Dr. Munem was chief scientist in Iraq and had the responsibility of controlling 200,000 scientists and bio-chemists. He was able to get out of Iraq and settled all the way down in the southern hemisphere, in New Zealand - in the mid 1980's.

Prof. Dr. Munem is a world-renowned scientist who was included in the 1997-98 Who's Who in the World list for scientists

Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing your supplement has been created by one of the world's most RENOWNED EXPERTS in supplement formulation

Total Balance Women's Plus
The CURRENT (8th Generation) Total Balance PREMIUM VERSIONS give you:

An INCREDIBLE 97 - 99 ingredients

targeting every organ and internal system, including your skin and brain.

The Total Balance formula is UNIQUE. It contains ALL of these categories of ingredients:

  • Antioxidants

  • Anti-Glycation Agents

  • Methylation Agents

  • Adaptogens

  • Calorie Restriction Mimetics

  • Amino Acids

  • Enzymes

  • Neuronutrients

  • Herbal Extracts

  • Carotenoids

  • Flavanoids

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Trace Elements

  • Co-factors

If you would like to find out more about this fantastic supplement please the links below to view the product pages for the different versions of Total Balance:

Total Balance nutritional health supplement


Total Balance nutritional health supplement


Total Balance Unisex from Xtend-Life


Total Balance nutritional super supplement


TB Children's Version


The most important point I'd like to make here is that the Total Balance formulas are currently the ONLY multi ingredient nutritional health supplements which contain the SPECIALIZED ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS necessary to address all five fundamental causes of aging. Remember to keep in mind that all five are interrelated and must be addressed simultaneously to achieve the results that supplements promise.

The enteric coating ensures all those key ingredients make it into your bloodstream. This means real and substantial results for your anti aging program.

If you're serious about giving your health strong nutritional support which includes slowing down and normalizing your aging process, then it simply doesn't make sense to spend money on any other nutritional supplements.

Lastly, I would like to encourage you to do your own research to confirm the facts I've introduced you to in this article.

Here's a link to my market leading vitamin supplements comparisons and reviews page. This link will take you to my Total Balance review

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