Nutritional Vitaimin Supplements Are Expensive

by Sandy Leete

My husband and I are using Usana products - good product, I guess. But I don't know if it is great. I have been looking at other options. I have read and reread your site. Very Interesting! A friend of mine is trying RELIV products (powder form products) and says she "feels a difference".

I have been thinking about trying them. Do you know anything about these products? Certainly, information on your site makes me concerned about stomach acids and bioavailability. Of course, proponents of powder supplements feel like they are more bioavailable. Vitamin supplements are expensive and I want to choose the right product.

Brett's Answer:

Hi Sandy, thanks for your question.

I'm very sorry but due to the overwhelming number of questions that have been coming in over the past 12 months I have discontinued answering peoples questions for the time being as I simply can't keep up.

All I can say is that if you have read all the reviews on nutritional supplement including the review of Total Balance, the multi nutrient health supplement I use, then you basically have the information you need regarding what you need to know and to look for when comparing nutritional health supplements.

Be sure to also read my super supplements page as well - this gives you criteria to look for:

I know of the RELIV products but they simply aren't in the same class as Total Balance. Total Balance offers the best

multi nutrient health formula in the market at this time and represents the best value for money you'll find in the supplement industry. The inclusion of many rare and costly ingredients such as L-Glutathione as well as the anti aging ingredients (l-Carnosine etc) make 'Total Balance' untouchable as the leading multi nutrient health supplement.

We need to keep in mind that it is the only health/vitamin supplement formula which can address all five of the fundamental causes of aging (excessive free radicals, abnormal methylation, glycation, chronic inflammation and DNA degeneration). All other nutritional vitamin supplements approach the anti aging equation by targeting only one of these factors- free radical production (through the use of antioxidants).

If you haven't yet read my review of Total Balance I think it's beneficial that you do.

Please excuse the fact that the review content is written in a marketing presentation format - that's because most people respond to that style and it's the only way to get them to read to the bottom of that long page. I used to have only the scientific facts but this turns too many people off.

Have you read through the product details of the Total Balance women's Version? Here is a direct link to that page (for the Premium version which, if you can afford it, is the most powerful supplementation support you can offer your health).

Total Balance Women's (Premium Version)

I hope this helps Sandy.

Yours In Good Health


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