Why Nutritional Vitamin Supplements Could Be A lot More Effective!

The Supplement Industry Is Full Of Greed,
Lies and Half Truths!

This page deals with ' Why Nutritional Vitamin Supplements Are Not As Good As They Could Be' and ties into this page how to evaluate nutritional supplements You may like to go and read through that page first to better put this page and all it's truths in perspective.

Why You Need To Evaluate Supplement Quality and Safety Before You Buy

I'm sure you already know that a HUGE amount of money is wasted each and every day on poorly put together and ineffective supplements!

But Why?:

  • GMP regulations that don't stop a bad supplements from being made

  • Cheating and dishonest manufacturers and suppliers

  • Supplement Manufacturing which is contracted out

  • Extremely large organizational structures

  • Constant pressure from shareholders - aka GREED

So let's take a look at exactly how each of these factors ultimately plays a part in witling down the strength, quality, safety and value for money of nutritonal vitamin / health supplements.

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Nutritional Vitamin Supplements And
Weak Industry Regulations

Why is it that when your doctor tells you to take a pharmaceutical drug you do so without any real concern about its quality or ability to work? (Disregard nasty side-effects for just a moment).

It's probably because you know in the back of your mind that prescription drugs are subject to strict regulation and oversight.

What about Nutritional Supplements?

  • There are 'NO' U.S. regulations in place that require PROOF that a nutritional vitamin supplement works!

  • There are also no government agencies which regularly monitor active ingredient amounts, quality, purity and efficacy against bottle label claims.

  • Companies manufacturing nutritional vitamin supplements don't have to inform the FDA before manufacturing or selling (unless there's a totally new ingredient not existing in the market since 1994).

  • There's not even a regulation which requires proof that a supplement is safe!

This means unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers with little know-how can put together and sell ineffective supplements!

This is why we end up with supplements:

  • With too little or even none of the active ingredient

  • Spiked with inactive fillers

  • With too much active ingredient

  • Containing pesticides, herbicides or pathogens

  • Containing dangerous or illegal ingredients (particularly lead!)

  • Containing the wrong ingredient (especially herbs)

  • With misleading product info or health claims
Did you know it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to bring a pharmaceutical drug to market but a nutritional supplement can reach the marketplace for as little as several thousand dollars. Well within the reach of unqualified people you do not want to buy from!

" Between one-quarter and one-third of the dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, and herbals) sold in the United States today have one or both of the following problems:

1. The products do not contain what they say they do on the label.

2. The products contain undisclosed dangerous substances in addition to what appears on their labels. " (1)

If you're interested you can follow this link to an article about supplement fraud at WebMDHealth

Contract Manufacturing
Is The Door Open For Your Supplement?

"Contract manufacturing CAN AND DOES open the door for adulterated ingredients to enter the manufacturing chain."

Here's a fact that may raise your eyebrows. Roughly 95% of nutritional vitamin supplements in the US are produced by just a handful of contract manufacturers!

This compromises quality control as contract manufacturers have wildly varying standards (which is no secret to those like me who have worked in the industry). If you knew what I know you would be a lot more careful who you buy from, including some major brand names!

Strike A Pose

Most nutritional vitamin supplements, from simple vitamin and mineral formulations to would-be super supplements, are put together from a marketability point of view - cashing in from the latest 'in-vogue' nutrients.

Contract manufacturers get in on the act by putting together cheap ready to go supplement mixes for sale!

"Good science should be the guiding principle when formulating supplements but....
greed wins out most times"

Company Structures And
Shareholder GREED

You probably know that nutritional vitamin supplements are usually sold via MLM (multi-level marketing).

This is bad news for supplement consumers like you and me because the MLM system generates HUGE administrative costs. Layer upon layer of commissions must be paid under this structure and these absolutely impact on a supplements quality, efficacy, and price.

The wide corporate structures (with or without MLM) of those humungous US based supplement companies are inefficient and generate gargantuan costs. They have no choice but to inflate product prices and look for sneaky shortcuts to drive profit.

Nasty Shortcuts You Need To Know About!

The type of shortcuts going on behind the scenes are much too technical to bore you with but in the simplest sense they relate to the total number, type and molecular form of ingredients used; their potencies and of course the dosage amounts included.

" Nutritional vitamin supplements could be made way more effective if the manufacturers' main objective was always to produce the finest product that nutritional science allows - rather than holding back due to shareholder pressures aka GREED! "

Are You Ready To Discover The True Effectiveness Of Nutritional Vitamin Supplements And Never Get Sucked In By Marketing Lies Again?

Just follow this link back to evaluating nutritional vitamin supplements and use the evaluation criteria links there. In no time at all you'll be evaluating those complex multi-ingredient nutritional health supplements like a pro!

Good Health Always!


  1. Pilzer PJ. The Wellness Revolution. 2002. 4:106

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