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How Many Core Products do you need in a Nutritional Supplement Foundation For Wellness?

Nutritional vitamin supplements
 come in thousands of different formulations.

mixed nutritional vitamin supplements

Which one(s) and how many do you need to make up your core supplement foundation for wellness, longevity and protection against disease?

If you’ve already read why supplements? you'll know that nutritional vitamin supplements have become necessary in the 21st century as a form of nutritional insurance against our terrible diets, nutrient deficient foods, contaminated food supply and to guard against ever increasing environmental toxins and stressors.

Top end supplements formulated on the latest breakthroughs in cellular bio-chemistry have become so good that they really do promote wellness and keep you from becoming a customer in Americas' $1.5 trillion sickness industry.

So, here's an important question:

Since savvy, well educated consumers like yourself now understand the need to practice preventative health-care by taking professional grade supplements, what exactly should be in those supplements if they're truly going to deliver the results I've just listed?

There are so many different categories of nutrients, what do we need?

Are good old vitamins and minerals by themselves enough?

The answer to that is dependent on the times we live in. Once upon a time when foods were still natural and pure, the air was unpolluted and lifestyles were free from stress, supplements were not necessary.

But now our fruits and vegetables contain only a fraction of the essential vitamins and minerals they once did!

So we definitely need vitamins and minerals in our supplement.

Then we have the toxic contaminates that have penetrated the food chain - pesticides herbicides, preservatives, hormones and goodness knows what other carcinogenic chemicals. This on top of all the pollution in the air and water, and stress in our lives, is causing our bodies to break down with disease.

So we need powerful disease fighting/curing nutrients in our supplement (herbals and phytonutrients).

Then we have amino acids - critical building blocks for cells in our organs that replace themselves on a daily to monthly cycle. The nine essential amino acids our bodies need from external sources (food) come in the form of protein. But with today's 'weight-loss' mindset and carbohydrate junk food explosion, many people are not taking in enough protein (i.e. amino acids).

So we need amino acids in our supplement.

Then we have chemicals produced by the body which are needed for critical metabolic reactions but which are produced less and less by our bodies as we age. L-Gluthathione is a perfect example.

So we need specialty nutrients such as L-Glutathione in our supplement.

Then we have cofactors - molecules which allow enzymes to create metabolic reactions in order that other nutrients can make themselves available for utilization by the body.

So we need cofactors in all nutritional vitamin supplements to make the other ingredients absorbable and do their work.

Then we have antioxidants - needed to counter all the free radical damage being done to our cells and DNA. Free radical damage is one of the primary factors involved in the aging process.

These days the majority of people are aging at a much faster rate than what nature intended!

So we definitely need a wide range of potent antioxidants in our supplement

Now we come to common health problems for men and women. For example, prostate problems for men and menstrual problems for women.

So nutritional vitamin supplements MUST have separate versions for men and women - containing gender specific support nutrients to counter common health conditions specific to each sex.

Then we have enzymes! Without the action of enzymes, digestion would not be possible. As we age our bodies slow down the manufacture of enzymes. Without an adequate supply of essential enzymes the benefits of taking any of the other nutrients mentioned above would be largely negated.

So we need 3 classes of digestive enzymes in our supplement:

1) 'Proteolytic' to digest protein (e.g. papain & bromelain)

2) 'Lipases' to digest fat 

3) 'Amylases' to digest carbohydrates.

OK - now we can properly answer the key question as to what exactly should be in our supplement?

Professional grade nutritional vitamin supplements require a wide range of nutrient types in addition to essential vitamins and minerals.

This must include a diverse blend of amino acids, phytonutrients, herbals, potent antioxidants, enzymes, cofactors and other specialty nutrients for males and females.

How Many Supplements Do You Really Need?

As you've just seen, your nutritional supplement foundation must supply you with a diverse range of nutrient forms. Cheap nutritional vitamin supplements containing only vitamins and minerals don't achieve this and leave your body and health short of what is needed.

"Do I need several supplements to get this wide range of nutrients?"

Absolutely Not!

At the top-end of the market there is an elite group of professionally formulated multi nutrient nutritional vitamin supplements, from leading science based supplement companies. The best of these contain all the best and highly effective nutrients you need from ALL the nutrient categories, in a correctly balanced formulation.

These top of the line nutritional vitamin supplements have been created by highly qualified and experienced bio-scientists (not marketers or physicians) who understand the synergistic effects of multiple ingredients and which molecular pathways they follow in the body.

This type of supplement is considerably more expensive upfront but they’re actually cheaper - and give you far more potent and comprehensive health benefits - than purchasing a handful of less complex or single ingredient supplements (which is what many people unwisely do in an uneducated attempt to get a complete nutritional program).

NOTE : Taking several supplements is not only a hassle and ridiculously expensive but is counter-productive to what you are trying to achieve.

Doing this can be harmful because many ingredients when taken in isolation cause nutrient imbalances in the body and some can become toxic if taken in excess or over a long time. Others can cancel each other out. The correct combination of ingredients is crucial in achieving efficacy (effectiveness) and safety in a supplement.

So please don’t guess or self prescribe - purchase professionally formulated multi nutrient nutritional vitamin supplements from leading, science based companies.

To help you out I have evaluated and reviewed elite grade market leading multi nutrient health/vitamin supplements. 

This link will take you to my vitamin health supplements comparisons page where you can see these products go head to head.

Now, even though these exceptional nutritional vitamin supplements are the best out there you need to keep in mind that even they are not all equal!

Use the comparisons to see which one comes in first as the 'best of the best'. It's clearly listed for you.

P.S. That's the one I take!

The most effective multi nutrient nutritional vitamin supplements have at least 60 up to around 100 ingredients.

But with this number of ingredients it's not possible to get the daily dosage into a single (swallowable) tablet. You’ll need more than 1 tablet per day and please remember to take your supplements twice daily.

This allows for optimal saturation and absorption of the key ingredients (particularly the antioxidants) as the body can only absorb limited amounts of nutrients at any one time.

Do I Need Anything Else?

Your supplement foundation needs one other complementary and extremely important component:

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential fatty acids (EFAs) -- the ‘good fats’ that we literally can’t live without. Our bodies can’t manufacture EFA's so we need to get them from food and supplements.

Numerous studies conclude that around 90% of Americans don’t get anywhere near enough Omega 3 from their diet. Hence the need to supplement.

The richest source of Omega 3 comes from oily cold-water fish such as salmon and tuna - but because it’s an oil it can’t be included in hard tablet nutritional vitamin supplements.

That’s why you need 2 components in your supplement foundation.

The health benefits of Omega 3 are primarily associated with EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).

Of these DHA is by far more important. Your prime objective for consuming Omega 3 should be to get DHA into your body.

New studies are constantly appearing heralding the amazing health properties of DHA. Please make DHA content the first thing you look at when reading labels.

If you would like to read about the heart benefits of Omega 3 click here.

The purity of the oil is an extremely important consideration since fish absorb toxins from our heavily polluted oceans. To avoid heavy metals and other pollutants (PCB’s) you need oil which has been molecularly distilled -- this is a process which filters out all contaminants.

So you should aim for a quality Fish Oil/Omega 3 product which is molecularly distilled and has a high DHA content.

Most fish oils in the market ARE NOT molecularly distilled (it’s an expensive process) and usually have a standard 180mg EPA / 120mg DHA composition - this is a low DHA content and you need more than this on a daily basis.

There are some concentrated high quality Omega 3 oils available which contain DHA levels of 250mg and above.


These types of products are often marketed as “Pharmaceutical Grade” -- actually there is no such official standard or criteria for this term -- but anyway be on the lookout for these products and buy them.

If you'd like you can visit my benefits of fish oil supplements page to see which Omega 3 product I use. The certificates of analysis regularly show it has close to 300 mgs of DHA and of course it's molecularly distilled. It's also in an 'ester form' - this makes it more absorbable than the common triglyceride form used in 99% of fish oil products. 

Summing Up

Your core supplement foundation needs only 2 products to support and fortify your health with these benefits:

  • wellness and longevity 

  • overcoming nutrient deficiencies 

  • offering advanced immune system support 

  • superior antioxidant protection for your whole body 

  • optimal doses of advanced nutrients to rejuvenate aging organs including your brain and your DNA

  • optimizing hormone levels 

  • removing buildups of toxins 

  • restoring healthy bacteria to the digestive tract 


As long as you don't have any specific health conditions then each day all you'll need is:

  1. A premium nutritional health supplement to supply a broad spectrum of powerful nutrients - each in the correct form/amounts/overall balance and with high bioavailability

  2. Molecularly distilled Omega 3 fish oil with a high DHA content of 250 mg or more.

To Your Better Health!

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