Learn To Evaluate Nutritional Vitamin Supplements And Stop being deceived by Marketing Mis-Truths!

Some Simple Tips To Help You Evaluate Multi-Ingredient Nutritional Supplement Quality

Since you've arrived at this page, it's likely that your already using some form of nutritional vitamin supplement or multi-ingredient health supplement (same thing - different terminology) to power-up your health, top-up any daily or ongoing nutrient shortfalls and to help fortify and protect yourself against an ever increasing toxic load which, thanks to 21st century living, keeps rising and rising.

This, as I'm sure you are all too well aware of, likely contributes to life-threatening degenerative disease like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's and on and on and on.

Processed food today is, in many cases, essentially NOT FOOD ANYMORE - it just resembles food. It's devoid of the key nutritional content from those more wholesome years gone by. Today, processed food has been weaponized against us. Reflect on that for a while and you'll see how it all makes sense!

So, despite the best attempts of many health-conscious people, such as myself, who look to high quality organic food, and copious quantities of raw vegetables, plant-based foods (and to a lesser degree fruits) and control their sugar intake, it's simply IMPOSSIBLE to avoid the nutritional and environmental toxins and stressors which impact our health every single day.

People are coming around to the unfortunate reality of modern day living, more and more, which is why the use of nutritional supplements, organic foods and other established healthy lifestyle modalities has been on the rise for several years now (from around 2010 in my opinion).

The need for a quality nutritional vitamin supplement is no longer in dispute. Numerous credible institutions have come out to recommend the use of a daily nutritional health supplement in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

The questions we need to be asking ourselves, therefore, need to be concerned with the quality of the supplements out there and which ones to use. These days the price tags for a 1 month supply vary from the cheap and nasty ($20) up to ridiculous amounts of $200+ with each company telling you just how good their particular supplement is.

So, if you are a nutritional vitamin supplement user, I'd like to pose these questions to you:

blue question mark icon Have you ever wondered whether your nutritional vitamin supplement is really as effective as it's manufacturer tells you it is. Is it possible that you could in fact be being deceived (to any degree?)

blue question mark icon Are you using a market leading 'Premium' grade supplement from one of the, well-known and trusted supplement companies which contains a broad spectrum of nutrients in addition to vitamins and minerals and paying quite a bit more for it ......... BUT wondering whether you're truly getting significantly more health benefits and greater value for money ....... OR could it be that it's simply a prettied up supplement in more sophisticated packaging with some larger doses of some current 'in-vogue' nutrients thrown in to increase its legitimacy and higher price tag?

blue question mark icon Have you always known that those fancy marketing presentations from supplement companies bend the truth and make their products appear better than they really are .... but you don't have the time nor desire to go hunting the real truth let alone know where to start looking!

 bluequestion mark icon Is it important to you to research before you buy - especially long term investments such as those in your health, happiness and longevity?

 bluequestion mark icon Do you know anyone right now with cancer, heart disease or any other degenerative disease for which they are clearly too young to be inflicted? Do you wish to grow old and die of natural causes without any disease or debilitating health conditions?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then I can help you!

If your goal is to live to a ripe old age and die naturally without disease and the need to rely on taking pharmaceutical drugs every day in your golden years just to stay alive then you need to take action now and work at it for the next 50+ years. That's simply the fact of the matter.

Let me show you an EASY method to evaluate the quality, efficacy and value for money of nutritional vitamin / health supplements!

A world-renowned bio-scientist taught this to me while I was working in the nutritional supplement industry and I've used it ever since when I review supplements.

I've simplified the process for supplement consumers such as yourself who don't have industry-specific knowledge. All you have to do is spend time studying the Facts Label/Other Ingredients label of a supplement and the website of the company who sells it. Then, if you want to take things a step further and evaluate the supplement more deeply, you'll need to send off an email to the supplement company with some powerful key questions which I've set out for you down below.

Once you receive the answers you simply compare them with the 'Ideal Answers' I've listed for you.

If the supplement company doesn't answer you at all - which is quite common - or they only answer some of the questions while hiding behind the ' Sorry This Is Proprietary Information' wall of silence' for others, then you know they've clearly got things to hide!

None of the questions I've prepared for you deals with any factors that should/could be considered 'proprietary information' - even though some companies, will, of course, say they are - simply to avoid having to confirm potential weaknesses in their products or manufacturing processes.

The Truth Will Be Revealed!

Are you wondering whether it's worth your while to do this and whether the difference between most supplement brands is really all that great?

Believe me, it is! Your long term health is possibly at stake here and for many people, the supplement they choose in their 30's or 40's will be the one they stay with for the next 4 or 5 decades. That's why it's so incredibly important that you know for sure that your choice of nutritional health supplement is the best one out there. your health deserves nothing less - right!

So, before I get into the specifics of how to go about evaluating nutritional vitamin supplements please let me take a moment to further explain why it's super important that you do make the effort to go through this process or at least some effort at evaluating your supplement of choice or a brand you may be considering or that has been recommended to you (including by me in this website).

Thousands Of Nutritional Vitamin Supplements
A Paradox Of Choice!

The Devil Is In The Details

Let's consider what you, as a supplement consumer, are up against!

  • Ineffective industry regulations that do way too little to protect your safety

  • Dishonesty and fraud - FAR more common than you'd think

  • Contract manufacturing - opening a potential can of worms for several absolutely key issues

  • Humungous ineffective, expense heavy company structures

  • Shareholder GREED - that's NEVER SATISFIED
If you'd like to read how these factors negatively impact the quality, safety, efficacy and value for money of virtually all supplements, including yours, (but not mine!) please follow this link: nutritional vitamin supplements

" Between one-quarter and one-third of the dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, and herbals) sold in the United States today have one or both of the following problems:

1. The products do not contain what they say they do on the label.

2. The products contain undisclosed dangerous substances in addition to what appears on their labels. " (1)

Are You Ready To Zoom in On The Markets' Most Elite Supplements Which Also Come With Superior Value For Your Supplement Dollar?

There's no need to be intimidated by the complexity of nutritional vitamin supplements formulas containing large numbers of ingredients (like 60, 80 or 100). You can expose their true worth and check under the hood by knowing how to use 6 very important criteria.

  1. The Formula
  2. Ingredient Quality
  3. Bio-availability
  4. Synergy
  5. Manufacturing Standards
  6. Value For Money
" Quality science-based nutritional vitamin supplements are a significant ongoing expense so it makes a great deal of sense to study ALL the (relevant) details before buying but at the same time not be led astray by misleading marketing presentations.

They're an investment in your health and like all important investments they need to be researched."

Taking Some Time To Evaluate Your Supplements Allows You To
Take Control Over Your Own Health!

I've devoted a separate page to each of the 6 criteria so please use these links just below to open each page and discover what to look for with each evaluation criteria.

Nutritional Supplement Formulas

Ingredient Quality In Nutritional Supplements

Bioavailability Of Nutritional Supplements

Synergy In Nutritional Supplements

Manufacturing Standards and Protocols

Value For Money In The Best Vitamin Supplements


  1. Pilzer PJ. The Wellness Revolution. 2002. 4:106

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