'Orachel Plus' For Damaged Lung Tissue


Can you please tell me whether the supplement 'Orachel Plus' can help damaged lung tissue?


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hello and thank you for contacting us with your question.

‘Orachel Plus’ is a combination of multivitamins and minerals, plus herbs and antioxidants. It provides a basic dose of essential vitamins and minerals, some in chelated form, to supplement your diet when your nutritional intake is inadequate. The ingredients within it are known for their properties to increase overall general health, and in that respect could certainly help alongside a good diet, and exercise regime.

‘Orachel Plus’ however does not concentrate its ingredients on resolving damaged lung tissue, or more specifically strengthening the respiratory system. With regard to this specific need, alongside any medical advice, you have been given, I would highly recommend looking at a specific respiratory formulation, - our recommendation is Xtend-Life's speciality supplement called Lung Support.

This Lung Support formula works alongside a general multi-nutrient health supplement, such as 'Total Balance' (also from the Xtend-Life company) and is very specific in that it aims to support the respiratory system for recovery and strengthening, as well as improving the immune system, important in any cell or tissue regeneration. You can find more details on Xtend-Life's Lung Support here.

In addition, I recommend looking into yoga practice, with a personal tutor, to help increase your lung strength and capacity with a good breathing programme.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your recovery.

Yours In Good Health
Joanna-Roselyn Maggs MSc


Joanna-Roselyn Maggs is based in the UK. She has contributed to the success of supplement manufacturers and natural health companies around the globe, authoring many company articles and posts and managing health plans directly for their clients. More about Joanna here

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