Pesticides in Nutritional Supplements

by Arthur

I have looked at the multivitamin nutritional supplements in your comparisons but how can I know if a supplement is safe and has no pesticides in it. Can you comment on the subject of pesticides in health supplements?

Brett's Answer:

Hi Arthur, your question is an important one. Thanks for asking.

The situation regarding nutritional supplements and pesticides is something that supplement users need to acquaint themselves with.

Once they understand what they should be looking for and what questions they need to ask then they can be confident in tracking down only contaminant free multivitamin nutritional supplements (or any other kind of supplement!).

Because there are disreputable supplement manufacturers out there who buy the cheapest of raw ingredients, which have undergone minimal quality assurance measures and do not come with a certificate of analysis, and then do little to no testing themselves, this pesticide issue must be taken seriously by supplement users.

Here is an excerpt from an article titled:


from the IV International Conference on Quality and Safety Issues Related to Botanicals (Authors: J.W. Wong, M.S. Wirtz, M.K. Hennessy, F.J. Schenck, A.J. Krynitsky, S.G. Capar)

...In samples collected in 2004, pesticides were found in 44 out of 87 samples of botanical dietary supplements (the majority of these being ginseng products) suspected of containing pesticides.

Over 30 different types of organochlorine, organophosphorus, and organonitrogen pesticide residues were present in these samples, with pentachloroaniline, pentachlorobenzene, and quintozene being the most abundant.

A majority of these products contained more than one pesticide; one such sample was found to contain as many

as 12 organochlorine compounds....


Now Arthur, the problem of pesticides relates only to plant derived ingredients in a supplement.

The issue with pesticides is heavy metal residues from the pesticide sprays. You don't need to worry about all the other components because they are removed during the extraction processes.

So if you have your eye on a particular multivitamin nutritional supplement the first thing you must determine from a safety point of view is does the manufacturer test every batch of raw materials for heavy metals?

This should be clearly displayed on a supplement company's website under their safety testing or safety protocols pages.

If you can find nothing about this listed then that should raise an immediate red flag. You can always email the company and ask them but you shouldn't have to do this.

Be sure the company makes it clear that they do heavy metals testing on every batch FOR ALL PLANT DERIVED INGREDIENTS AND NOT JUST THE HERBAL EXTRACTS.

Furthermore a professional company will ALSO perform a heavy metal test on all finished batches of product. Be sure to check this out before purchasing any kind of supplement.

If a company follows these protocols then you can rest assured that their nutritional supplements are pesticide free.

Arthur, I hope this helps.

And by the way I wonder if you wouldn't mind telling some of your health conscious friends about my site. Any of them that currently use health supplements may find it of interest to see my health supplement comparisons and reviews.

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Yours In Good Health


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Apr 29, 2012
Dietary Supplements
by: Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements and Today's Lifestyle

Many articles by nutritionists and physicians blithely assume that we all eat five fruits and vegetables per day that we never skip breakfast, and religiously consume whole grains rather than processed grains. They seem to ignore the fact that the average person does eat fast food and that salt, carbohydrates, and sugar are a regular part of millions of people's diets. These are the people who say that dietary supplements are not necessary, because a balanced diet takes care of all that for you.
The Reality of Today's Lifestyle

Reality dictates otherwise. Our schedules are packed, and many of us are worried about finances, making ends meet, and the general stresses of raising a family where everyone seems to have a different schedule. Even for those who make nutrition a priority, perfect eating habits sometimes go by the wayside. As a result, it's hard to be sure whether we are consuming enough fiber, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and amino acids to ensure optimum health.

Keeping our bodies properly nourished even when we can't take the time or effort to ensure we eat properly is what dietary supplements are all about. Most people take them in the form of tablets or capsules, but they also can be had in the form of extracts, liquids, and powders. They are generally shelf-stable, relatively inexpensive, and serve as a good backstop to the typical diet and lifestyle of today.The most popular supplements are multivitamin and mineral supplements because they ensure we meet our baseline needs and are relatively inexpensive. Calcium supplements are also important for women, and for men who may not get enough calcium, because osteoporosis affects both sexes. Fish oil supplements are becoming widely used because of their benefits on cardiac health. Glucosamine is another supplement that is becoming popular for the health of the body's joints.

Mar 02, 2008
Supplement Industry Regulations
by: Brett

This page will give you details about the regulatory nature of the supplement industry:

ingredient quality in nutritional supplements


Mar 01, 2008
Is the supplement industry regulated
by: Anonymous

How can these cheap manufacturers get away with this?

Doesn't the FDA monitor all of this?

Is there a page on this site about this topic?

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