Phyessence Wakame and Anti Aging Skin Care Products

by Jessica

I have been researching Phytessence Wakame, especially for the use in anti aging & wrinkles, etc... I googled this & your site came up. I am wondering if you have a product that contains this Japanese kelp that is supposed to be so beneficial for your skin.

Thank you so much in advance.


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hi Jessica, thanks for your question.

Phytessence Wakame is, as you know from your research, an extremely powerful antioxidant. It is a key ingredient for effective anti-aging skincare formulations.

In fact it's one of the 'BIG THREE' anti-aging ingredients which the big and famous skincare giants are currently gearing up to start using in their products ( I have 'insider' friends still working in the industry so I know these details!)

For many reasons, these big companies have long lead-in times when they change/update their skin care formulas - usually around 2 years. They are nowhere near as flexible and able to quickly adapt to new innovations in nutritional science as a number of the professional medium and small-sized companies.

So, you will start to see Phytessence Wakame appearing in the elite and super expensive brands in roughly a year from now - although I guarantee you that the dose amounts will be minuscule and clinically ineffective which is the case for all these ridiculously expensive elite brands. The other two ingredients in the 'big three' are:



These are the clinically established 'in-demand' anti aging ingredients right now.

Phytessence Wakame is very beneficial because it inhibits the activity of hyaluronidase (which is a nasty enzyme responsible for degrading hyaluronic acid in your skin). Hyaluronic acid, (along with elastin and collagen), is, as I'm sure you know, critical for maintaining your skin's elasticity and tone.

I have researched many of the skincare industry's products. The ones I use personally (as does my whole family in fact) come from the Xtend-Life company all the way down in New Zealand. The dose amounts of the key actives in their skincare formulations are about three times greater than those of the famous brands and they cost up to a third less! Their flagship products cost around $35.

Here's the critical factor which I want to make you aware of:- these products I'm telling you about target and address ALL THREE of the fundamental causes for aging skin - which is the absolute key to effectiveness with anti-aging skincare products:

1. Loss of collagen and Elastin
2. Reducing levels of Hyaluronic Acid
3. Oxidation (from free radicals)

This is where most skin care products in the market fall flat and fail to live up to their marketing claims because they can't afford to include the specialized (costly) ingredients necessary to tackle all three causes of skin aging. They treat only one (or in some cases two) of the causes. This is exactly why I choose to use
and promote xtend-life skincare products.

In a nutshell, the Xtend-Life company can afford to do what most of their competitors can't and use all the specialized ingredients (in clinically effective dose amounts),and include a range of other key ingredients that synergize and increase the overall efficacy of the formulas, because they are a small, family-owned company. They have no shareholders- this is a huge plus because it's shareholder greed and bottom line profit pressure that significantly restricts almost all companies (especially the big elite skincare companies) from being able to produce highly effective formulas.

The Xtend-Life company also sells their products exclusively online via their website and this is the other critical factor which gives them a huge cost saving advantage so that they can channel more of what should be there into their skin care formulas.

The big multi national have humongous marketing and distribution expenses which eat into their abilities to use ALL the best ingredients and in meaningful amounts.

With the world economic crisis we are currently experiencing, I predict there will be an abundance of companies switching to this sales/distribution model from now on. If they settle for fair profits (hardly likely in most cases!!) then they to would be able to churn out far more effective skin care formulas offering far greater value for money to consumers in exactly the same way that the Xtend-Life company does.

All of the xtend-life flagship skincare creams use Phytessence Wakame along with Cnergy TK and Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10 (except for the eye gel I believe which doesn't need it).

I hope this answers your question sufficiently Jessica. Here's a link straight to the women's skin care overview page on the xtend-life website - you can do your research from there.

Xtend-life Woman's Skincare Overview

P.S Jessica, I'm totally satisfied with my own personal results from these products. My skin is significantly smoother and tighter, especially around my eyes which is where I have the biggest problem. (I'm 47). 15 years ago my skin was completely hopeless as I was a tennis pro and was in the sun many hours every single day and this took a huge toll on my skin. You wouldn't believe the difference these days. The technology we have access to now is brilliant!

Since my full time tennis days, I have had full CO2 lazer resurfacing (twice) over the past 12 years. That, in combination (more recently) with the Xtend-life skin care creams leaves me feeling as though Ive done a great job thus far at slowing down aging and looking young for my age.

If you have any further questions please ask away!

Yours In Good Health


Brett Seagrott founded in 2005 after working in and researching the nutritional supplement industry. Brett works together with leading health experts to present accurate facts and science-based evidence to help his readers make more informed choices when purchasing premium nutritional health supplements. More about Brett

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Aug 07, 2019
wakeame NEW
by: Anonymous

Payees. no longer used inforulas.

Please update

Apr 20, 2009
Informative and helpful, thanks
by: Jo Machin

A very straight-talking response that provides all you need to know. Thanks for that!

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