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Learn About The Medicinal Uses
of Black Cohosh For The Ladies!

Although there are some side effects of black cohosh which users need to be aware of, overall the herb is VERY EFFECTIVE in treating a number of symptoms and medical complaints.

These include both arthritis type conditions such as headaches, muscle pains, and gingivitis; as well as helping women with menstrual cramps, delayed menstruation migraine headaches and hot flashes related to the hormonal changes of a women's natural estrogen/progesterone cycles. 

Black cohosh is a popular and highly effective herbal extract used by women to relieve difficulties associated with menopause. 

What Exactly Is Black Cohosh?

Black cohosh extract comes from the black cohosh plant, scientifically known as Actaea racemosa and Cimicifuga racemosa. If you live in North America you may have black cohosh growing in your yard or a field close to you. It is a part of the perennial buttercup family, and may be known by the names:

  • Bugwort
  • Rattlewort
  • Rattletop
  • Rattleweed
  • Bugbane
  • Black snakeroot

The plant itself has a natural bug repellent quality, so if often valued for this characteristic. Black cohosh extract is made from the roots and nodules on the roots called the rhizomes.

Black cohosh side effects have been noted in some consumers so it is important to follow label instructions for use.

Side Effects Of Black Cohosh

As with most herbal extracts the side effects of black cohosh will be rare to infrequent when correct dosages are taken.

Overall, for intense menopausal issues and concerns, high amounts of black cohosh are used for SHORT PERIODS of time only, as the natural estrogenic hormones could potentially lead to uterine and breast cancers if over-used.

Some women have reported headaches, lethargy and weight gain while taking large doses of black cohosh.

There are also a few potentially dangerous side effects of black cohosh if you currently have a liver disease, as there may be the possibility of autoimmune hepatitis developing.

Liver tests can detect any possible development of this condition. It is important to discontinue use if you notice any signs of extreme fatigue, yellowish color to the skin, painful abdominal area or aches in muscles or joints.

If you or your family has a history of breast or uterine cancers black cohosh should be used under supervision of a doctor that is familiar with herbal treatments.

Research by Northwestern Medical School has recently shown that black cohosh is not an estrogenic compound and that there is minimal concern for possible health issues with black cohosh compared to traditional Estrogen Replacement Therapy.

The side effects of black cohosh are rare, and if you regularly check with your doctor and are in overall good health it is a safe herbal supplement to take in recommended dosages.

Benefits Of Using Black Cohosh

The benefits of this medicinal herb focus on the hormonal control of pain, menopause, hot flashes, migraines, arthritis, joint pains as well as an antidote for some types of snakebites.

One of the most important benefits of black cohosh is to actually relax the female reproductive system allowing for both uterine and ovarian cramping to subside.

Because there are some possible side effects of black cohosh it is important that you use only well known, high quality supplement brands that clearly set out their quality control processes for dealing with raw materials, particularly herbal extracts.

What To Look For In A Multi Ingredient Supplement Containing Black Cohosh

The supplement company should manufacture its own products and control the manufacturing process through all stages.

Stay away from supplement companies who contract out their manufacturing (which is most of them!). This is where serious problems like contamination can begin, particularly with herbals.

To guarantee absolute safety, purity, and potency all raw materials must be sourced from GMP registered and audited facilities. All ingredients MUST have a CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS (COA) on file confirming their potency.

The supplement company must test all raw materials prior to manufacture for compliance with certificates of analysis and for microbiological contamination.

To further ensure safety and ingredient amounts in accordance with label claims, be sure the manufacturer is GMP compliant at a pharmaceutical level – this is the highest standard possible for the manufacture of nutritional supplements.

Prior to releasing each batch of product a further microbiological analysis must be carried out along with a heavy metal analysis.

Be sure the product contains no artificial: 

  • Colors
  • Flavors
  • Preservatives
  • Fillers
  • Binders

Nor potential allergenic substances - lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast and to a lesser degree corn (as vegetable coating or starch).

The supplement must contain only standardized herbal extracts!

This guarantees consistency in the amount of the active ingredients – the potent parts of herbs you are paying for. The amounts of these actives can vary tremendously when herbs are grown and processed.

Many supplement manufacturers avoid using standardized extracts because they are considerably more expensive!

The product should come with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee! Manufacturers these days must be prepared to stand by their products.

Recommended Supplement Containing Black Cohosh

Total Balance Women's (Premium Version) from Xtend-Life!

Total Balance meets every one of the criteria listed above and much more. 

The safest way to re-balance a women's body is to provide it with specialized nutrients in the form of HORMONAL PRECURSORS!

Total Balance Women's Plus includes 5 key hormone precursors: 

  • Black Cohosh
  • Red Clover
  • Dong Quai
  • Wild Yam
  • Isoflavones

But Total Balance is FAR MORE than just a supplement with key nutrients for hormone support.

It has WHOPPING 97 ingredients 

which target every organ and system in your body, including your brain, to support overall wellness and disease prevention.

Each Total Balance tablet is CHOCKED FULL of:

  • handfuls of potent Phytonutrients
  • DOZENS of the most powerful Anti-oxidants
  • Standardized herbal extracts
  • Amino acids
  • Standardized active enzymes
  • Essential Cofactors
  • CRITICAL DISEASE-BUSTING Gender specific support nutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Specialty nutrients
  • A potent immunity blend - a formula within a formula!

This is the AMAZING supplement that my family and I have taken for the past 7 years with FANTASTIC health results.

If you would like to learn more about Total Balance please follow this link.

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You'll see how Total Balance completely DOMINATES the leading multi ingredient heath supplements. 

My last word on black cohosh and the side effects of black cohosh is this.

It is important to recognize and be aware of the side effects of black cohosh but overall when used responsibly it is a valuable herb for contributing to hormonal re-balance.

It therefore should be included in all upmarket, nutritionally complete supplements aimed at optimizing women's health.

If used in isolation it must be for short periods of time only and strictly according to dosage recommendations.

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