Size of Multivitamin Nutritional Supplement Tablets

by Bill

I have trouble swallowing larger size vitamin tablets. The supplement for men (Total Balance Men's Plus) sounds really great. I like the contents. But what can I do about the swallowing problem with these vitamins?



Brett's Answer:

Hi Bill,

I have written to the Xtend-Life Company to ask for the exact measurements of a Total Balance Men's Plus tablet.

Once you know the size you will be able to compare with a supplement of the same or similar size - perhaps one that you are already using.

The Total Balance tablets, considering they contain over 80 ingredients, are not much bigger than most nutritional vitamin supplements.

This is because they are not stuffed full of ridiculously large, over the top dose amounts of cheap ingredients (like vitamin C, calcium etc).

My sister has a problem swallowing tablets but she is OK with Total Balance which she's been taking for several years now. The tablets are also enteric coated which makes them easier to swallow.

Ok, I've received a reply from Xtend-life.

The tablet specs are 21mm x 8mm.

Allowing for the enteric coating the maximum size will be 22mm long by 9mm across, so they are quite long and relatively thin, whereas a lot of tablets of this weight (1093mg including enteric coating) are fatter and shorter.

Hope this info helps you Bill and that ultimately you are able to use Total Balance. It's done wonders for my health since the year 2000 (UPDATE: It's now 2015 and I'm still using Total Balance (Men's Premium Version). There still isn't a product out there that can match it.)

By the way Bill, I wanted to ask if you could kindly mention to your health conscious friends that I have put together a number of vitamin supplement comparisons and reviews which they may find of interest. This link will open my comparisons chart best vitamin supplements

Stay Well,


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Mar 02, 2008
Can you swallow them?
by: Anonymous

Hey Bill,

Brett here.

I was just wondering how you got on. Were you able to take Total Balance?


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