Super Supplements

'Are Premium Grade' Nutritional Health Supplements As Good As They Claim To Be!


Caution: Your Nutritional Supplement May Not Be All It Claims to Be
Is your health supplement a super supplement?

One of those marketed as a multi-nutrient, anti-aging health/vitamin supplement. An 'ELITE GRADE' supplement to boost and optimize your health!

If you're currently using one of these types of supplement (or thinking about starting) then your intentions are great. You've made your health a high priority and you're practising preventative health-care to take control of your own health.

Congratulations and Well Done!

No doubt you're clearly aware that it's near impossible these days to consume a really healthy diet that provides a full spectrum of the essential, and disease preventing, nutrients needed to counter the barrage of environmental and dietary toxins and stressors which come with inescapable, toxic 21st-century living.

The industry's most advanced super supplements can help support, rejuvenate, enhance and guard your COMPLETE health (not just 'part' of it as cheaper supplement do!)

Being pro-active and taking a quality supplement to maintain and power your health, wellness and longevity, is probably the most important thing you can do these days for yourself and your health!

blue question mark icon   BUT... are you actually receiving all the health benefits you pay for?

blue question mark icon   Are you getting the FULL RANGE of health benefits you were promised including REAL AND TANGIBLE ANTI AGING RESULTS ?

blue question mark icon   Are you getting GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY? (How do we measure this?)

blue question mark icon   OR......Have you been DECEIVED by clever marketing presentations?

blue question mark icon   If so, then perhaps it's time to UPGRADE to a GENUINE SUPER SUPPLEMENT?

Let me show you how supplement companies can deceive and mislead you

What if Your Supplement Is Missing The
Important Ingredients?

You're bound to know by now that most (but not quite all) health supplements are MADE TO A PREDETERMINED SET PRICE!

That means that bio-chemists, who are forced to formulate supplements to a given price mark, are NOT ALLOWED TO INCLUDE ALL THAT SHOULD BE THERE!

So, their formulas are NOWHERE NEAR AS STRONG as they could (and should) be!

To read more about why nutritional vitamin supplements are not as good as they should and could be - just follow this link.

Now, if you think you're are using a highly effective super supplement, does it contain (at the very least) these particular ingredients...?

  • L-Glutathione (Low Molecular Weight - 'Reduced' form)
  • SAMe
  • L-Carnosine
  • Bilberry Extract
  • Polysaccharides
  • Resveratrol ('Trans' form, high potency 40-50%)
  • Turmeric (high potency >95%)
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Tocotrienols / Tocopherols Complex
  • Chrysin (Men's versions)

These are 8 especially important, highly efficacious (and expensive) KEY INGREDIENTS THAT ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE THERE!



Now, what about those powerhouse ingredients -  Medicinal Herbs!

A number of leading (so-called) 'elite' grade health supplements contain a pitiful 5 or 6 key medicinal herbs! A super supplement contains a lot. There's no magic number for how many but in my opinion you'll want to see at least a GOOD DOZEN of the MOST EFFECTIVE, broad spectrum medicinal herbal extracts - super herbs for a super food supplement - for super nutrition.

They're VITALLY IMPORTANT ingredients for protecting against and going after the ROOT CAUSES OF CHRONIC DISEASE. Many of their unique properties have been established for centuries. Unfortunately, medicinal herbs and herbal extracts are embraced by the medical professions in Europe and Asia far more so than in the Western World. Still, in recent years there has been an increasing flurry of interest in, and clinical research on medical herbs as a legitimate and complementary form of treatment for many diseases.

To learn the names of the best medicinal herbs for supplements (particularly those offering broad spectrum / multiple health benefits) just use this link: nutritional supplements and herbs


What about the most potent immunity enhancer identified thus far:   Polysaccharides!!
(best sources are Aloe Vera, Beta 1,3 Glucan and Tea polysaccharides)

Are they in your supplement? Are they backed up by several other well established, highly effective   Immunity Boosters? (Black Cumin, Olive Leaf, CoQ10, Quercetin, Manganese, Zinc, Beta Carotene....)

Click this link to open a pdf file which shows the names of the most effective ingredients for your immune system AND ALL your organs and systems.

Real super supplements ALSO contain VITAL ingredients in the following nutrient categories. These are usually missing in many so-called super health supplements:

  • Amino Acids

  • Enzymes

  • Gender Support Nutrients
The female and male support nutrients are special ingredients which address common health conditions specific to each sex.

Female Support Ingredients:

  • Chaste Berry
  • Red Clover
  • Dong Quai
  • Wild Yam
  • FeverFew
  • Isoflavones
These are the 6 key hormonal precursors which balance the female hormonal cascade.

Leading support nutrients for MEN are:

  • Chrysin
  • Beta Sitosterol (Phytosterols)
  • Isoflavones
  • Nettle Root
  • Lycopene
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Red Clover
  • Zinc Acetate
Chrysin is a wonderful bioflavonoid and natural aromatase inhibitor which helps inhibit testosterone conversion to estrogen while the other ingredients are the most clinically proven prostate protectors.

How many ingredients does your health supplement have? The supplement I trust my health to has   99

What If Your Supplement Is Like Almost All Others And Tackles ONLY ONE Of The Primary Causes Of Aging?

Virtually all nutritional vitamin supplements tell you they offer anti aging benefits and that's true - they do give you 'some' because they contain some antioxidants.

Those products marketing themselves as super supplements would also have you believe that they can normalize your aging process by slowing it down - you only have to read through all the marketing literature and you'll definitely hear this.

The problem is of course that they can't do this - well, actually something around 99% of them CAN'T!

The single greatest devastating health problem that an overwhelming majority of people now face is PREMATURE AGING!

The constant and inescapable environmental and dietary toxins and stressors which come with 21 st century living have impacted on our health to cause a speeding up of our aging process!

The undeniable result is that each and every year an increasing percentage of the population is contracting major degenerative disease(s) at earlier and earlier ages.

So, nutritional health supplements need to address premature aging, in addition to optimizing health by having a formula capable of targeting every organ and system in the body and of course correcting any nutritional deficiencies that may be present.

Slowing Down And Normalizing The Aging Process Is A Complex And Multi-Faceted Task!

To be capable of actually slowing down your aging process to a significant degree and bringing it in tune with what nature originally intended, there MUST be specialized (and costly) ingredients which target and address the

5 Key Components Of Aging:

  • Free Radicals Management
  • Glycation
  • Abnormal Methylation
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • DNA Degeneration

I mentioned above my estimate that 99% of health/vitamin supplements simply can't do this. This comes back again to the fact that they are made to a price. The supplement companies are under constant shareholder pressure and with large, ineffective organizational structures and marketing systems, they simply cannot afford to include the specialized ingredients necessary to address these five CRITICAL 'aging components'!

So what do they manage to do instead?

They approach the task via ONE APPROACH ONLY - the reduction of free radicals via the use of antioxidants! This includes almost all of the really well-known, so called "elite" vitamin nutritional supplements (the FAKE super supplements)!

Anti Aging Can Only be Successfully Accomplished By Targeting ALL The 5 Areas Of The Aging Process

Supplements which can do this while still being affordable to most people are the industry's true super supplements! They slow your aging process by:

  • Using Antioxidants to reduce and control your Free Radical production
  • Prevention of Glycation which leads to AGE's
  • Balanced Methylation for Healthy DNA
  • Reducing Chronic Inflammation which contributes to degeneration
  • Using Specialty Bio Actives to repair and slow down DNA Degeneration

The critical aspect to understand here is that THESE FACTORS ARE ALL INTERDEPENDENT ON ONE ANOTHER!
A Super Supplement Is A Supplement Which Targets All FIVE!

Now, to the names of the LEADING ANTI AGING INGREDIENTS that MUST be there to successfully target and normalize your aging process?

Use this link to open my effective super supplements hubpage (Note: apologiers but there is a problem with my hubpage at present- it should be back up by end of Aug 2016) and scroll down to the sub-heading "Free Radicals - you'll find all the answers from there on. (I've done this to keep the length of this page 'readable')

Then come on back here and read on to discover the unique and affordable multi ingredient health supplement I use - which contains ALL the specialty anti aging ingredients to tackle not only free radicals but equally importantly glycation, methylation, inflammation and DNA degeneration!

What If Your Supplement Is Put Together By Contract Manufacturers?

Did you know that about 99% of all nutritional vitamins supplements manufactured in the U.S. are CONTRACTED OUT? This is FARRRRR from the ideal situation.

To Manufacture Super Supplements There Is No Room For Error

This means you cannot put the control of the manufacturing processes into the hands of a third party manufacturer.

When this happens you lose control of vital components:

  • Ingredients

  • Blending Protocols

  • Top Notch Manufacturing Know-How!

Whenever I receive a request to comment on the quality of a supplement the first thing I look at is who manufactures it!

And the answer I want to see is that the supplement company self manufactures and controls EVERY aspect of the production cycle.

You see, supplement quality is not only dependent on the manufacturer INDEPENDENTLY testing that the raw ingredients are what the Certificate of Analysis (COA) CLAIMS they are (Note: many manufacturers don't bother testing for compliance with COA's so they can reduce expenses) .....

..... but also that they adopt manufacturing procedures to ensure the finished supplement contains the correct dose amounts for each and every ingredient and is manufactured professionally.

Unfortunately, the incentive is simply not there for most contract manufacturers to do this as they are producing for a third party and therefore they are in a very competitive bidding situation.

Want to know more: nutritional supplements and contract manufacturing

What if Even One Of The Raw Materials Used In Your Supplement Is Contaminated Because All Ingredients Haven't Been Fully Tested And Properly Certified?


Contaminated ingredients!


Particularly in herbal supplements! Those of us who have worked in the supplement industry know what a real problem this is and the credibility issues it creates for the supplement industry.

That means you should do whatever you have to check up on the quality assurance measures for your supplement (including products marketed along the lines of premium, elite or super supplements).

Scour the company's website first and if there's nothing there or not enough detail to reassure you then SEND OFF AN EMAIL. If they don't respond that should raise a big red flag for you!

The short time it takes to do your supplement homework will be well worth it, for your safety and peace of mind.

Why Gamble With Your Health?

Don't trust, and possibly throw your money away, on a so-called super supplement unless you're 100% sure it makes the grade.

You can, however, TRUST the one of a kind multi-ingredient super supplement my family and I use because I've already done the research and evaluations.

It passed with flying colors and overwhelmed all its competition along the way!

It's called TOTAL BALANCE and you can learn about the advanced technology used in the production of the Total Balance Range here.

NOTE: The new 'PREMIUM VERSIONS' are AWESOME. These are 8th Generation formulas (since the year 2000) - which, in my opinion, have set a new standard in the industry!

Not one of the big multinational supplement companies is able to modify their formulas anywhere near as often as this. Their huge, slow and inefficient infrastructures along with expense heavy MLM marketing systems makes this impossible. So their smaller medium sized competitors, such as Xtend-Life (creators of Total Balance) are able to continuously pull ahead of them.

View Total Balance Men's Premium Version

View Total Balance Women's Premium Version

My own Total Balance review

What You don't Know About Your Supplement May Hurt You!

What If Your Supplement Manufacturer Doesn't Check For HARMFUL Components Of An Ingredient?

Is Your Supplement Effecting The Neurochemistry In Your Brain?

That's right! That's how SERIOUS it can get if your supplement manufacturer doesn't have a professional and experienced bio-chemist formulating its supplements.

For example - MANY supplement manufacturers include Gingko Biloba extract as an ingredient but do they check, or have a limit on, the level of Gingkolic acids that affect the neurochemistry of the brain?

What about the popular ingredient 5-HTP.

I'm sure many disreputable companies as well as manufacturers lacking first-class manufacturing know-how, don't check for the levels of Peak X, a component implicated in an outbreak of Eosinophilia-Myalgia Syndrome some years back?

They just don't know!

This is yet a further reason why you MUST check up on the company that manufactures any nutritional health supplement which you are considering buying!

What If Your Supplement Is Actually Giving You
Poor Value For Money?

Vitamins And Minerals Are The Cheapest Ingredients In Supplements

Genuine super supplements have to be highly effective AND be capable of preventing, treating and hopefully even reversing chronic disease while also maximizing your health and wellness. A tall order.

In other words, genuine super supplements help do far more than just act as routine 'nutritional insurance for poor diets' which most people associate as the main reason for taking vitamin supplements.

So, the first thing to do when measuring the value for money factor in health and vitamin supplements is to work out what percentage of one tablet is made up of vitamins and minerals.

Super Vitamins

What about supplement vitamins?

One of the cheapest vitamins is good old vitamin C (ascorbic acid). It costs manufacturers only around $15 a kilo and this is one-eightieth the price of some of the really important ingredients (like L-Glutathione).

From my research I know of several well known and highly popular multi ingredient vitamin supplements which market themselves as super supplements, but the huge amount of vitamin C they contain makes up a WHOPPING 40% of their ENTIRE formula!

Did you know that if you take more than 400mg of vitamin C in one hit it actually changes to being a PRO-OXIDANT in your body! That's means it becomes the opposite of an antioxidant - it will actually create free radicals rather than remove them!


Calcium and magnesium are extremely common examples of other very cheap vitamins and minerals which supplement companies sneak in with crazy over-the-top dose amounts.

Now, don't get me wrong here. You do need a full spectrum supply of all vitamins and minerals, except iron which is a pro-oxidant (unless you've been diagnosed as iron deficient).

But you absolutely don't need a supplement mostly full of high doses of vitamins and minerals!

Vitamins and minerals must be there but in reasonable doses!
To act primarily as cofactors, and to top up what you're missing from your diet.


Sooooo many of the more expensive, self claimed premium vitamin supplements are a whopping 70% - 80% JUST vitamins and minerals

The most elite super supplements contain primarily potent phytonutrients, medicinal herbs, amino acids, specialized anti-aging ingredients, enzymes and gender support nutrients, with vitamins and minerals playing an important synergistic supporting role as nature's supplement!

What if Your Supplement's Manufacturer Isn't Working To The Highest level Possible?

The most effective elite grade supplements are put together with top of the line professional manufacturing processes and blending protocols, along with state of the art equipment.

To manufacture at the highest level your supplement's manufacturer needs to use equipment and blending processes and protocols consistent with cGMP practices and nothing less.

It's SO IMPORTANT that your supplement's manufacturer also goes a step further than most other companies by performing GMP approved, INDEPENDENT LAB TESTING to ensure effective pure ingredients, free of contaminants." That's because the current U.S. dietary supplement regulations DO NOT go far enough with monitoring and enforcement practices to ensure that supplements contain EXACTLY what they say they do on the label!

If a supplement manufacturer is working to this level you'll easily know about it because they'll have it there on their website for sure. It differentiates them from all the others.

Very few companies can and do manufacture to this RIGOROUS level!

At last check I could count the ones that do on ONE HAND!

Manufacturers of super supplements use complex pharmaceutical blending protocols which involve blending in several stages over several hours.

These are FAR SUPERIOR to the common method of simply putting all the ingredients together at the same time and dumping the mix into a big 'tumble blender'. The mix is then blended for around 20 minutes ONLY!

The greatest concern here is an uneven mix due to 'STRATIFICATION' where the heaviest ingredients settle at the bottom of the mix.

Blending and manufacturing processes consistent with Pharmaceutical Level is absolutely necessary for the manufacture of genuine super supplements

It DOES Make A HUGE Difference!

What If Your Supplement's Supplier Isn't Accredited And Properly Inspected?

I'm sorry to have to tell you this but there are a lot of dishonest and disreputable supplement manufacturers out there producing ineffective and even unsafe supplements.

Then there are many others who just don't have the superior manufacturing know-how to produce a professional grade supplement.

Cost-cutting measures result in nasty short-cuts that consumers know nothing about. Add to this some technical oversights from a lack of top grade know-how and in no time at all supplement quality is speeding downhill.

Super supplements are made at facilities which employ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and hazard analysis critical control point programs (HACCP). These are industry GOLD STANDARDS.

In June 2007 the US FDA released its final new regulations on GMP for the manufacture of dietary supplements. It's taken the FDA over 5 years to revise these and I believe they are now the MOST IMPORTANT accreditation you need to look for.

You absolutely should checkup on whether your supplement's manufacturer has implemented GMP and HACCP.

Depending on the number of employees, companies had until June 2010 to become compliant.


Why settle for a supplement that might have been created under less-than-ideal conditions?

Don't take anything for granted when it comes to your health and your family's health. Every detail is worthy of your attention!

What If Your Supplement's Manufacturer Isn't Using The Most Advanced Equipment?

It goes without saying that to achieve superior quality control a manufacturer needs to use state of the art equipment which is the best of its kind.

So, can you guess what the most important piece of equipment is?

Yes - It's the blender that mixes all the ingredients together!

Cheaper blenders don't get the job done as well and what do you think that means for you?......

.....THAT THE CONTENTS OF EACH TABLET ARE NOT THE SAME and they're not a true reflection of what's being advertised on the supplement label.

In other words you're not getting what you paid for and that's a pretty big concern don't you agree?

What's the best blender available you ask?

It's called a 3D Blender and it achieves a PERFECT BLEND particularly for complex formulas with low dose ingredients of varying densities.

Pharmaceutical companies commonly use 3D mixers because they are subject to extremely strict regulations and their super pills must contain exactly what's on the label.

nutritional supplement 3D blender

But 3D mixers are rarely used in the supplement industry!

That's because they are mighty expensive so not many companies use one (even though they should).

If your supplement company uses a 3D blender you're on a WINNER!

And once again you'll know about it because they'll definitely be screaming it out on their website loud and clear as well as in their marketing literature.

Are you curious to know if YOUR super supplement been put together in a 3D Blender!

What If Your Supplement Has Too Many Excipients?

Have you ever wondered about that section on a supplement label that says "Other Ingredients"?

In the industry the ingredients listed there are known as EXCIPIENTS.

The More 'Other Ingredients' Your Supplement Has The Less Value For Money You Get!

These ingredients are inactives!

They don't provide any health benefits but a small number are necessary to assist the manufacturing process.

The leading Super Supplements contain a minimal number of excipients - which usually is around the dozen mark or less. Having such a small number can in fact often create certain manufacturing difficulties leading to additional expense but this is what is required in the manufacture of quality natural supplements.


Around 50% Of The Contents In Cheap Supplements Are Excipients!

I know of one extremely well-known multi in the USA, Asia and Australia that contains an UNBELIEVABLE 62 EXCIPIENTS. The name of the brand starts with the letter 'C' and the marketing presentations associated with this particular supplement have done a really clever job at convincing unknowledgeable supplement consumers that it's a great product! I've come across numerous people who were using this supplement.

Now the other thing to watch out for here is that ALL EXCIPIENTS COME FROM NATURAL SOURCES!

You absolutely don't want artificial anything in that list - such as Colors, Flavors, Preservatives, Fillers, Binders (think of it as a natural supplement). Nor do you want potential allergenic substances such as gluten or dairy.

To find out if those "other Ingredients" in your supplement are natural or not visit my tablet binders, fillers and other excipients page.

Which Of The Super Supplements Gets My Vote?

Total Balance Men's Premium Supplement You already know this from the 'Raw Materials and Contamination' section above.

It's Total Balance from the Xtend-Life Company based all the way down in New Zealand.

You might be interested to know that the supplement regulatory environment in New Zealand has been (and still is) STRICTER than in the U.S.

Only professional, safe, high-quality supplements make it out of New Zealand!


It was originally formulated by a world renowned bio-scientist who has been hired by many countries around the world to develop formulas that their own scientists couldn't master, including NATURAL BRAIN FORMULAS FOR THE NASA SPACE PROGRAM.

And the formula has been revved up (reformulated) by the company's R&D staff, 8 times since it was released in 2000 (as new developments in nutritional science come along).

Wouldn't you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your supplement has been created by RENOWNED EXPERTS in natural supplement formulation?

Total Balance Womens Premium formula
Total Balance Unisex formula
Total Balance Children's formula
Total Balance Mens's formula

Total Balance Men's

Total Balance Women's

Total Balance Men's Premium

Total Balance Women's Premium

Total Balance Children's Version

Total Balance Unisex   (for TEENS / POST MENOPAUSAL WOMEN)

Total Balance Unisex Premium

A full daily dose of a Total Balance Premium formula is chocked full of:

  • Rare and Specialized ANTI AGING NUTRIENTS

  • Dozens of high potency PHYTONUTRIENTS

  • Between fifteen (Men's) and Eighteen (Women's) POWERFUL MEDICINAL HERBS (Every single one is STANDARDIZED!)

  • A Full Range of AMINO ACIDS

  • Standardized ENZYMES (covering digestion of proteins/carbohydrates/fats)


  • A Potent IMMUNITY BLEND (a formula within a formula)

  • A Powerhouse EYE HEALTH BLEND (another formula within a formula)

The formula is truly UNIQUE and definitely one of a kind. To achieve it's hefty goals the Total Balance formula is based on a broad spectrum of all these nutrient categories:

  • Antioxidants

  • Amino Acids

  • Anti-Glycation Agents

  • Neuronutrients

  • Flavanoids

  • Carotenoids

  • Methylation Agents

  • Adaptogens

  • Calorie Restriction Mimetics

  • Herbal Extracts

  • Co-factors

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Trace Elements

  • Enzymes

The NEW PREMIUM versions of Total Balance have a whopping

99    BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS   (Men's Formula)
97   BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS (Women's Formula)

which hone in on all organs and systems in your body, including both your SKIN and BRAIN.

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