Supplement Comparison Costs

by Peggy

I have been taking supplements that are very expensive. I would like to get same quality for less money if possible.

The company that was making them has gone out of business. They are:

BODY CALM SUPREME which has Montmorency Cherry Powder 50 mg and Passion Flower Extract 200 mg.

BODY CALM which has Tart Cherry Concentrate 1064.8 mg with other ingredients of Rice, Bran, and Silicon Dioxide.

OMEGA 3 with Marina Lipid Concentrate, Gelatin Glycerin, Purified Water, Vitamin E d-Atorcepherol.

These are supposed to be pure and that was why they were so expensive. Would like to find the same quality for less money if possible.


Brett's Answer:

Hi Peggy

I have looked at the supplements you listed and here are my comments.

The first thing is the prices!

The products you are taking are VERY expensive for what they contain!

Since the title of your question is "Supplement Comparison Costs" I need to compare them to something and so I will make a comparison for you with Xtend-Life supplements. Xtend-Life manufactures and sells (direct via their website) the supplements I personally use and recommend.

As you read on you will see that these supplements you're taking are very cheap in comparison with the closest comparable Xtend-Life supplements. You will see huge differences in both effectiveness and value for money.

Your Body Calm supplements are for treating neurological complaints and so I will compare them with the Xtend-Life 'Neuro-Natural' supplements which are also specifically targeted at neurological disorders.

Straight up I can tell you that these Body Calm supplements cannot in any way compare to the Xtend-Life Nero Natural supplements which are FAR more advanced, and for long-term health benefits.

The Body Calm products can only (possibly) achieve short-term help, if that, given the severely limited ingredients.

Since you've asked about value for money I think the best thing to do is to compare the ingredient and cost per ingredient factors. This will show you that although the Neuro Natural supplements appear at first glance to be more expensive, they are in fact extremely cheap in comparison with the Body Calm supplements.

For example, Neuro Natural 'Serenity' or Neuro Natural 'Sleep' have 44+ ingredients each, some of those ingredients are extremely expensive to include, but essential for long-term relief and protection.

The Body Calm product only has 1 known 'neuro' ingredient, Passion Flower!

So, you have been paying US$29.95 for essentially 1 key ingredient, that may

provide some very limited short-term relief!

Whereas, with Neuro Natural Serenity you would be paying US$39.95 for 44 ingredients for long-term health and relief and an extensive and very specific mg dosed ingredient list for optimum effect.

Now, with the first product, Body Calm', I have looked carefully at its web-page and have to ask - "What exactly is Body Calm?

They do not have an ingredients list at all but simply state that the product contains only 2 ingredients, Body Calm, and Passion Flower.

There is no such ingredient as Body Calm, so what is this?

It could be anything!!

Passion Flower is included at 200mg.

There is also 200mg of Passion Flower in Neuro Natural Serenity or 350mg in Neuro Natural Sleep, plus other extremely essential ingredients to help activate and work with these, plus other amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and specialty nutrients that work with ingredients such as passion flower to bring about the best and most advanced results.

In the second product, Body Calm caps, it says it only contains Tart Cherry.

Tart Cherry is basically the fruit, cherry, in some form. So it is a food only - cherries!

You would be far better off eating lots of cherries than paying US$20.95 for a product that has freeze-dried some cherries and powdered them!

Regarding the Omega 3 supplement you are using, the Xtend-Life Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil supplement my family and I use contains all of what you have mentioned (as these are the basic makeup of the omega 3s themselves and the soft gel casing!) as well as the Vitamin E (which is for antioxidant purposes).

To comment and compare further on your Omega 3 supplement I would need to know the following about it:

1. What is the DHA content?
2. What is the fish source?
3. How is it distilled, processed and decontaminated?


To summarize Peggy, I need to know more about your actual medical condition(s), and what exactly you are trying to treat - Insomnia? Depression? Anxiety?

Additionally, whether you are aware of the causes so that I can offer advice on treating this as well - (Medications? Stress? emotional factors? ....)

This may effect how things should be treated, and also pinpoint whether (any) sleep problem is related to (any) depression/anxiety.

This gives me a clue on whether I should perhaps be recommending:

Neuro Natural Serenity or

Neuro Natural Sleep

and so on.

Hope this helps Peggy

Good Health Always!

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Jun 26, 2008
Really Helpful Answer
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your answer to this lady's question.

I have been using a supplement to treat insomnia and after having read what you wrote I can see that my supplement is offering very poor value for money as well. So, I guess that why I haven't seen any results after using it for almost 2 months now.

After I finish my current bottle I'm going to give the Xtend-life sleep supplement a try.

Thanks for your detailed and honest information in your website.


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