Total Balance Energizes Me

by Corinne
(Ontario, Canada)

I started taking Total Balance Women's Plus at my friends' advice about three months ago.

I was always tired and usually needed an afternoon nap to keep me going for the rest of the day.

I have taken several other multi-vitamins / nutritional supplements before and couldn't tell any difference. That's why I was skeptical whether Total Balance would be any different despite the great reviews it was getting on several web-sites including

I felt mostly the same the first couple of weeks. But by week three, I noticed I didn't need my daytime naps. I definitely felt more energized and alert, so I'm enjoying life much more because I've got the get-up-and-go to do whatever I want.

As an unexpected benefit, I also noticed that the occasional sniffles I have also disappeared.

I definitely recommend anyone looking for better health and a truly effective nutritional supplement to give Total Balance a try.


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Increased energy is a common result
by: Brett

Hi Corinne

Brett here, the author of

I just wanted to congratulate you on your new-found energy and your decision to give Total Balance a go.

Your friend certainly gave you some good advice. Perhaps you could ask him/her to share his/her Total Balance results story with us as well.

Increased energy is without a doubt the most common health improvement that Total Balance users report.

Once the body starts to receive a full spectrum of the nutrients it requires, all the body systems start to function more efficiently and blood sugar levels become more consistent resulting in more consistent energy throughout the day.

Corinne, thanks for sharing your results with my readers and please let us know if you experience any other discernible health improvements or just write in and tell us how you are going from time to time.

All the best and stay well


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