Total Balance for Women by Xtend-Life

I am interested in taking Total Balance for Women along with Xtend-Life's Omega 3 DHA/Esters supplements but the only reviews I found on their products come from them.

Is this brand really as good as they say and is it worth the money? Is it that much better than taking say a Women's 'One a Day' or something comparable? Thanks.


Nutritional-Supplement-Truths Response:

Hello and thank you for your question.

We personally recommend the Xtend-Life range of supplements because we have experienced the effects of this range ourselves, and know the quality, therapeutic, and reliability details of the supplement.

Their flagship health supplement, Total Balance' which you asked about is sold worldwide, and has many reviews. The reviews on the Xtend-Life website come direct from their customers, and are not contrived in any way. I know this as I used to work directly for the company, so I can vouch for the validity of their review system.

However, I completely understand that as a customer that you want to see outside reviews as well. Please try Googling further reviews, as it is a known supplement worldwide, and actually has many reviews elsewhere on
the internet.

Try looking up 'Xtend-Life Total Balance' on Amazon for example, where I have seen many 5-Star reviews, all of which are obviously independent. A Google search also brings up other websites showing individual reviews. Keep in mind there are 2 different versions for Women - the Standard version (simply called 'Total Balance Women's) and the Premium formula (Total Balance Women's Premium). I hope this helps.

With regard to comparing Total Balance to a one a day shop bought supplement - you can’t. They are completely different creatures 😊. Use the links below for further information and please send in another question if you have any further queries.

Further Information:

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comparing supplements

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Yours In Good Health


Joanna-Roselyn Maggs is based in the UK. She has contributed to the success of supplement manufacturers and natural health companies around the globe, authoring many company articles and posts and managing health plans directly for their clients. More about Joanna here

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Sep 03, 2019
Worth every cent NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been using the Premium version and have found the product to be the best on the market. More energy and really happy with the benefits of beating off colds and flu. Thank you!

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