Total Balance Keeps me Feeling Young

by Bob
(Bangkok, Thailand)

I have been taking Total Balance Men's Plus for a few years now, and I also initially took Omega 3/DHA Esters; but I have recently switched to GLM-Omega 3 Plus, to get my omega 3 intake while protecting my joints. I am also considering some additional Total Balance vitamins/supplements.

I am a 55-year old male, and I do my best to maintain optimum health, as I work to slow down the effects of aging.

I work out regularly (weights/core/cardio/yoga), and also play some tennis and golf when I can find the time. I also try to eat mainly nutritious foods/drinks, while maintaining a comfortable body weight and body mass.

Since I am in relatively good physical condition, I am taking the Total Balance supplement mainly as a preventative measure, and to enhance my overall health. I have discovered that this nutritional supplement has helped prevent the usual colds/flues/illnesses that many people suffer from on a regular basis.

I often do not even take the full recommended dosage, but I still feel the positive effects!

I honestly feel that my body's systems feel much younger than 55, and my energy levels remain high on most days. I am totally confident that the Total Balance products help enhance my daily state of health, and also slow down the aging process.

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Preventative healthcare is the way to go
by: Brett

Hi Bob,

Brett here, author of

Sounds like you're in great shape and powering through your 50's. Congratulations!

Since you're in good physical condition I'm guessing you may not have noticed any major changes to your health since taking Total Balance. That was the case with me. The most obvious and major results are experienced by people in poorer health and with negative health conditions.

Since I'm also in good shape with no health conditions my results in terms of the way I felt/feel day to day were very subtle. I experienced a gentle improvement in my overall feeling of wellness and mental clarity. After the first 2-3 months I was aware of better mental clarity and my memory is definitely sharper now.

Bob, your story highlights an important point which is that Total Balance is not only for people whose health is less than 100% and needs some support.

It can also be used by very healthy people as a preventative health-care measure to keep health optimized and to prevent premature age-related decline (which is what most people are experiencing these days due to diet, lifestyle and environmental stressors).

This becomes a very smart long-term investment in one's health and happiness.

Thanks Bob for posting your results for my readers and all the best for your continued great health and wellness.


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