Treatment For Arthritis

by Nancy

Hello, I am interested in the arthritis supplements which are reviewed on your website nutritional supplement truths. I wanted to ask if you could you tell me where I could obtain them. Thank You.

Brett's Answer:

Hi Nancy, thanks for contacting me with your question about treatment for arthritis and arthritis supplements.

When you ask about "the arthritis products" I'm not sure if that means you have already read my 'Natural Arthritis Treatments' page on that deals with arthritis formulas and what the most effective arthritis supplements need to contain. If not, you can visit that page by using this link:

natural arthritis treatments

There are many many arthritis formulas for sale but sadly most are very ineffective because they are manufactured to a price and thus the manufacturers cannot afford to include all the highly effective ingredients which absolutely must be there.

On my Natural Arthritis Treatments page you will see that I recommend a product called 'Not Just Joints' which comes from the Xtend-Life company (based in New Zealand). Their arthritis formula is the most effective currently available because of the comprehensive ingredient base they use including all the effective and costly ingredients (and yet it's affordable).

Their formula tackles the root causes of arthritis from a holistic perspective. This is what is lacking in virtually all other arthritis supplements and products.

Briefly, the reason that the Xtend-Life company can afford to incorporate all the highly effective ingredients which other supplement companies can't is because they are a medium sized, family owned company with no shareholders.

So,and this is a key point, they do not suffer from shareholder pressure (aka greed) which ultimately results in grossly inflated product prices. Secondly, they sell direct to the customer on the internet only. There is no middle man and no enormous marketing and distribution expenses which other companies suffer from.

Therefore their production costs are greatly reduced. Their company policy is to produce the very best supplement in its category regardless of the cost of the ingredients and then keep their profit margins low. This way there is no incentive for other companies to try and copy them.

By producing the best arthritis formula possible they can offer a money back guarantee (without any crazy restrictions) because they know the product works. Of course the end results will differ for each individual user because of numerous other variables which come into play. You can read about the xtend-life money back guarantee at

their website. (There is a link at the bottom of this page to get you there if you wish.)

My father used the 'Not Just Joints' supplement for his arthritis, which had gotten quite bad in his hands, and he had great success. He was actually able to stop with the supplement after 3 months as his pain and stiffness had all but gone (but we decided to keep him on it at a much lower dose amount to act as a maintenance program).

Some of the really expensive 'arthritis ingredients' with proven strong anti-inflammatory properties which you need to look for(like SAMe and the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels) are usually MIA in arthritis supplement formulas. The Xtend-Life 'Not Just Joints' formula has both of these and many more - there is actually 33 ingredients all up including 6 medicinal herbs (which is rare as the norm is usually 2 or perhaps 3.)

It's important that you know that the ingredient SAMe, while being a very effective ingredient (therefore costly) is missing in virtually every arthritis formula out there because it requires protection from stomach acid. If it comes in contact with stomach acid it is instantly destroyed.

So, the problem here is that a supplement containing SAMe requires a pharmaceutical-grade, inert ENTERIC COATING. This is yet another expense which supplement companies simply cannot meet. The xtend-life company can afford to enteric coat their 'Not Just Joints' tablets because they don't manufacture to a set price and also for the expenditure reasons I mentioned above.

Although I am only 44 years old and have no arthritis, I do personally use one of the Xtend-Life Omega 3 supplements which includes New Zealand green lipped mussel as an ingredient. I want that joint protection as a protective measure against arthritis as I age.

There are many other technical details to mention here but rather than turn this answer into a marathon response, please use the url I listed above to get to my "Natural Arthritis Treatments' page'. You'll find everything you need to know there.

If you have already read that page and would like more details about the Xtend-Life 'Not Just Joints' supplement then here is a link which will take you straight to its product page on the Xtend-Life website. (The only way to purchase it is through different online purchase options at the Xtend-life site):

Not Just Joints

Nancy I hope this helps. If you have any further questions please ask away.

Yours In Good Health

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