Vitamin Supplement Reviews

What To Look For In Those Cleverly Put Together Reviews

Vitamin supplement reviews and comparisons that are fair, transparent and only present the FACTS can help you find the best supplements offering the highest levels of effectiveness, safety and value for money. 

But do any reviews like this really exist and what are the key factors to look for in a review? 

Without trustworthy comparisons and reviews, finding the absolute best multivitamin brands is a very difficult task. This is because of the vast multitude of choices available and the clever yet less than truthful marketing presentations of supplement companies, particularly the large well known ones who have the money and marketing spin to make you think their supplements are better than they really are. They are extremely good at hiding product weaknesses and manipulating the value for money angle!

I should know because I used to work for a supplement manufacturer. I know what goes on behind the scenes and I also know ALL the industry secrets!

The links on this page will guide you to in-depth head to head comparisons and reviews I have written of the industry’s best vitamin supplements These are based purely on the facts and explain to you how to compare brands and what to look for. You won’t find this in other supplement websites as it’s info that site owners - who are promoting certain products - and manufacturers don’t want you to know!

High Doses Of Vitamins Are A Waste Of Money

It is important when reading reviews to understand that the very best vitamin supplements are not the ones with the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals. If you already maintain a reasonable diet (and most supplement consumers do) you don’t need pricey supplements with high doses of vitamins and minerals. This is total waste of money. While these ingredients are important, they are only required in small amounts to top up any marginal nutrient deficiencies which are common in many western diets, and equally importantly to act as co-factors for other key ingredients in a supplement formula. 

So it’s important that any vitamin supplement reviews you read clearly set out and compare dose amounts of vitamins and minerals. In the case of minerals, a supplement label should clearly state whether the dose amount is for theelemental mineral or for the mineral salt used. It’s the dose amount of the elemental mineral that we want to know and compare. To learn more about vitamin and mineral dose amounts please follow this link.

Key Factors To Look For In a Supplement

Key Ingredients

The first thing to do before conducting any vitamin supplement comparison is to have an understanding of the key ingredients a nutritional vitamin supplement must have. Due to their price these are missing in many so called quality supplements. To learn about these ingredients in nutritional supplement formulasplease use this link.

As part of my research into supplements I’ve spent a great deal of time cross referencing scientific studies to create verifiable lists of the most potent and well accepted nutrients for each of our major organs and functional systems. These are the ones you want to see making up a significant part of your supplement. The best multivitamins brands contain generous rather than insignificant amounts of these ingredients to create greater efficacy and more optimal health benefits and value for money for the user.

Please keep in mind however that there is far more to a professional grade vitamin supplement than just the list of ingredients it contains. 

It is the combination of actives that count. The way in which a bio-chemist combines numerous ingredients substantially impacts on their individual effectiveness. 

And it is not only the active ingredients that are important but also the other components of ingredient extracts which are critical co-factors in the formula.

In addition to knowing what ingredients should be there it’s also equally important to know what shouldn’t be there, not only from a value for money perspective but from a safety one. Your supplement bottle label will have a section marked Other Ingredients which shows no-active ingredients in the formula. The industry name for these is Excipients. To learn the names of which excipients are ok and which aren’t please visit my tablet binder and other excipients page.

Vitamin Supplement Reviews and Bioavailability

The bioavailability of a supplement is a crucial factor that is usually not mentioned in vitamin supplement reviews. Bioavailability is the technical term that refers to the extent of absorption of a supplement into the bloodstream in your body. It has major implications for the efficacy and particularly value for money of a supplement.

What most supplement companies won’t tell you is that stomach acid and some enzymes in the stomach significantly damage or destroy certain nutrients!

Vitamins and minerals are not affected but others including pancreatic enzymes, some vegetable enzymes and a number of the most expensive and highly beneficial supplement ingredients such as L-Glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, SAMe and herbals are.

Enteric Coating - The Condom For Supplements!

Professional grade supplements containing these key ingredients need a special delivery system to overcome the stomach acid problem otherwise bioavailability is significantly reduced! and that means money down the drain for the supplement user – you!

To learn more about bioavailability, enteric coating and see a list of the most important ingredients affected by stomach acid please visit my bioavailability of nutritional supplements page. Fair vitamin supplement reviews will tell you whether supplements are enteric coated or not.

Vitamin Supplement Reviews 
Other Important Factors To Consider

The best vitamin supplement reviews should clearly show you the following key factors for each supplement included:

  • Monthly cost
  • Delivery System (enteric coating)
  • Total number of ingredients
  • Ingredients categorized into nutrient categories
  • Cost per day
  • Totals of active ingredients per day and per month
  • Transparent notes explaining the comparison protocols used
  • Questions and answers to explain what the comparisons are showing

To view correctly formatted vitamin supplement reviews and comparisons please visit my best vitamin supplements page and follow the links to the comparisons and reviews.

Good Health Always!

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