What do you know about Garden of Life's Perfect Food powder?

by Dan
(Conroe, TX)

Do you have any data on the Garden of Life's Perfect Food Supplement or their Super Food Green Powder Supplement? Do you recommend taking a green powder supplement?

Brett's Answer:

Thanks for your question Dan. I have looked at the Garden of Life's Perfect Food product pages you asked about.

First of all I notice that you can't actually view the specific ingredients list for this product, so that does make it hard to comment on it accurately.

The supplement facts are there, but they are not magnifiable and are too small to read on the site which really doesn't help. What does this suggest to you?

However, you can see that the ingredients list is very small, and yet they claim to have many variations of ingredients, so I wonder if their ingredients list simply lists the areas, and not the individual ingredients!

This is common whenever a proprietary mix is used. Proprietary mixes are unreliable as they do not allow for a specific amount of ingredient and are therefore difficult to determine in terms of value for money or actual effect.

Most of them, if not all, will be limited to short-term health rather than longevity and that is a huge drawback in my opinion.

You ask if a recommend a green powder supplement and my answer is "no".

Here's why!

The Garden Of Life Super Food Green Powder page says:

"One way to make sure you

are receiving the nutritional benefits of multiple servings of fruits and vegetables is through green food supplementation.

I do not agree with this and I have tackled this issue of obtaining the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables from supplements in my response to another readers question about whole food supplement formulas

Dan, please visit that page. My response as to why I don't recommend whole food supplements equally applies as to why I don't recommend green food powder supplements.

When it comes to supplementation I believe we should be using a health supplement that addresses longevity by using moderate dose amounts of a wide spectrum of nutrients that can address all organs and systems in your body.

In addition it must be able to tackle premature aging and degenerative disease both of which represent the most widespread and destructive health issues for society today.

Slowing down the aging process is a very complex task which requires a highly sophisticated multi ingredient supplement formula that addresses NOT ONLY the free radical problem (which is what every vitamin health supplement out there does) but also the other 4 major components of aging.

That's why I personally use and recommend Total Balance Men's Premium because it's the ONLY multi ingredient vitamin/health supplement in the entire supplement market that can address ALL 5 PRIMARY COMPONENTS OF AGING:

  1. Free Radical Production

  2. Glycation

  3. Methylation

  4. Inflammation

  5. DNA Degeneration

Hope this helps Dan.

Yours In Good Health

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Jun 06, 2008
Good To Know
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this answer. My sister uses a green food powder so I'm going to have her read your answer.

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