Your experience, thoughts, on Neways products.

by Glenys

Hello, I would like some multivitamin nutritional supplement info. I wanted to ask if you could please give me your experience, or any thoughts / opinions, and/or any research you may have done on Neways products.

Thank you

Brett's Answer:

Hi Glenys

I'm sorry to say I have never done a vitamin supplement review for any of the Neway products, nor do I have any experience with any of their nutritional supplements.

I just took a look at their website and it is impossible to comment in-depth on their supplements because you can't access the bottle label for each supplement nor is the price listed as the products are sold only through distributors (MLM).

So I cannot see the potencies and dose amounts for each ingredient thus I can't give you my opinions on the effectiveness and value for money of their supplements.

I'll tell you what I can glean from what I've just seen on their site.

The main active ingredients in each supplement certainly are the best, most clinically established ones for the specific organ or body system which the supplement is aimed at but again without knowing the dose amount of the actives and their potency it is impossible to know just how good or bad the overall supplement is.

I must say that the formulas look OK but are rather simplistic.

And they are too limited in what they contain.

Each one is aimed at helping a specific health condition or body system but they don't appear to a have a flagship comprehensive supplement that looks after overall health and addresses every organ and system in the body.

Did you take a look at Total Balance - the supplement on my website which I have placed as number one in my supplement comparisons and reviews?

You can see it by clicking this link:

Total Balance Range

The Neways supplement which comes closest to this is called 'Orachel Plus' which they describe as an "... effective combination of multivitamins and minerals with the added advantage of specially selected

herbs and antioxidants".

However there is a lot that is not included in it. It is also a simple formulation - nothing special and is not in the same class as Total Balance.

Orachel Plus is missing most of the key specialty (and expensive nutrients) like L- Glutathione (80 times more expensive than vitamin C, which most supplements have way too much of - since it's so cheap) as well as:

. L-Carnosine
. Resveratrol (high potency , Tran form)
. Turmeric (high potency)
. Zeaxanthin
. Tocotrienols

These are just 6 key ingredients as an example for you that should be there. There are many more!

Orachel Plus contains only d-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate (vitamin E). It does not have any Tocotrienols so the full family of vitamin E (a very important antioxidant) is not there.

This is very poor. The industry's very best multi-ingredient supplements always include the full vitamin E family (of which there are 8 kinds).

There are only two of the key medicinal herbs included (bilberry and hawthorn) - hawthorn is a good one but by no means one of the best nor most expensive. Bilberry is a very good herbal.

Medicinal herbs are powerful disease busters and the more (clinically established ones) the better, providing they have been put together by a recognized bio-scientist who is aware of any negative interactions at the molecular level in the body.

I cannot see whether they are using whole herbs or standardized herbal extracts (standardization guarantees the active ingredient amount which can vary tremendously in non-standardized extracts.

I must ask myself why they don't list all this key information on their website? This raises a big red flag for me.

The website info provided is poor and to me that is always a sign of a company's level of professionalism. Transparency is important and if a company has nothing to hide then put it all out there for consumers to see!

Glenys- sorry I can't give a more detailed nutritional supplement review here but I hope the information I've included helps.

Stay well


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Nov 04, 2008
Neway changes
by: Anonymous

Neways is a US company, but since it has been purchased from Tom Mower, many customers are buying from Sisel International, as that is the man that originally started Neways many years ago and has now started the new company, they has some incredible product, i.e FuCoyDon, which ,if one would go to pub med there are 6 or 7 hundred studies showing how incredible this ingredient is, spelled Fucodian, if one wants to research it, it's worth checking into, it one of the fastest growing MLM out there, very unique products and marketing plan

Feb 27, 2008
Are Neways a US company?
by: Anonymous

Are neways a US based company? I never heard of them!

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